Iron's Hyperdrol X-2 log...

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  1. I wanted to give a brief update, post gym vascularity is getting amazing...

    I had a great pump while doing curls today, my arms filled out a normally loose fitting t-shirt and i could see veins through the shirt...pretty damn cool if you ask me.

  2. Hey Pumping just dropping by to see how the log is going!! Everything looks good man, how do you feel recovery is have it increased at all?

    Keep it up man!!!

  3. Recovery is great. I have been working out harder then normal and barely feel sore, if at all.

    I have slightly pulled something in my lower back though so I will be taking it easy on wednesday, in regards to my lower back...

    And I am dosing at 5/day now. I already think this was a good idea. I feel fuller today. I love feeling fuller. It's quite close to feeling pumped up all day long...

  4. sound slike the plan worked!

    sometimes we just have to experiment a little!

  5. WOW 5 a day sounds very enticing!!

    Good idea to bump it up, taking one for the team reps for that!!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by buffhunk29 View Post
    WOW 5 a day sounds very enticing!!

    Good idea to bump it up, taking one for the team reps for that!!
    I see your gears spinning, BH! just remember start out at 4 as EVERYONE is DIFFERENT!

    4 may be enough for you!

  7. 4 was cool. This is most definately an effective product. But I like 5 better...

    My workout yesterday was great. Things seem a bit lighter still...endurance in the gym is getting better, slowly.

    Overall I am very pleased, to say the least.

    The two biggest negatives are a bit more aggression, this can taken both ways, and more acne...

  8. MACE 4 is never enough!! HEHE!!

    Pumping did the aggression start when you upped the dose?

  9. I think the aggression started when I was like 5 or 6 years old...

    As for the increased aggression, it started in the first week. A definate sign that this stuff works. Elevated testosterone production always does me at least.

    With the 5, it is seeming a little more prevelant...remind me in a few days and I'll give a better update...

    I'll probably remember anways.

  10. 205.4 last night....205.4 this morning...NICE!!!

  11. Nice!! Still Pretty Lean?!!

  12. Leaner than you.


    Yea I'm about the same, maybe a little more water...

  13. Haha I Like This Little Friendly Battle Going On Hehe

  14. Quote Originally Posted by PumpingIron View Post
    Leaner than you.


    Yea I'm about the same, maybe a little more water...
    OH SNAP!

    i think BH was POWNED

  15. nice lookin log you got goin on here PI!

    this HDX2 is the real deal! glad i made the choice to add it to my PCT, n i was gonna suggest the PB to your meal too but they got that for ya....

    i love the stuff. you dont eat any speg. noodles though??? other then that id have to say our diets are pretty danm identical! my wifey hates it though cause i alwayws eat the same thing and she wants to eat somethin diff LOL

  16. I've actually been eating turkey chili and brown rice for dinner the past 3 days for meal 5...

    Back to Chicken and veggies tomorrow...

  17. HDx2 and Mfx seems like an amazing combo...mace needs to hook that up for my post contest post cycle therapy in November...

    That is after I take first in one and qualify for nationals...

  18. After YOUqualify for nationals in November???

    Wait Wait there is going to be someone else there too!

    HAHA!!!! GOOD LUCK BUDDY!! Lets hope we meet in the final pose down

  19. You'd only be at one bro...haha

    How sweet would that be though?

    It'd be the talk of AM, let me tell ya...hahahahaha

  20. Dude Pics Would Be Up Everywhere!!!!!

    We are talking about the EASTERN Right

  22. Yea, it was the day I wasn't sure about which show I wanted to do...the 3rd I think...

  23. Heres a quick update...

    My puppy is sick, just in case anyone cares...haha

    And I'm heading into NYC, well right outside in Flushing for the Braves/Mets game tomorrow, so eating right is going to be hard, but I will try my best...

    And I might cheat a bit tonight as well...but we will see.

    I should be back on Sunday and Monday to sum this log up and get some final pics and stats (weight and lifts) up...

  24. By the way...Stim X 2.0 huh? 1st of May? I think I may have just made a mess in my pants....

  25. haha!

    who's the REP here!?!?!?!?!?


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