newbie-gonna git bigger

  1. Cool newbie-gonna git bigger

    hey guys im a 50 yr old goin on 30,i cant help it some poeple just never grow up.i posted on the over 35 forum,but their more interested in gray hair and hard ons,so heres the deal,i just started a mass-tabs cycle and wanted to know if you guys wanted me to log my 5'10" 188lbs i dont know my body fat, i got some on my lower abs.i dont lift real heavy but i put in my time.i have a gym in my garage with every thing i goals are to tone up my legs and put mass on my back,shoulders and arms.ive been at this for 3 yrs now and have taken a lot of t-boosters and supps out the not a computer whiz so you'll have to bear with me.heres my stack that was recomended for me. mass-tabs,milkthistle,aromastinRX,i m using horsepower pre workout,anabolic window post workout.naturally i take protien through out the day and night.i know you guys like to see the before pics,must be to see if a guy is bs,n or not.the only way im gonna get a pic ,is if my daughter brings her camera home for easter.i told her to so we'll get something there it is my whole story,let me know and i'll jot something down,if not, no prob,i'll just keep reading your stuff.thanks maynard

  2. Hey there, nice to see someone new here thats not a teeny-bopper or 20-something.

  3. Hey Maynard, I'm 46 An I Workout 5 Days A Week Sometimes 6. I'm 6'3" 246. If Your Not Affraid Of The Needle I'm Sure You Can Get Prescribed Test Cyponiate. I'm Just Coming Off A Cycle,along With Milk Thistle, Coq10, Omega's. I Just Started Taking Virgin Coconut Oil 2 Weeks Ago.let Me Know If You Want To Know How To Get It Prescribed. This Is Thru Your Family Doc. Not The Bs Online Doc

  4. Quote Originally Posted by insainedge View Post
    Hey Maynard, I'm 46 An I Workout 5 Days A Week Sometimes 6. I'm 6'3" 246. If Your Not Affraid Of The Needle I'm Sure You Can Get Prescribed Test Cyponiate. I'm Just Coming Off A Cycle,along With Milk Thistle, Coq10, Omega's. I Just Started Taking Virgin Coconut Oil 2 Weeks Ago.let Me Know If You Want To Know How To Get It Prescribed. This Is Thru Your Family Doc. Not The Bs Online Doc
    Hey I'm 45 and interested in how to get my family doctor to prescribe test cyponiate. Does your insurance cover it?

    And what does the coconut oil do?

    Maynard, please keep us up to date on how Mass-tabs are working. What other supps have you tried and what were the results?

    I don't read the over 35 forums much either. Most of those guys are not trying to get big.

  5. hey guys, thanks for the responses.the stuff ive tried in the past is the things we all see advertised.lets face it we all want the silver bullet! hey i like to lift i dont mind puttin in my time. im no super man ,but in a week i toss around a lot of iron.trouble is im not 20 either so all i wanna do is make the best out of this body in what is really not a long term deal.i dont want to just tone up and grow old nicely, im going to get big. some of the things ive tried, t-boosters andro -test was probably the best so far,ive tried several, my pct this time will include isa-test 1st time ive done that.any HGH stuff ive tried didnt work for me,i usually mix my own pre workout stuff up but im doing horsepower this time and i like it,you dont get a energy surge but really good pumps.this is day 3 of mass tabs ,i did legs tonight and nothing out of the ordinary as far as strength,but my god do they make me thirsty,i must have drank 2 gallons of water today and i dont like to drink water! now i cant stay away from it. one other thing i noticed ,ive had a sore elbow for 2 weeks now and yesterday i tweaked it again when putting the bar down.i figured oh **** here i go again.this morning no pain, and im not that close to god so i know it wasnt a water intake up,pain down and attitude good thats all for tomorrow arms on weds,thats the night im waiting for!maynard

  6. day 5 and really no big still drinking a lot of water and i know im retaining some of it, so if i gain much weight my 1st week i beleive most of it will be water.i get hot flashes off and on during the day but thats no problem,my appetite is not up either and that suprises me ,i thought i would be eating like a horse but instaed im drinking like a camel.i did arms tonight and it was pretty much normal workout although when i got pumped up the muscles were more swollen creating a more fuller pump ,i belive the water is causing that at this time. at first i thought maybe it was being a sort of pain killer,but second day after legs elimated that idea,thay were hard to sit down on the toilet sore.attitude is still good so thats a plus,ive gotten irritable on t-boosters we'll see how it goes from here,post more later,maynard
  7. its a little embarrasing but it works

    Quote Originally Posted by zakchange View Post
    Hey I'm 45 and interested in how to get my family doctor to prescribe test cyponiate. Does your insurance cover it?

    And what does the coconut oil do?

    Maynard, please keep us up to date on how Mass-tabs are working. What other supps have you tried and what were the results?

    I don't read the over 35 forums much either. Most of those guys are not trying to get big.
    tell your doc that your wife or girlfriend that she is wanting sex alot and that you use to be able tokeep up but in the last yearthe drive just has not been their, also that you are mor tired now during the day and you have read that test theropy has helped alot of men. i would like to try it out. tell him that a friend of yours is using it and it has seemed to help the sex drive. his does is 200 mil every 2 weeks. you don't like needles so you want to only do one shot every 2 weeks. that will give you the cyponate 200mg. intead of the 100mg. oh yea follow the doctors presciption ( not ). i'm doing 800 a week. he should prescribe you about 4 vials.if your doc knows you well lkyou may want to go to another doc. i told mine that i am in and out of town alot so the first batch he gave me a script for 9 bottles. if you run out you can also tell hoim that you broke one. just use the ole bs and you'll be fine.
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  8. hey guys ,just a quick post to let you know how its is day 8 and things are starting to go the right direction. my weight went from 188 to 194 which i know most of it is water workout today was best yet.i had good focus and could feel my muscles working as i lifted.i added 10 lbs to some of my work and felt as though i could have put more on but im not trying to over do it untill i see how i get through this week.i did more reps on almost all my lifts,not a bunch but a far so good i 'll let you know more later this week,maynard

  9. day 9 things went well today did shoulders and back,added 10 lbs to shoulder press and 25 to t-bar row so i think thats an improvement.i can feel muscles getting bigger,i know most of it has to be water at this time,but if i can get some of this to to turn into mass i'll be doing good and this is only the beggining of week 2.the one thing i did notice is when i did my 30 min cardio after my workout i didnt think i was going to make it! my legs tired quickly and were hurting,this my be from the water ,im not sure.but 30 mins of cardio is like a walk in the park for me. i dont know how much fat is comming on with this because im just getting bigger all over.since this is my first pro-hormone cycle i really dont know what to expect.also i know that this isnt the greatest log,but its also my im just telling it like it is,nothing fancy,just the way its happening for me.more later, maynard

  10. well day 10 is here and its tuesday and im off.monday was leg night and all went well added weight to all my lifts and felt good when i was finished,actually felt like i could have done more so i think from now on im going to go for broke.more weight ,more reps,just cut loose and see what happens.i think i figured out what happened with my cardio on sunday,we had our easter dinner on saturday due to scheduling ,so i think the salt in the ham must have really made me hold water so i know now if your taking mass tabs ,watch you salt intake! i dont use much salt so i really noticed it.i havent felt any side affects so far and my mood is fine,i still get the hot flashes but they just go away after a while.i am definitely getting bigger,not that im doubleing in size but i am bigger.some fat has come on with this ,but i expected some. i dont eat much that dosent do something for me so,maybe the carbs are doing it,later maynard

  11. day 11,arms was great this was the best arm workouts ive had im months.mass tabs really must be kickin in now,my arms were so full tonight i felt kinda bad i workout alone,wish i coulda showed em off bi's have always been a weak point for me and they were all work tonight,my tri's are responding great so hey maybe i'll build from the back of my arms out to the front i dont care as long as it only obstacle on these have been worrying about fat gain,well ive put some pudge on but the results im getting now are worth it.i'll just have to work harder next month to get some of it off.i still drink water through out the day,but not like i getting 4 meals a day plus 2 as a protein shake for a total of 6.i still dont have a big appetite and i still find that a bit strange,but the results are good so i'll live with it.i think these next 2 weeks are going to be a blast!one thing i will suggest is to keep some bigger clothes around you'll need them ,later maynard.

  12. fri 4-13-07, i had to take a couple days off ,i was beat totally. i cant ever remember an arm work out tireing me out like that one or maybe it was every thing catching up all at once.whatever it was i needed some rest,so tomorrow i'll get back at it,later maynard

  13. sat 4-14 -07 well my weight went up 2 lbs this week so for the 2 weeks ive been on mass tabs ive gained 8 lbs.the first week was the big jump but im glad it slowed a little but i think 2 lbs is good.todays workout was a flop! could not get motivated i dont know what went wrong but i was totally out of it. i went through the motions but i cut my weight down and just did reps. i dont take a pre-workout pick me up ,i just do the horsepower,so im going to start with something i have around on sunday and see how it goes.if anyone is reading this and has any info at all please let me know what you think. the guy that set this stack up for me is trying to help me out to,so we''ll see how it goes,later maynard . started 188lbs now 196 lbs 2 weeks

  14. mon 4-16-07 ,well this energy thing has been pretty bad i,ve been washed out and dont know why but after some talking to my(coach) the guy thats helping me out,i decided to take some provadex in the morning and tonight things went ok,nothing great just ok.i did back and shoulders and my workout just cruised along and after the last few days i can live with that.other than the no energy thing the only other problem i have is joint pain,i read to keep up the water,and to take a joint rejuvenator so thats what im doing.also i must be extremely receptive to fat gain on these,i know a pro-hormone is supposed to keep the fat off,but i eat pretty clean and ive put some fat on,so going into week 3 im cutting back my fat and carbs while upping my protien intake and see how that goes.ive been a little slack on my cardio since i spend more time lifting,so im going to cut back on lifting time and back on track with cardio.nothing dramatic just fine tune it some. since im half way through i would suggest mass tabs for anyone who wants to get bigger,although if you were young and thinking about having children i would research that as much as possible.i belive their are some dangers.

  15. weds 4-18-07,well the provadex did the trick im not as tired now,did arms tonight and it was a good weight has gone up on all my lifts but not that much,5-10 lbs but my reps has increased so i feel im making gains.some of the bloat is gone and my muscles are still full so thats a appetite wasnt the best before,but now with the provadex i have to force the food in, so next time i'll find something else ,but thats what i had on hand.i see a new product called adrenal-a.d that looks good so maybe its worth a try,later maynard

  16. fri 4-20-07 off tonight and i think maybe i shoulda done something but my body needs its rest.last night was legs and it was a great workout although going into this all i wanted to do was to tone my legs up some they are responding like crazy. i put 20 lbs more on all my leg lifts and this morning i wasnt hardly sore at all ,i know the 2nd day tells it ,but usually im a little sore the next day.had a little bit of back pumps goin but after 4 days they have eased up some. i also upped my milk thistle by 2 caps a day hoping to stave off any future problems.since this is my first pro-hormone cycle i can only go on whats suggested to me. so far my info has been on this point i will say it would have been easy to say the hell with it,im not doing any more ,but im glad i stuck to it look at yourself every day and think man im getting bigger but not real big,well today i put on an extra large polo shirt and filled out the shoulders and chest! not that im some great big guy overnight ,but i have made some good gains.2 years ago i was wearing a medium and feeling comfortable in it! you got to wonder what 2 more years will bring,later maynard

  17. sat 4-21-07, i weighed in at 195 so i lost 1 pound which is ok by me it was probably fat or water anyway .bench today and it was a good day i added 1 more set and more reps to all my lifts today certainly an improvement from last week.i feel much better this week an since i quit using the horsepower and went back to plain creatine and arginine mix my stomach has straightend out.bench has never been one of my best lifts ,but i added 20 lbs to 2 sets today.thats a big jump for me even though it was only 2 sets,i lift alone so when i toss on more weight to something thats not my best lift thats saying i have the confidence in the products results.certainly mind over muscle comes into play but not 20 lbs on my bench that i give credit to the mass tabs helping me out.this is the end of my 3rd week and things are now starting to fall into place,now i wish it could go longer since i seem to be going full steam but i have another box ready for next time.i certainly have learned some of the do's and dont's so at least i'll be more prepared fot the next cycle,later maynard

  18. tues 4-24-07,last night was shoulders and back it was a good workout, i put 10lbs on my seated shoulder press and did exta reps ,so i think that is a appitite came back on strong a few days ago so it feels good to be hunry muscles are much fuller than they were and when they get pumped up they stay that way, although it seems to take a little longer to get a good pump,usually after my second set i get a good pump going. attitude is still good and im back to choking down the horsepower again! i cant see wasting it. to bad this isnt a 6 week cycle i feel the first 2 weeks were somewhat wasted that things are clicking im about done.also can anyone tell me how long this will stay in my system after i stop.later maynard

  19. thurs 4-26-07,last night was arm night and what can i say but "waahoo" just an ass kicking workout, muscles were swollen to the max.tonight was legs and i really cant remember of getting a pump in my legs like i had tonight,into my 3rd set of squats im thinking i should put even more weight on but knowing what a couple days will bring i refrained from that.i dont mind limping around a little but i still want to walk.this last week or so every thing seems to be clicking.i have 2 more days left,sat & sun although im going to miss these workouts i am looking forward to a short break,im going to heal up a little then do some cutting while tring to keep this new found muscle in place.with 2 more days left ,i highly recomend mass tabs you just have to adjust a little to make them fit your style once you do that its all business,later maynard

  20. sun 4-29-07,well im finished with the mass tabs and heres the results. i gained 10 lbs went from 188 to 198 most is mass,some fat but not much ,im 5ft 10 in and still in my 36 inch waist which after gaining 10 lbs isnt to bad, my lifts all went up 10-30 lbs. you have to work your butt off but mass tabs are sure worth a try,next time i'll know what to look for and not get all paranoid when things start to change.i took me 2 weeks in to start seeing the good gains so be pateint.this cycle was set up for me by 'rucksdaddy 'on another forum and i want to say the support i received from him was outstanding.i know this wasnt the stat type off log that most guys do,but it was how it went for me.going to do another pro-hormone in a couple months ,maybe i;ll do a better log if your thinking about mass tabs , do them no sides and reasonably priced,later maynard


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