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    Alright, here are the answers to these questions:

    1) I started with 4 caps instead of 3 because my cycle was shortened do the the fact that it took me 4 weeks to receive my supplements. I wanted to finish the stack before I left my deployment, so I upped the dosage to get rid of it quicker.

    2) I finally got my departure date and realized I had a little more time than planned. With 4 caps/day my JW would end one day after I ended BAM and I didn't wanna crash that hard. I decided to drop to 3 caps/day so that I would be on JW about a week after my last day on BAM. Also, I figured 7 days longer on JW would be more beneficial because it is a fairly mild supplement.

    3) Yes, I believe the extra week made a difference. I believe the JW kept me lean and hard the week after I discontinued BAM. The only thing I noticed different with 4 were the sides: Libido was higher, I was moodier, and skin was oilier.

    4) If I was to do my supplement protocol differently I think I would use JW for 8-10 weeks. I didnt notice the results until late in the cycle (weeks 3-4). I would either use BAM at 3 or 4 caps per day or not at all. I really don't believe BAM did much for me, if so, I couldn't tell much of a difference.

    5) Haha... I used to workout with a buddy who was pretty hardcore years ago. He was the one who introduced me to the 100 rep set. I like them to warm up sometimes because I use a fairly light weight, it gets my blood flowing, and my muscles pumped. There's no better way to start a workout!

    6) Attached are the two EVO Stacks I made. The 'original' is when I planned on using 4 caps of JW per day. The 'modified' is when I changed it to 3. Hope it is easy to read and understand, I had to transfer them from an excel spreadsheet.
    After following your log, I don't believe that you are KraZ or Nuts. Then again, maybe you just did this log to fool us? Reps for answering all 472 of my questions!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by KraZnut07 View Post
    Thanks man. Pics are posted, they are under my photo gallery. How did you like the NHA stack? I plan on trying that next. Good luck with your JW and BAM, I'm sure you will like it.
    Nice pics- Defenitely see progress there. Keep it up!! Where in Germany are you? I was stationed in Vilsek (I can't even remember how to spell it) I was Army-We had some AF stationed there as well. I got out right after 9/11.

    I tried taking 1 cap of MTST and I got a little anxiety- I take meds for it.......Probably won't be messing with it anymore just the JW/BAM. My first half of my stack which was the NHA was pretty freakin good. I just started reading about this and decided to make this my second half. Since I began I'm up 6 lbs and have maintained my BF. Later bro
  3. Day 57


    Tricep Rope Extensions: (12 reps X 40 lbs, 12 X 50, 10 X 60, 12 X 40)

    Overhead Rope Extensions: (12 reps X 45 lbs, 10 X 55, 8 X 60, 8 X 60)

    Tricep Cable Pressdowns: (12 reps X 40 lbs, 12 X 50, 10 X 60, 10 X 60)

    Tricep Reverse Grip Cable Pressdowns: (10 reps X 40 lbs, 10 X 50, 10 X 50, 10 X 45)

    Skull Crushers: (4 sets: 10 reps X 65 lbs)

    Preacher Curls: (12 reps X 65 lbs, 10 X 65, 8 X 65, 8 X 65)

    Incline Dumbell Curls: (3 sets: 10 reps X 45 lbs)

    Reverse EZ Bar Curls: (3 sets: 12 reps X 45 lbs)

    Situps: (1 set: 100 reps)

    Today's workout was pretty good. Before I hit the weights I went to the scale. I lost another 2 lbs. I now weight 200 lbs like I did when I started the stack. Also, my bodyfat is 13.4%, the same as when I started. I don't know if the device I use is accurate at determining bodyfat, but I think it would measure it the same everytime, which should indicate whether or not I am losing or gaining (if that made any sense?).

    Besides that, my workout went great. Once again, using the cable machine for my triceps really made them burn and work in ways I'm not used to. My bicep workout was great as well. I was curling more weight than I ever have for the incline dumbell curls and my arms were full and pumped when I left the gym.

    So besides the numbers, I am pretty happy with today's workout.

    Tomorrow will be my final day on Restore and I will post my final Conclusion!

  4. Day 58 & Final Conclusion


    Too much to do at work today. Didn't get the chance to workout.

    Today is the last day of Restore, which means the last day of my Evolution Stack.


    Strength: Just as last week, my strength hasn't increased or decreased. I have been able to maintain my strength pretty easy

    Pumps and Vascularity: I was geting some really nice solid pumps this last week. Some of the best pumps I have experienced since the beginning of this stack.

    Size: I haven't been doing any cardio this last week and a half, so it is my fault that I feel flabby. My midsection doesn't feel as firm as it was. I felt I gained weight, but the scale says otherwise. I lost 2 more pounds, but no biggy.

    Energy: I have been feeling fine with energy, much like my old self. I think taking all those supps really wore me down. I feel fine now.

    Appetite: Hunger still hasn't changed much, I can still eat whatever. I love to munch!

    Libido: Sex drive is pretty low. I don't mind. It'll probably keep me outta trouble in Spain!

    As you all have read, I have used both anabolic and designer steroids, along with prohormones, so it is not fair for me to rate this product in comparison to them. First off I will tell you all the pros and cons I have experienced from the Evo Stack...

    Increased Appetite
    Increased Strength
    Increased Libido
    Slight Increase in Size
    Slight Fatloss
    Full Pumps
    Slight Body Composition Change

    Slight Acne
    Slight Increase in Aggression

    I definetly think the pros out weight the cons and that this stack is worth a try. I think if you need a slight edge to break through a plateau or are trying to maintain mass on a cutting cycle that you will like this stack. I think that somebody willing to eat as many calories as possible and not worry too much about gaining bodyfat would get the most out of this stack. From my personal experience, if you are looking for significant, easy, and fast results, then I would not recommend this for you! However, if you are looking for any of the three reasons I mentioned above, I strongly feel that this stack is worth a shot, especially if you are trying to stay as healthy and natural as possible.

    My Results vs. My Expectations (based off of research and multiple user logs) I rate this Stack an 8/10.

    I am ending this stack with the same weight and bodyfat %, but I feel that this product helped me improve my overall body composition. I am happy that I tried this stack!

    If there are any last questions you all would like me to answer, then I'd be glad to answer them.

    Thanks for all your suggestions, comments, and support!

    I'm coming Home!!

  5. Awesome!

    What's your plans for your next stack? Look into the Cissus at all?

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