I've been using MyoZene for a while, and I definitely like it. The taste requires some getting used to (it has to be ice cold), but I enjoy it now.

On the other hand, I have used hydroxyisoleucine with PWO drinks in the past, and I wanted to give Replenish a whirl. I appreciated that DS saw fit to include it in their ingredients, and that they didn't go wild with the carbs. (Only 30g a serving.)

When I realized it was watermelon flavored, I thought it was going to be disgusting. I was pleasantly surprised, it tastes very good. Slight grittiness, probably due to the oat fiber, but no big deal. Because it uses whey isolate rather than hydrolysate, it's not really that shocking that it tastes good. However, it also contains CEE, and hydroxyisoleucine has a maple/fenugreek flavor, and DS managed to completely mask the taste of both.

Can't really say much else after trying it once. I expect I will continue to use both Replenish and MyoZene, alternating depending on how many carbs I feel I need during particular training or diet cycles.