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  1. TheWilMan's AP/DCP/WMS Log

    Hello All,

    Looks like there are a lot of these AP/DCP/WMS logs, so I hope this isn't overkill for you guys, especially since this is like my 3rd post!

    I have just started using Anabolic Pump and Damage Control Protocol along with Basic Cuts, Waxy Maize Starch, CEE. I may also throw in Ephedrine (VasoPro) and Aspirin with the Basic Cuts.

    Thanks to HairyLarry and CHAPS for some feedback they gave me to my initial set-up.

    I’ll be using this for the next 28 to 30 days. My goal is to get to sub 10% BF. I am 36, 160 lbs and 5'9" (and a half ). For the past 3 to 4 months I have been cutting and have gone from 185 to 160 as of today. I am at around 13 % BF using a caliper on my waist area only. I have made the most progress at 10X BW with Calories; however, I have had to up the calories to accommodate the added carbs, mostly in the form of WMS. I have a cheat day maybe once or twice every 2 weeks, depending on if I am with my daughter. Here is my FitDay screename wilman70. I was unable to post URL.

    My workouts will be in the early morning and will consist of the following:

    Mon – Chest and Tri (DB Flat Bench, DB Incline, CG Bench, Hammer Dip Machine, Tri pressdowns)

    Tue – Back and Bi (Pull Ups, Lo Pulley Row, WG Pulldowns, DB Rows, Drag Curl, Lying cable curl, DB Hammer Curls)

    Wed – Cardio and Abs (HIIT, Knees to Elbows, weighted cable crunch or medicine ball sit ups, bench knee ups)

    Thu – Legs (Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Single Leg Leg Press, Walking Lunges, Calf Raises on Leg Press)

    Fri – Shoulder, Traps, Neck (DB OH Press, DB Side Raises, DB rear raises on incline bench, DB front raises, DB shrugs, neck flexion front and back with plate)

    Sat – Cardio and Abs (Same as Wed)

    I’ll do my best to be detailed as possible. If this is TOO much detail let me know. I’ll post some pictures soon. As far as measurements, I have no one to do them, so I’ll see what I can figure out. ( I know I’ve had to buy new pants twice) ;-)

    OK, here we go…

    Monday, February 19, 2007

    6:30 AM - 1 AP+2DCP+ 2 Basic cuts

    6:40 AM – 17G Whey Protein and 38G WMS

    7:00 AM Workout - Chest/Tri/ HIIT 10 mins

    Note – didn’t really feel anything. Maybe not enough carbs?

    8:10 AM - 1 AP

    8:25 AM - 17G Whey Protein and 38G WMS and 2.4G CEE

    Note – started feeling a little lethargic on the drive to work.

    9:15 AM - Low Fat Yogurt, 2% Cottage Cheese, Oats

    Note – still not feeling anything

    Note – almost noon, not hungry yet.

    12:20 PM - 2 DCP+2 Basic cuts?

    1:00 PM Lunch (ham wrap on flat bread and sugar free jello)?multi vit

    4:00 PM -Low Fat Yogurt and 2% Cottage Cheese?
    6:15 PM - 1 AP+2 DCP

    6:30 PM - Dinner – 2 ultra lean pockets – work a night job on Mon/Tue so I have to eat something quick – high protein and complex carbs

    10:30 PM - Optibol Protein Shake before bed

    NOTE – LOTS of water. At least 5 liters. Really have not noticed anything yet, but am hopeful.

    I appreciate any and all input.


  2. Looks like a good regimen...subscribed.
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  3. Day 2

    Tuesday, February 20, 2007

    6:55 AM - 1 AP+2DCP+ 2 Basic cuts (woke up late)

    7:05 AM – 17G Whey Protein and 38G WMS

    7:20 AM Workout - Back/Bi

    Note – Still didn’t really feel anything.

    8:20 AM - 1 AP

    8:30 AM - 17G Whey Protein and 38G WMS and 2.4G CEE

    Note – Maybe a little pumped, but nothing extraordinary

    9:20 AM - Low Fat Yogurt, 2% Cottage Cheese, Oats

    Note – still not feeling anything

    Note – Not very hungry at 12:15PM

    12:15PM - 2 DCP+2 Basic cuts

    4:15 PM - Low Fat Yogurt, 2% Cottage Cheese

    6:20 - 1 AP + 2 DCP

    6:30 - Dinner – 2 ultra lean pockets

    7:30 - started feeling lethargic

    7:45 – Ate a cup of fiber 1 (44g Carb w/ 14g Fiber) - started feeling better

    10:45 – Whey and water

    Note – no noticeable effects, other than slight lethargy earlier
    Last edited by thewilman; 02-21-2007 at 05:15 PM. Reason: Forgot to put in lunch! 1:00 PM Lunch (ham wrap on flat bread and sugar free jello)
multi vit

  4. Roughly how many carbs are you eating a day?

  5. Quick glance, your diet looks VERY low in calories, carbs, and protein.

    Can you break this down for us?
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  6. dsade - When I started cutting in November, I tried 12X BW and was unable to cut. I guess my metabolism was pretty slow. So, I went down to 10X BW and it started working. Recently I was at around 1600 cals with at least 160-170g of protein. Since starting the AP/DCP/WMS, I've been at about 1960 calories or so. Macros were about 40/35/25 at 1600, now they are at approximately 35/50/15.

    Rodja - Last two days (mon and tue) I had 264 and 274 g of carb respectively and 170 g of protein.

    I can't post URL yet, but I use FitDay.

    Thanks for the help!
  7. Wednesday, February 21, 2007

    6:45 AM - 2DCP+ 2 Basic cuts + E +A

    7:05 AM - Cardio and Abs

    Note: Weight 162? Gained 2 lbs. Is that the AP or the extra calories?

    8:15 AM - 1 AP Post-wokout

    8:30 AM - Whey, WMS, CEE

    9:30 AM - Oatmeal, CC, Yog

    11:00 AM - 1 piece 1” X 1” Mac Pie (like pecan pie, but macadamia nuts – very little piece!)

    12:35 PM 2 BC + 2 DCP

    1:05 PM 1 AP

    1:15 PM – Business lunch! Nothing very healthy on menu: had roasted wings, salad, and foccacia. It was either that or pizza!!! izza:

    Will try to balance out later.

    2:30 PM – starting to feel a bit lethargic. Don’t think it’s AP, think it was the bigger lunch than I am use to.

    5:00 PM – skipped 4PM snack. Feel “warm” not sure if it’s DCP from before lunch or Basic Cuts. Had some coffee, maybe that was it.

    6:15 – 1 AP + 2 DCP

    6:25 – Chicken Breast, Black Beans, Brown Rice

    10:30 – 17g Whey

    Note – nothing…the only thing I have felt is a heat rush from the cayenne pepper in the BC. I’ll give it time. I have been feeling tired due to low cals before this stack. However, it seems to be more amplified now. I assume it’s the AP.

    How can I take in more cals in carbs and still cut?


  8. When taking AP, it is best to use about 60g with each cap. Just make sure they are good carbs and you will still be able to cut. I was skeptical at first too, but I have been very satisfied with my results from AP. Even though I am cutting, I am gaining strength and staying full.

  9. Thanks Rodja. I'll try that. I train in the morning, so would you suggest 1AP pre workout with 60-70g of WMS + 17g of whey and the same thing post?

    I've definitely been getting weaker over the past couple of months. Leaner ...but weaker!

    Any idea on calories per day? I am at around 1960 (12 X BW)since starting the stack.

  10. As far as kcals are concerned, it is hard to give a definitive answer, but losing strength is a sign that your deficit is too large. Try 2200 kcals and experiment with the macros and the timing.
  11. Measurements and Pics

    OK we go as of 2/22/07.

    Body measurements (inches)

    1. Neck 14.5
    2. Chest 40
    3. Shoulders 47
    4. Waist 33
    5. R Thigh 21.5
    6. L Thigh 21.25
    7. R Calf 14.5
    8. L Calf 14.25
    9. R Bi flexed 14.25
    10. L Bi flexed 14
    11. R Forearm flexed 12
    12. L Forearm 11.75
    13. R wrist 6.25
    14. L Wrist 6.25

    Caliper readings:
    1. Chest 9 mm
    2. Abdominal 12 mm
    3. Thigh 12 mm
    4. Suprailiac 14 mm

    I'm getting anwhere between 10.5% and 16% BF on a website where you put in the caliper readings. I think I'm around 13 or 14%. Just a guesstimate.

    Here are some pics...the razor bumps are thanks to the Razorba! That thing is sweet! No more hairy back or having to ask someone to do it! I need a tan too! Hittin' the pool or beach this weekend!

    Back to the pics. I seem to carry most of my fat in the front of my chest and lower abs. I was going to post a pic of me at 200 lbs, but I changed my mind!

    Hopefully, this cut will get me down to 10% BF.

    Attached Images Attached Images      
  12. Thursday, February 22, 2007

    Note – woke up late and tired. Could not go to gym. Will make it up Sunday.

    8:25 AM - 1 AP+2DCP+ 2 Basic cuts (woke up late)

    8:40 AM – 17G Whey Protein and 38G WMS

    9:30 AM - Low Fat Yogurt, 2% Cottage Cheese, Oats – forcing it down – NOT hungry at all!

    12:15 - 2 BC + 2 DCP

    12:45 – 1 AP

    Note: I feel cold, my hands, my nasal passages (similar to ephedra)

    12:55 PM - Lunch (ham wrap on flat bread and sugar free jello)?multi vit – added oatmeal (33g carbs) I found at work. Realized not enough carbs in wrap (17g).

    4:30 PM Low Fat Yogurt, 2% Cottage Cheese

    6:30 PM - 2 dcp

    6:45 PM - 1 ap

    7:00 PM – dinner - turkey burger (93/7), brown rice, black beans. Kashi granola bar

    10:15 PM - 2 servings optibol

    Note: will be increasing my Carbs and Cals to see if I can get anything from AP. Still not really feeling anything.

    I just received 2 bottles of the New Powerfull from the inner circle sale today.

    Any thoughts on including this in my stack or should I save this for after I'm done cutting?

  13. Friday, February 23, 2007

    6:45 AM 1ap + 2dcp + 2bc

    6:55 AM 60g wms 17g whey

    7:10 AM Legs – not too heavy – had not done legs in about 5 weeks. Finished off w/ 10 mins on treadmill – Hill pattern L10 3.5 MPH

    8:15 AM 1 ap

    8:30 AM 2.4 g cee + 40g wms then immediately after 34g Whey + 26g carbs from oats (1/2 cup dry)

    NOTE - Legs feel warm. Not really “pumped” per se, but really warm. My chest and upper body “look” bigger after the gym this morning.

    11:30 AM Yog and CC

    1:00 PM 2 DCP + 2 BC

    1:45 Lunch + Multi

    NOTE: 3:45 – getting hungry – feel kinda warm, but no sweats at all w/ DCP

    4:15 PM Yog and CC

    6:30 PM 2 DCP

    7:00 PM 1 AP

    7:15 PM Dinner - 7 oz chik, brown rice, black beans, kashi bar + 1 glass of red wine

    Note:Feeling a little weird…like I had more than 1 glass…does the AP shuttle the alcohol to? I’m sweating too!

    Note: Still nothing to speak of in the way of results.
  14. Saturday, February 24, 2007

    8:20 AM 1ap 2 dcp

    8:35 am 2 bc + 60g wms and 17 g whey

    8:55 Workout – Shoulder, traps, Neck 15 Min treadmill level 10 3.5 Hill

    Note – felt stronger. Slightly higher poundages. Is it the AP or the higher cals? Weight 161.8. Weight seems to staying within .5 to 1 lbs +/-

    10:40 1 AP

    10:55 2.4 g cee + 40g wms then immediately after 34g Whey + 26g carbs from oats (1/2 cup dry)

    12:25 PM 2 BC + 2 DCP

    2:45 PM feeling a little lethargic and down.

    4:15 Yog and CC

    725 2 dcp

    735 1 ap

    750 dinner same as night before - 7 oz chik, brown rice, black beans, kashi bar

    Note- noticing some extra definition in shoulders tonight. Could it be kicking in finally?
  15. Unhappy Sunday, February 25, 2007

    Note: Decided to add Powerfull to my stack. Started today because I wanted to try it w/ fasted cardio.

    8:30 2 DCP, 2 BC, 1 PF

    9:00 Cardio and Abs

    Note: weight 162.4??? Weight keeps fluctuating

    1015 1 ap

    1030 1 cup oats 34 g whey

    11:15 AM – feeling a little sleepy at Church – must be the PF – great service –

    12:55 PM 1PF + 2 DCP + 2 BC

    1:10 PM 1 AP

    1:25 PM Lunch – chick breast, brown rice, lentil soup, broccoli rabe (hmmm…homemade and tasty!)

    Note: feeling very sleepy right now – 1:35. Starting to get a slight headache 1:45

    2:15 – feeling lethargic – had a Kashi Granola Bar, feel better.

    4:00 – I've been very sleepy and lethargic all day – this is not an acceptable side effect - if this was a work day, I'd be done! Had to drink a big cup of coffee and still don’t feel very peppy. Must be the PF.

    6:30 – still full – not hungry at all

    7:00 1 AP + 2 DCP (still not hungry, but got to eat!)

    7:15 – Ground turkey, Brown rice, chili beans, broccoli rabe

    9:30 1 PF

    10:00 Bedtime

    Note: Powerfull was a nightmare last night. I had flu like symptoms – chills, shakes, cold seats, etc and was awake every couple of hours all night. I was exhausted this morning. So, not only am I a non responder, but I’m getting sick from this stuff. Anyone else experience this? Will these sides go away? Is there anything I can do to counteract

    The bad thing is that I look noticeably leaner this morning. So it works, but yesterday and last night was brutal. I will not be taking PF today.
  16. Monday, February 26, 2007

    Note - Missed the gym due to feeling exhausted from thr previous night.

    8:15 – 1 AP 2 DCP 2 BC

    8:30 – 1 cup oats, 34 g Whey

    10:30 – CC and Yog

    Note: Been very cranky all day. Gassy too. I thought that was all the beans I’ve been eating, but it may also be the AP. Pretty painful gas.

    12:45 2 BC 2 DCP

    1:00 1 AP

    1:15 – Chicken Popper sandwich and Kashi Bar

    Note - 4:30 – been feeling sick all day – stomach flu maybe – maybe my problems last night had nothing to do w/ Powerfull

    6:15 1 AP 2 DCP

    6:30 2 Lean Pocket Supreme + 1 Kashi Bar

    9:00 – started feeling sick again. Bought some pepto and went home.

    10:30 – Optibol shake

    Note: I have been experiencing some stomach problems since Sunday night. Without being graphic, I've taken numerous trips to the restroom. I must have eaten something on Sunday that made me sick.
    Last edited by thewilman; 02-27-2007 at 10:16 AM. Reason: added note

  17. Stomach feeling better?
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  18. I had to leave work early today and took off tonight. I'm feeling better, but it sneaks up on me ! LOL Not pretty.

    (never thought I'd get to use that one!)

    I am pretty sure it's unrelated to the supps, just coincidence. I either ate something or some type of virus.

    I skipped my 2nd dose of Basic Cuts. I can feel that cayenne pepper and it wasn't helping. I missed the gym again, but I should be back tomorrow.

    Thanks for asking!
  19. Tuesday, February 27, 2007

    6:40 1 ap 2 dcp 2 bc

    Note – right when I was ready to take my WMS and whey started getting a stomach ache again – missed the gym – again!!! Arghhh! Not sure what’s going on, but it’s not Powerfull.

    7:00 1 cup oats. 17 g whey

    12:40 1 AP 2 DCP (skipping BC)

    1:00 Lunch – turkey/Ham wrap, Yog, Oats, Kashi Bar

    4:00 yog and CC

    6:35 2 DCP

    6:45 1 ap

    7:00 Dinner – brown rice, peas, eggs – homemade fried rice

    11:30 Optibol

    Note: had felt better most of the day, but it hit me again right before bed!
  20. Thumbs up Wednesday, February 28, 2007 - part 1

    Normally, I don’t post until the next day, but I had some good results today.

    6:40 AM 1 AP 2 DCP 2 BC

    6:50 AM 60G WMS 17 g Whey

    7:00 AM Chest and Tri

    Note – my stomach issues hit me AGAIN at the gym!!! Arghhh! BUT…I worked out anyway! Weights were up! Felt pretty strong (even though I spent most of the previous day in the…well, you know) and I weighed in at 159.6. Therefore, my scientific deduction is that this stuff is working! I just don’t really feel any kind of pump. I have taken No-Explode and felt ZERO pump, good energy, but no pump. I used No-Shotgun and felt a bit of a pump. So, for whatever reason, I don’t get pumped??? And, my intensity level is pretty high at the gym.

    8:10 AM 1 AP

    8:25 AM 2.4g CEE, 40g wms, 34g Whey ½ cup oats

    10:50 AM – Yogurt and Cottage Cheese.

    I'll finish today's entry tonight or tomorrow morning!

  21. I have yet to get a pump from any hemodilator, but AP gives me a great pump.

  22. You think it might be the minimal carbs? I take in 60g of WMS pre workout 10-15 mins after the AP, but that's minimum intake right?

    You think upping it to 80g WMS might do it?

  23. Wednesday, February 28, 2007 - part 2

    1:00 PM 2BC + 2DCP

    1:30 PM Lunch – turkey wrap and jello, multi

    5:00 - Yogurt and Cottage Cheese.

    5:30 started feeling sleepy – had some coffee

    6:35 1 AP + 2 DCP

    6:45 Dinner – turkey burger, peas, brown rice, and kashi bar

    Note - didn't take the Optibol before bed. Trying to keep calories at or under 2200.
  24. Thursday, March 1, 2007 - part 1

    Note: Interesting results today...

    6:30 - 2 DCP + 2 BC

    6:40 - stomach issues again, not as bad, but I think it may be the cayenne from the BC

    6:45 1 AP

    7:00 76-80g WMS + 17g Whey (Normally, I have 1.5 scoops. Added half a scoop)

    7:10 Back and Bi - Didn't feel any pump doing back, but weights were up again. However, when I hit the bi's I definitely felt a pump.

    Nothing outrageous or skin bursting, but I could feel it and I could definitely see it. My arms looked bigger and slightly more vascular.

    The added carbs definitely made a difference.

    8:15 1 AP

    8:30 38g WMS and 2g CEE

    8:35 1 cup dry oats (56g carbs) + 34g Whey

    Note: 9:15 started feeling a little lethargic/sleepy. Slight headache.

    9:45 Yogurt – see if that helps the lethargy and headache. Started feeling better almost instantly, but still a little sleepy. Time for some joe!

    Will update again tomorrow.


  25. Cayenne did the same thing to me.
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