DCP on Spring Break log!

  1. DCP on Spring Break log!

    Starting tomorrow (and running through Sunday) I'm planning on keeping a dirty, unorganized log with using DCP (12-16 per day) on spring break. I don't drink, it's just me and my woman going on a relaxing trip to KC for shopping/fun/whatever. KC is home to some of the worlds best BBQ, and I plan on eating a lot of it! It's going to be no-holds barred (except I'll have a Myoplex for breakfast everyday). I probably won't get to update at all while on the trip, but I will keep track of what I eat, and whip together a writeup on Sunday or Monday.

    Age: 25
    Height: 5' 10.5"
    Weight: 245
    BF%: ~19-20%

    Daily Supps on Trip:
    1-2 StimX daily
    12-16 DCP daily
    Once a Day Multi + 1g extra C
    Cissus (not sure...am almost out)

    I owe Dsade a log, and I feel bad that it's taken this long, but (apparently the postal service likes to open supplement packages) here it goes. Obviously, the goal is to see how well damage control works under extreme conditions. Dsade, how do you feel about the dosage I'm considering?

    Game On! izza:
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