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  1. Don't forget there might be some weight fluctuation in there, depending what you ate, the water you're holding, etc.. As long as your pants fit and you don't have to buy new ones, you're fine

  2. Day 13 4-2-07

    Incline DB Press: 10x105s, 10, 7 and 5x120s -- down slightly from last session.

    Weight: 246.5 lbs.

    Day 14 4-3-07

    Dumbbell Rows: 7, 7, 7x110s -- up from last session.

    Weight: 247 lbs.

    Day 15 4-4-07
    Legs/Core/Preventative Maintenence

    I am way overdue for a sprint workout. This was a decent workout with lunges and leg presses. Nothing notable performance-wise.

    Weight: 247 lbs.

    Day 17 4-6-07

    Same as previous. Same bodyweight too.

    Day 18 4-7-07

    I focused on lats this workout, so I did a lot of exercises I haven't been using as benchmarks. It was a good workout though.

    Weight: 247 lbs.



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