Joebo's GutBuster w/Lipoderm Ultra & RK

  1. Joebo's GutBuster w/Lipoderm Ultra & RK

    Joebo's GutBuster w/Lipoderm Ultra & RK

    Application:4 pumps twice daily applied to my abdominal region.
    The Burnn/a
    Current Measurement:33.5" at bellybutton
    Current Pics
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    I will update pics on Tuesdays and Fridays with the first update starting this friday. If you would like me to monitor anything else, please let me know and I'll add it to my log. My first application will be in about an hour.

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    Just wanted to check in so my log doesn't get buried. So far I can't comment on how its working as its only been 2 days. One thing i would like to know is if there is anything people have found to counteract the smell? It's not horrible, but at work its def noticable through clothing. This is my first time using a product like this so i'm hoping it really helps me. I thought with the RK's in it, it would have more of a burn, but I honestly can feel a sllight warming sensation at best. I try to shake it up each use as well in case all the RK is settled at the bottom. Will update with new measurement and pics on friday.

  3. I think the smell is more noticeable to you, and not those around you...either that or you should bathe more.
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    This morning the application seemed to have more of a "burn" sensation. I still have a slight warm burning going on. Feels good! Maybe after a few applications i'm becoming more sensitive to that aspect. Tomorrow I will have updated pictures and current measurement to note any changes.

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    Forgot the pics on my other laptop at home so i will load those up when i get home. I'm always doubtful with any new supplement, so I'm always very pumped when I feel/see something working. Today I put on a pair of khakis that are typically a bit tight and they were signifigantly looser than before. I can kinda see a difference in the mirror to, but nothing drastic. I can tell its starting to do its thing. Can't wait to see the continued progress. I really like the subdued warming sensation from the RK. Seems to last a few hours.

    Waist around Bellybutton:33.25~
    I'm down roughly .25" which is awesome. This measurement was also taken after a shake so my stomach was probably slightly expanded, so expect to see that number a bit lower. Awesome product so far!!

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    Just wanted to update with the pics
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Sir Savage View Post
    Yo yo.

  8. No, you silly som'b*tch, that's a yo-yo.

    Notice the dash.

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    Will be taking new pics tonite to post up along with current measurement. Really enjoying this product. I think I can see more results than the pictures show though. One thing i was curious about was the amount of RK added in. Is it possible to add more RK's for more of a burn or is this already at the upper limits for effectiveness? Thanks again for this opportunity

  10. I doubt you can cram anymore in.

  11. I got alot of compliments from the few times i applied my lipo RK.

  12. I have to apologize for the lack of an update. It will go up a little later. I got Vista'd so my computer was useless. Up and running now, so i will update with new pics. Really liking what i'm seeing!


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