my 2 cents on dcp

  1. my 2 cents on dcp

    I recently started taking creatine ethel ester(nutraplanet brand) abnd dcp. I am currently trying to lose some fat and retain my muscle. I normally run 3 to 4 miles on cardio day but today i ran 6. After taking the dcp my mind felt clear and motivated. it could have been that it was 70 degrees with a nice little breeze but even in nice weahter i dont like to run. Today was different i felt great and energized. it felt like i could run forever. My lift was excellent as well. no weakness at all.
    since i havent been taking dcp that long it could have been plecibo but im thinking other wise. so far great product!!!!

  2. I love the endurance boost with DCP, as well. Thanks for the feedback.
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