Pre-workout Supplement Review

  1. Pre-workout Supplement Review

    I've received and used a lot of free samples lately. So, I will post about each and the effects (99% subjective) they had.

    Ratings are (bad) 1 - 10 (good).

    AAKG + CEE + Caffeine - This is my *bread & butter* stack. I get great pumps and endurance from this basic combo. IMO, this is thee *bang for the buck* deal.

    Strength: 7/10
    Pumps: 7/10
    Endurance: 7/10
    Taste: N/A (caps)
    Mixability: N/A (caps)

    Storm - I tried 2 samples (Grape) and was pleased w/ both trials. First was on a chest/tri day, second was on a back/bi day a week later. Both times I had good pumps and good muscular energy. But, I took Storm w/ Scorch + Yohimbine HCL. So, keep the effects of those in mind. Taste was pretty decent.

    Strength: 8/10
    Pumps: 7/10
    Endurance: 8/10
    Taste: 8/10
    Mixability: 10/10

    Shock Therapy - I tried 2 samples (Grape) and wasn't impressed with either trial. First was on a back/bi day, second was on a shoulder/trap day a week later. Pumps were decent, but I didn't have much by way of energy or strength support. I didn't like it as well as Storm. Taste was a little worse than Storm, understandably. But, bearable. 16+oz water, min.

    Strength: 5/10
    Pumps: 7/10
    Endurance: 6/10
    Taste: 7/10
    Mixability: 10/10

    SMASH - I tried 1 sample (Fruit Punch). First note: GREAT flavor! Tasted real good. Impressed. I used it before a leg workout. I was actually impressed with my energy. Strength wasn't boosted as much, but I kept on moving without a hitch. Pumps. I wore some shorts. I'm not sure how to tell leg pumps by looks. By feel, they were rock-hard.

    Strength: 7/10
    Pumps: 7/10
    Endurance: 8/10
    Taste: 10/10
    Mixability: 10/10

    Leviathan - I've got 8 sample caps of this stuff. I'm going to split the dose between 4 days, 2 caps pre-workout.

    I'll update this next week.


  2. MyoSurge - This stuff always impressed me. I always had good strength and endurance when taking this. Doesn't have much effect on pump, but it lets me move more weight. I've had the lemonade and fruit punch flavors. Both were very good. BCAAs don't mix too well.

    Strength: 7
    Pumps: 6
    Endurance: 8
    Taste: 9
    Mixability: 6

    Satur8 - This was probably the pre-workout supplement that seemed to work the best for me. I'm talking about the old version. I haven't tried the new formulation. I always had good pumps, endurance, strength, etc. when taking this. Plus, it was very cost effective at the time. I don't remember about the taste.

    Strength: 8
    Pumps: 8
    Endurance: 8
    Taste: ?


  3. Thanks for the reviews. Look forward to seeing more.

  4. hard to beat

    aakg + cee + caffeine

    i'd like to see you find one that beats it in price/performance. Being slightly better for twice the cost isn't worth it for me.

    Good info so far, great to have one person try the supps out relative to others so that comparisons are more relative.

  5. i was a big fan of no xplode however it gave me the **** everyday after i was done and it was expencive and lasted only a month..i switched to labradas supercharge which i think tastes better is cheaper, lasts twice as long, dosnt make me ****, and ahs same positive effects as no xplode



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