Time to get jacked up on HyperTEST: by Axis Labs Sponsored log

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  1. day 14: (was thur.)

    It was a Squat/legs day

    Squat is up to 315x10 from pervious 6 rep (+4)

    weight is up (+1) 184.4

    i feel good still

    squat: 135x20, 225x2x12, 315x10x2
    hack squat: 540x3x8
    Leg Extension:170x3x10
    Calf Rasies: 220x3x20
    leg press: 600x3x8
    lunges: 35lbs dumbells 20 on each leg two sets

  2. Day 15, 16: I had work 9hrs each day both were off, I still feel good and need the rest anyways

  3. day 17: traps/bi's

    shug: 135x10, 225x310, 315x8, 405x3
    Curls: 118x3x10
    lat pulldown: 315x3x10
    push downs: 170x3x10

    stabling strenngth is noticed and feeling movivated still

  4. As the month goes on strength should continue to go up. Excellent work so far, keep up the hard work!

  5. day 18: got a bf test today done was 8.4%

    Sides: none still

    Strength still feeling good holding my gains, stil working out more intense.


    Curls: 118x3x10
    Dumbell curls: 50lbsx3x10
    Trap machine:
    Rope pull down: 115x3x10
    rope extension:115x3x10
    machine curls:120x3x10
    reverse curls:88x3x10
    skull crushers:118x3x10

  6. day 19: off
    nothing new to report libido is good

  7. Glad the libido is still strong.
    I'm Back...

  8. day 20: Still feeling good lifts keep going up. squated 315x3x10 and didnt bother me @ all....

    no new sides

    libido and health still feels great

  9. day 21,22: logging for both days today....

    did legs: on day 21

    and day 22 did back/bi's

    Weight when up to 185lbs so i am getting bigger on HyperTEST

  10. day 23: contuning to get my workouts focused and done quicker....

    Weight is still up and strength and size in being noticed

    muscles are looking fuller and bigger

  11. day 24 and 25: Chest on 24th and back/bi's on the 25th

    I had a great workout added another 10lbs to my bench sets, didnt get tried my endurance is through the roof with my libido also.

    sides: none still

    Weight and strength are both up weight is plus 3-4lbs and strength about 15lbs on all exercises

    Diet I seem to be eating more with is good postive.

    protein is just as high 300grams a day

    Incline: 135x12, 185x8, 205x8, 205x8
    Decline:135x12, 205x8, 225x8, 225x8
    reg.:135x12, 205x8, 225x8x2
    Fly's: 65lbs dumbells 3 sets of 10
    Chest Machine: 190x10x3

    Seated rows:400x12, 505x8, 600x8,600x8
    upright rows:135x12, 165x8x3
    bent rows:135x12, 185x8x3
    Machine rows:205x10x3
    dumbells curls:50x10x3
    hammer curls:40x10x3
    preacher curls:108x10x3

  12. day 26: off nothing new to report

  13. day 27: Today was Traps/tri's

    I have been sick lately but I think the HyperTEST is still working because I am pounding out my workouts still

    Recovery, no-fatigue and strength and postives also.

    No sides really little bit more hungry and oily

  14. Awesome progress man, keep it up!

  15. day 28, 29: off feeling weak bc i just got sick...

  16. day 30: off sick still log is officially done now
    I will do a summary and post HyperTEST to see what happens off it

    Pros: it is a legit test. booster and adds muscle and weight. Increase in Libdo, stamina, intensity
    Cons: oily skin about it, could get mad easier

    I would recommend this product for anyone looking to booster there test levels or get over a peak in lifting.

  17. Nice log man, looking forward to the review

  18. nice thread man.. sounds like a good product. i just started taking it today so we'll see what happens


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