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    Back is OK now, but I still couldn't get to the gym today unfortunately. Tomorrow is a sure thing though.


  2. Days 7 and 8: Off, and nothing to report otherwise. Mood has been very good lately though.

    Day 9 3-30-07

    I got 5, 5 and 5x110s on dumbbell rows. On one hand, I would have expected better given what I can do with 105s; on the other hand, I did pretty heavy weight on machine rows before I did dumbbell rows.

    I also did 10, 8, and 7x95 on barbell curls. This is fairly typical, but I thought I'd note it here to establish a baseline.

    And I f-ing forgot to hop on the scale again! No worries, I'll hit the gym again tomorrow.

    Virtually no joint pain whatsoever.

  3. Great to hear everything is back to normal now. Now tear down those muscles! TIME TO GET HUGE!

  4. Day 10 3-30-07
    Legs/Core/Preventative Maintenence

    Uninspired workout. Although it's a small miracle I even made it to the gym today. So much crammed into my weekends lately I feel like I'm still at work.

    242 lbs.

    One third of the way through my trial, and so far really all I've noticed are the analgesic and mood-boosting effects. That's not trivial, but I'm hoping I'll feel more before I'm done.

  5. Day 13 4-2-07

    247 lbs. What the hell?

    I really need to get a reliable body fat assessment quick. If I'm gaining lean mass, great, and much credit to Blueprint. But without evidence, I see my weight creeping up on the scale and I start to get nervous. I'm so body dysmorphic I can't objectively assess my status based on my appearance. My pants still fit, I suppose that's a positive sign.

    Another positive sign: my workout was fantastic. Great energy and mood, very minimal joint pain. Lying triceps presses (barbell or dumbbell) have been causing me significant elbow pain in recent months, but I had no problem today.

    I got 10x105s, 10, 8 and 6x120s for incline dumbbell presses. That's the best I've done in a long time.

  6. Don't forget there might be some weight fluctuation in there, depending what you ate, the water you're holding, etc.. As long as your pants fit and you don't have to buy new ones, you're fine

  7. Day 13 4-2-07

    Incline DB Press: 10x105s, 10, 7 and 5x120s -- down slightly from last session.

    Weight: 246.5 lbs.

    Day 14 4-3-07

    Dumbbell Rows: 7, 7, 7x110s -- up from last session.

    Weight: 247 lbs.

    Day 15 4-4-07
    Legs/Core/Preventative Maintenence

    I am way overdue for a sprint workout. This was a decent workout with lunges and leg presses. Nothing notable performance-wise.

    Weight: 247 lbs.

    Day 17 4-6-07

    Same as previous. Same bodyweight too.

    Day 18 4-7-07

    I focused on lats this workout, so I did a lot of exercises I haven't been using as benchmarks. It was a good workout though.

    Weight: 247 lbs.


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