18 years old with supplement/cycle question

  1. 18 years old with supplement/cycle question

    Alright, I discovered AM about a week ago. I just came off my senior basketball season and I lifted all summer last year, without proper knowledge of weightlifting technique and especially the most important of all, diet and rest. Now I am on a quest to get BIG, I am already the most built person at my school at 6'2, 196 lbs with an unknown BF%, Im guestimating ~12-14% I have a target weight of around 225 pounds. I have not grown since the 9th grade, so i feel that I have reached my maximum height.

    My diet is now in check and clean, with chicken, rice, wheat bread, sweet potatoes, vegetables, fruit, tuna, peanut butter, water, milk, oats, almonds, some red meat, and most definitely eggs the only foods I consume.

    My training regiment consists of chest/tris, back/bis, quads/hams/calves and shoulders/traps with Wednesday and the weekend off. My max bench is around 205-210 and I am really aiming for 235-240. My weakest points are my back, legs, and forearms, all of which have ignorantly not received the attention they deserve. I have neglected to work my legs due to basketball season, but I am now starting.

    I have taken supplements in the past such as the mass cycle by NxLabs, Anadrox, CellTech and Nitrotech, *(Muscle Tech is Bull S***), Creatine Monohydrate.

    I am currently taking GNC mega men, Anadrox(pre-workout) and ON 100% whey mixed with oats, bananas, peanut butter, flax oil and creatine PWO.

    In just 2 weeks of off time i have added around 4 or 5 pounds. I dont believe its fat, and my strength seems to be way up 185 for my workouts on bench is seeming pretty easy and I can feel more energy since basketball is over.

    I know that everyone is gonna say you dont need supplements, but I am not looking for the easy way out. Im just looking for a supplement to what im already doing, something to exponentially increase my potenital gains.

    A friend of mine went off to college (18 years old) and in one semester he gained 40 pounds, and added 50 pounds to his bench. He said he only took creatine, protein, and AlphaMale by BioTest. I really think he took a cycle because he got soo big, maybe just because of our young age we can gain so easily. Maybe the supplement had little to do with the gain, one could only know to run the same routine without it.

    I have looked into ALRI's jungle warfare and BAM, over 21. I have considered Superdrol and supporting supps and PCT. Also the AlphaMale and Diesel Test 2010, but I am confident that my test levels are just fine even though the T3 in the mass cycle seemed to accelerate my gains, even without a clean diet Since that mistake I have been fine, with nothing different than before I took it. When on that cycle of creatine tabs(Anavol) a protein synthesis stimulator(Aminovol) and the T3 combined with basketball I leaned out and vascularity increased along with strength. I am now considering another supplement cycle, I have already stated that I know it isnt necessary, but what would you all with an experience similar to mine suggest?

    All help will be deeply appreciated!!!


  2. I would suggest you wait till your at least in your 20s, but thats my 2 cents. Your still growing even if you dont notice it and you dont want to **** yourself up in the long run. Really you should be able to keep up what your doing and gain the size you want in maybe 6 months. /.2cents

  3. Ok, now that I have established a "baseline" I would like to know which stack you would recommend if i choose to go with a supplement. I really like the look of lbarber's AP stack.
    My options are:

    1. AP plus Cissus RX, Powerfull, and Clout, maybe something else, if so, what?

    2. AlphaMale or Diesel Test 2010, I really feel that test isnt a problem tho

    3.JW plus BAM and Restore(could anyone give me any info on these substances, other support, and recommendations?)

    4. Possibly Superdrol or Epistane, really would like to stay away from this tho. What else would I need to take with this? also PCT info please.

    I am going for bulk as I established earlier. Which of these, or maybe an alternative, would you recommend to help me achieve my goal.

  4. Don't bother with any product that is or turns into hormones, that means Superdrol, Epistane/Havok.

    The only one anyone is going to really condone/suggest is no.1 based on your age.

    I'm curious, could you type up your diet and workout regime?

  5. Since I go to school eating full meals throughout the day is quite difficult, but here's what I manage.

    Water with everymeal and throughout the day

    Breakfast: Six eggs, 1 cup Oatmeal with some protein mixed in, sometimes some fruit, sometimes I make a protein shake that consists of 1/2 Cup Oats, 12 oz. 0 Fat milk(should i switch to 1%?) 2 scoops ON whey, Banana, 2TB peanut butter. 880 Cal/88Carb/80Pro/24.5Fat

    Mid-Day: Usually Tuna or peanut butter on wheat

    Lunch: Chicken Breast, vegetables (usually greens, carrots, cauliflour steamed), bread, and milk and water

    PreWO: Some bread and 1 scoop of ON protein with water, Anadrox supplement

    PostWO: Protein shake, same as breakfast

    PostWO Meal, usually 2 hrs after wo:
    Chicken Breast Sweet Potato

    Last Meal: 1 cup Cottage cheese and some fruit

    Hows that sound, what should i add or delete? if anything.

    I already posted workout regiment, but monday is chest/tris/abs, tuesday back/bis, thursday quads/hams/calves, and Friday is Shoulders/traps/abs

    The workouts vary, im using a 12 week plan out of Musclebuilding Mag. It varies to keep the muscles guessing for maximum gains, some weeks are heavy, some are light,all using compound movements such as bench, squat, etc. I was doing the MassCycle system which was repetitive and worked with Chest/Back, Legs, Shoulders/Traps, Bis/Tris/Abs.

    Which sounds better? Should I go back to the mass system?

    I have studied lbarber's stack and I really would like more info cause I am interested and contemplating giving it a go. Id really like to say im "All Natural" tho.

  6. a few tips

    bro you don't need any of that sh*t yet...

    Just stay with the creatine and the multi and keep pounding down the cals...

    a few suggestions:

    - keep protein at less than 50g's per meal
    - switch to ezikiel bread (sp)
    -depending on your numbers id say drop the split and go to a strength routine for now... get your squat and deadlift up before you worry about mass (it really is the quickest way to mass) probably rippetoes for now
    -when you squat go below paralell, atg
    -when you deadlift keep your head back,squeeze your traps, drive with your legs and lift with your back (it rymes)
    -up your cals to 4000+ but keep them clean, add a meal
    -I'd also suggest water instead of the milk for that shake and try to keep your fat at 15g's or less for each meal
    -add some efa's flax or fish oil
    -try to get atleast half your protein from whole foods and go for 300g's

    Just do some of this and you'll get big... a 240 pound bench aint **** you'll be there in no time. We take test boosters to get to where your at. Think of it as you being on a constant nha stack...thats why you don't need supps.

    good luck bro


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