Focus XT review

  1. Focus XT review

    When browsing through NP's website, I came accross this product, and thought.. "Maybe that could be good for those days when I feel tired, or can't really concentrate at the gym" I bought this product strictly for enhanced performance at the gym. I have tried ALCAR before, and loved the way it made me feel, and my vision was enhanced as well.

    After a few days, the package arrived. Of course, I am receiving a package I've been waiting for, I want to try it as soon as possible

    Next morning, I open this small jar, and put a spoon in a huge glass of water, and gulped it down. I noticed the taste of ALCAR in there, which is fine. As I always state, "Taste should never be part of a supp's evaluation". It was okay for the first time, now I love the taste. About 10-15 minutes, I was feeling a little more energized, and, this will sound weird, but I kinda felt like my head was ready to do something. I felt like I wanted to walk, or watch tv, or some kind of thing like that. So of course, I ended up on AM as usual. This first experience was kinda fun, and all the time I felt like I was putting more attention to some posts, like I was reading it more efficiently. This was all speculation. It was just a first experience.

    One day later, I wake up, take one serving, and go to school. I was laughing more, and felt happier than the usual monday morning. My boring teacher was, well, teaching. I was listening like there was no tomorrow. I was feeling ready to work, and felt like I could do anything, in terms of school, of course.

    On the evening, I take another serving pre-workout, and was ready to hit the weights. One of my favourite stims was AMP, so I was hoping for a little more than that. Stims made my adrenaline real high, which I loved, and made me push a lot more. Focus XT made me dance. No kidding. I was happy, but strength side was not amazing.

    So to conclude, I must say I love the product, but must be used in moderation, as I built a small tolerance to it.

    all in all, I would rate it:

    Study purposes: 9/10
    Gym purposes: 6/10

    Would I buy more? Hell yeah!:bruce3:

  2. That seems consistent with what I've seen on Focus the last few days - awesome for work not as much for the gym.

    I took 2 scoops on Friday first thing - that was very nice.

    Thanks for the review John.

  3. I got to give another small update: Two in a row for me does the exact same effect as one. My suggestion: When you take 1 serving and you think you have built a tolerance, take a break, don't increase the dose, it will just be more expensive at the end.

  4. I use some before my tests. I can definitely tell it helps me 'focus' more effeciently

  5. "For the good - [pressure] makes them fold. But for us the great - [pressure] makes us focus!"

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