A review of NUEROBALANCE by the Boyz at IBE Labs.

In short..it does everything it claims to.

About 15-20 minutes after taking one teaspoon a fairly profound sense of relaxation kicks in..muscles relax, anxiety/stress levels drop, breathing slows and deepens which reminds me of the feeling you get after a really good yoga session.

It even relaxed my anxiety-driven wife..and THAT's sayin something!

NB has a great benefit for sleep. Deep sleep with a sense of being rested upon waking. I personally would make sure you can get at least 8-9 hours solid as I did notice just a little bit of grogginess when I had to get up to feed my daughter in the wee hours.

Taking 2 teaspoons did not really increase the effect too much for me nor did the addition of alcohol. I can function perfectly well on NB which is nice for destressing in work environments.

All in all..TWO thumbs up.

Now if they would just come out with PEGylated THC..I'd buy stock.