Advice on supplements with novadex

  1. Advice on supplements with novadex

    Hey to the forum and i was looking for some good solid advice. I am 5'8 and 155 athlete so i am not looking to put on huge size but just get a little stronger and bigger. I just bought novadex xt and am looking to incorporate it in my workouts and supplements. Any recommendations on how i should take the stuff and anything else i need to bulk up. I want to get to about 160-165 of muscle mass. Also taking muscle milk bought some milk thistle. Any advice would be awesome!!

  2. How old are you?

  3. 31 years young

  4. Start with 2 pills a day to see how you react to it for a week and then increase it to 3 pills/day for the remainder. When i was taking this standalone it provided decent strength gains and minor weight gain(1-3lbs). At 3+pills a day my joints where dried out which was very uncomfortable to workout with.If your not eating enough to put on weight than this product and any other for that matter will not help you put weight on.

  5. You'd probably experience greater strength gains by combining the XT with a product like MassFX or Activate. Both contain nettle root extract which binds with Sexual Hormone Binding Globulin (leading to more free testosterone in your body).

    Some people experience libido issues when taking an ATD product like XT so you'll want to start with a low dose.

    Do a search here for "NHA stack" which is a combination of ATD product (like XT) and Nettle Extract product (like MassFX or Activate).



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