I'm a NO Limit Soldier!!!

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  1. XCEED combined with N.O.Limits will make your skin feel 2 sizes too small..

  2. Quote Originally Posted by handzilla View Post
    One thing I like about this supp is the increase in stamina and endurance. It makes my workouts much better. I need less rest in b/w sets and I'm able to pump outmore volume.
    I have also noticed a significant drop in the recovery period necessary between sets.
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  3. Updates?
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  4. Yep!

    I didn't really log much from last week since I took it pretty light. Really only one huge and I mean huuuuuge highlight on day 16 (5/3/07)...I trained arms!!!

    Finally my tendonitis in my elbows is gone! I completely forgot what it was like to have full arms that are nice and pumped. I mean I was almost smiling during my sets.

    I didn't go heavy at all though.

    Close grip press: 135x10,135x10, 185x8,205x8,185x8
    Standing barbell curl: 85x10, 85x10,105x8,85x10
    3 Supersets - v-bar pushdowns: 100x10 w/ standing db curls(alt hammer w/ regular reps): 50lb dumbells x10

    Pump was great. Almost like superdrol. Haven't trained arms in a while so I may be exagerating. I'll know for sure tomorrow.

    Monday Day 18(5/7/07) Legs I:

    I started doing squats on the high box which is about 2-3 inches higher.


    Went back to the regular box - 455x3

    It seems like the hardest part is walking it out!


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