MRI's NO2 and CE2

  1. MRI's NO2 and CE2

    Hey guys do any of who know how well MRI's NO2 and CE2 work? I want to stack this over the summer. Just looking for some advice. thx. ps im 167 lbs. 5'10 and 15 y/o

  2. You can get much cheaper CEE and NO products that will give you the same if not better results. Controlled Labs Green Bulge is a Creatine Pill (mainly ethyl ester and magnesium chelete) that works great. The same company also makes an NO product called White Blood which worked just as well as NO2 for me. You can get both of these products for about 50 bucks total. MRI is trying to get like 120 for the stack of small NO2/CE2 bottles.

  3. O ok. Thanks for the help. Yea $50 sounds better than $

  4. MRI has a newer version of NO2 out its called "NO2 Black." The older version is called "NO2 Platinum."

    However i would not waste my money on MRI products. Grossly overpriced and theres better stuff out on the market.

  5. N'Gorge has NO AND CEE in it. Pretty good stuff. I use it with PCT and by itself. 30 or 40 bucks. Check it out.



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