Testadrol/16yrs old

  1. Testadrol/16yrs old

    EDIT: Wow....We can't say no enough.

  2. Wow, where to start? Here are the two major reasons you should not take a designer steroid:

    1. You will screw up your growth plates and not grow anymore.

    2. You will screw with your sexual function.

    If these two things aren't enough, I'm sure you haven't done your research either, because what you said above isn't enough and you will do serious damage to the rest of your bodily functions as well.

    Please, do not take this product. Your natural test levels are at thier all-time high. You should be able to gain like crazy without AAS.

  3. what is this bodybuilding.com?

    i signed up to get away from this sort of shyte.

  4. How tall are you now? My suggestion if you do use steroids is to get used to being that height amongst the other issues

    If Novedex and Liver Care is your idea of PCT then a microwave curry is my idea of a high quality source of carbs and proteins.

  5. Research and research but we're not going to give you fuel to talk yourself into screwing up your hormones among other issues at that age...If your health is in order then food and training should be enough to get solid gains.



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