Mullet's Clearly Wicked Review

  1. Mullet's Clearly Wicked Review

    Well, Canada Customs as usual was not cooperative in a product testing, so my log is slightly delayed. I decided to dose Clear Edge for a week so I could give a comprehensive review, using the hinesight consistent use provides. So here it is:


    Mood Enhancement:

    I noticed a very pleasant stress reduction from Clear Edge. This is something I have noticed dosing Bacopa and Glucuronolactone in my cutsom bulk mixes. During Mid-Terms, a time where my stress level may have normally risen, causing anxiety, stand-offishness at times, I have been very level. I have been mixing up my doses of Clear Edge with some Rhodiola and found this very favorable for mood enhancement.

    Memory Recognition

    I feel this is the most prominent effect of Clear Edge. Obviously, this is a very subjective thing to attempt quantify, but I am very confident in stating that the product helped me during my study sessions. I found that while I was not miraculously recalling this I may not have otherwise (I have a very photographic memory) I noticed that the things I did recall were much more vivid than they would be normally. Concepts, theories, formulas I needed to memorize were easier recalled in their context.

    No Effect On Sleep

    Being stimulant free, I found a fairly decent energy increase from Clear Edge. I should mention anybody looking for an 'energy' product would be in the wrong place, however, anybody looking for a stable energy increase over time would be in the right place. I think the effects of energy were accumulative, as it seems as the week has progressed I am getting up easier, and have more 'pep' so to speak throughout the day.



    I felt the product could have been dosed higher, for certain ingredients at least, to produce that 'in the zone feeling'. Though, I am sure that this may also cause much more of a stimulatory effect, causing unwanted sleep problems for individuals such as myself. Really, this is the only problem I found with Clear Edge. Though the mildness was welcomed at times, I found I was reaching for the caffeine Pre-WO at times. If I had to change this supp, I would increase the Glucu, add in some Rhodiola, and a small amount of caffeine (I know, I know, this would change the product)

    Overall Rating


    In terms of Memory Enhancement, this product was amazing. I think what I will do in the future, is purchase Clear Edge, and simply dose some Rhodiola, and Caffeine Pre-WO to get a really prominent mind to muscle connection.

  2. Great feedback, Mullet...thank you.

    What dosage were you taking?
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    Great feedback, Mullet...thank you.

    What dosage were you taking?
    I started off at 3caps per dose, then worked my way upto 5. I found an appreciable increase in memory recognition at that dose.

  4. Great log, suscribed!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier View Post
    I started off at 3caps per dose, then worked my way upto 5. I found an appreciable increase in memory recognition at that dose.
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  5. INdeed a very nice review. I have mine at the house but i'm waiting to take it when my course starts up soon.

  6. subscribed. I have been taking a dose of 6 caps with a Basic Cuts and like the focus tremendously. Looking forward to your log

  7. I go to CSUS and alot of people at my school are big adderall addicts. I have instead decided to try this and have mine ready to go for exam time. Should I be taking this everyday or just when high stress situations are upcoming?

  8. I think it is best utilized as an everyday supplement. As I said, some of the effects are cumulative, as opposed to acute.


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