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  1. Back
    Pull Ups 3x10
    Barbell Rows 3x10
    Straight-Arm Pulldown 4x12
    Two-Arm Dumbbell Row 4x12-15 (drop set the last set)
    Wide-Grip Pulldown 4x12-15 superset with
    Reverse Grip Pulldown 4x failure
    Seated Rows 4x12 (drop set the last set)
    Straight-Arm Pulldown 4x25 (pump set)

    Extremely tough back workout. Was definitely hurting after this one. I really liked how I finished sets though with good form and a little extra squeeze on everything.

  2. Legs (A really tough workout)

    Leg-Extension 4x15 superset with
    Leg Curl 4x15
    Squat 4x15 (drop set the last set)
    Leg Press 4x15
    Leg Extension 5x25 (pump set)
    Leg Curl 5x25 (pump set)
    Leg-Pres Calf Raise 4x30 (pump set)
    Seated Calf Raise 4x30 (pump set)

    I usually do not look forward to this day what so ever. The workout is tough with lots of reps and high endurance required. After this workout, I love this product. My legs were just asking for more. A lot of times you have to dig deep for the last few reps but my legs were just giving me what I needed. My endurance was great and I felt really solid. Diet has been great with increased protein. My weight is up to about 174.

  3. I started a P/RR/S routine a couple of weeks ago so I know how tough a shock week can be! So far so good, keep it up!

  4. VERY nice leg workout man, looked like a killer.
    I'm Back...

  5. Shoulders

    DB Lateral Raise 4x12-15 Tri-set with
    DB Front Raise 4x12-15
    DB Bent-Over Lateral Raise 4x12-15

    Overhead Press 4x12-15 (drop set the last one)
    Smith Machine Upright Row 4x12-15 (Drop set the last one)
    One-Arm Cable Lateral Raise 4x25 (pump set)
    DB Shrugs 5x25 (pump set)
    Smith Machine Behind the Back Shrugs 5x25 (pump set)

    Shoulders were and still are hurting. Another good day in terms of stamina. Weight is about 173-174. Tomorrow is arm day, really intense workout. Cant wait for this one!

  6. Saturday was a killer arm work out
    Cable Kickback 4x12-15
    Weighted Bench Dips 4x12-15 drop set the last set
    Overhead DB Extension 4x12-15 drop set the last set
    Incline DB Curl 4x12-15 drop set the last set
    DB Preacher Curl 4x12-15 drop set the last set
    Cable Overhead Extension 4x30 pump set superset with
    Standing Cable Curl 4x30 pump set
    BB Wrist Curl 4x25 pump set
    BB Reverse Wrist Curl 4x25 pump set

    My arms were ready to explode about half way through the work out. It was a great workout though. A real test of endurance and I still felt pretty good. Had lots of energy and motivation to go along with HyperTest


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