Links to POSEIDON Logs and/or Info

  1. Links to POSEIDON Logs and/or Info

    I'm getting a flood of emails asking questions on Poseidon. We are currently working on a FAQ's thread, but wanted to post this for now...

    Links to POSEIDON Logs and/or Info


    By: bpmartyr
    Poseidon - God of the Sea

    By: Force of Green
    Force of Green regenerates with Poseiden

    By: Macedaddy
    Macedaddy does Dallas......errr.....DCP / Poseidon and others!

    By: Sublimejeh
    Initial Poseidon review

    By: prld2gr8ns
    Poseidon-first impressions

    By: HairyLarry35
    HL's DCP and Lipoderm ultra-RK log

    By: Jayhawkk
    Havoc-Cissus-Excell-Poseidon Log

    By: Yeahright
    Poseidon Log

    By: Wideguy
    Wideguy's Poseidon/AP/Super Cissus/Bulk PowerFull/Clear Edge log

    By: Bkprice
    Poseidon, first impression

    By: Bigdog77


    By: Workin2005

    By: Workin2005
    POSEIDON and Methylcobalamin

    By: Workin2005
    CNS HEALTH and Weight Loss

    By: Rxp1997
    Poseidon and stomach cramps

    By: rugger48
    Body odor?

    By: Heavyduty
    What not to take with poseidon?

    By: Workin2005


  2. You like you really like me.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk View Post
    You like you really like me.
    "I LOVE YOU MAN!" lol ;-)


  4. Good idea there workin, that should tide people over until you get the FAQ sticky up in the Nimbus forum.

    Jayhawk.... quit seeking attention. You know everybody likes you.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

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