SXULB52 Gets Hyper Huge X2 - Hyperdrol x-2

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    keep it up!

    I'm anxious to see that weigh-in!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by SXULB52 View Post
    2 more weeks left and I might have to pick up another bottle and continue the HX2 for 8 weeks total.
    I'd like to see THAT!

  3. sorry if you covered this...............

    is your diet pretty much the same each day?

  4. i just started HD x-2, MassFX and Retain 2..........

    trying to catch up to ya, SX!

  5. sounds like you are in full force!

    go buy more bottles so you can continue this for 8 weeks!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by SXULB52 View Post
    Okay today was back, workout was as follows:
    50 pullups in 4 sets
    Bent over DB rows 3x10 with 120's, wish school had heavier DB's
    Bent over smith machine rows 15, 12, 12, 15 with light weight and squeeze at top
    Straight arm cable pullovers 3x12
    Incline cable pulls 3x12

    Alright something really strange but also amazing to report. I sprained my ankle at practice on Tuesday but was able to walk that night and ever since. The swelling has gone down within 3 days to almost normal. Still bruising alot but the strength is still there as well. The trainer said he has never seen anyone heal so fast. So I have wolverine like healing powers from either genetics, the Hyperdrol X-2, or some combination of the two, just something to think about.
    WOW! thats amazing!

  7. great news!

    nice that your joints are feeling GREAT!



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