My First Cycle...Cant Wait!!!..Looks good?

  1. Talking My First Cycle...Cant Wait!!!..Looks good?

    sup everbody...been researchin for quite sum time now, cant wait to use the real deal 5'8...180ish, 21yrs, low body fat, dunno the percentage but i have abs, diets relatively clean, 4/5 meals a day...protein/complex carbs, been that way for over 6 months now, stay hydrated 24/7..picked up a dumbell at 12, starting training seriously for the past 6, taken the occassional weeks off...known to watch Arnolds Pumping Iron 2/3 times a day when i first got it yea im a meat head...anywayz befor you guys get tired of me blabing first cycle is gunna look like this...

    12 week Test E cycle
    250mg-mon..250mg-thurs = 500mg a week
    HCG-250IU or less..twice a week..sat/wens..weeks-1/11
    Arimidex-.25 ED weeks 3/4-12 (depending on bloat)
    PCT: toremifene-weeks 14-18
    120mg days 1-3/4
    90mg days 4-14
    60mg days 15-21
    30mg days 22-28....any objections??? Thanx.

  2. anybody...??? ^^^

  3. Prolly dont need the HCG in a test only cycle, but you can keep it around just in case. I would also only use the adex EOD or even not at all, unless bloat gets bad.

  4. aight thanx for tha input

  5. If you are not gyno prone then adex could be left out. I think the bloat is desirable for building mass as long as you dont look like a marshmellow or something. 12 weeks doesnt seem too long that HCG is absolutely needed but its a precautionary measure. I ran 16 weeks without it but if I had some on hand I would have used it.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by evs View Post
    aight thanx for tha input
    anyone has used igf1lr3?

  7. Post the log here my man and you'll probably get some more responses.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!



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