Babolat's ongoing Lipotropin PM

  1. Babolat's ongoing Lipotropin PM

    Here is my ongoing Applied Nutriceuticals' Lipotrophin PM log/review. Although it is a "sponsored" log, I received the product before I became a rep, so I am not quite sure what to call it.

    Anyway, at first I got my dosage OK'd by AN, which was 2 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, 2 at night. But, since I sweat enough, I decided to just take it at night, with taking 2 pills before each workout, 2 between workout and bed (at night) and 2 right before bed time. My sleep quality when taking LPM is great so far, and even when I wake up in the middle of the night like I always do, I wake up all warm and comfortable. I am really enjoying this supplement, especially since the ingredients are easily researchable and the full/technical writeups are available ( Very solid and I love what its doing!

    About me:
    Height: 5'8"/5'9"
    Weight: 153 (got REAL sick )
    BF: 10=11% according to caliper, and seriously MOST of my fat is around my belly which is very annoying.
    Special Circumstances: I've been injured quite a few times, be it from training, car accident, snowboarding, you name it.
    Sports: TENNIS. Basically, I am a pro (I make my income from tennis), and I teach tennis to people of all ages, sexes, and group sizes.
    Snowboarding: Im decent. Enough said!
    Martial Arts: Aikido since able (mom is a sensei, taught by the North American founder), MCMAPP (Best friend is in the Marine Corps, he taught me), ninpo (ninjitsu-very basic knowledge), Pancrase/MMA (also basic), and street.
    Baseball: Played since age of walking (2 ish), but havent played on a team in about 4 years

    Monday: Chest
    Tuesday: Off/Cardio/Chest if necessary
    Wednesday: Back
    Thursday: Legs
    Friday: Off/Cardio
    Saturday: Arms
    Sunday: Off/Cardio

    I play tennis as much as I can, and whenever possible and not overloaded with college, I mountain bike around my neighborhood and up and though my old High School. Whenever I can (basically from 2 days ago) I will wake up to as many ball-situps and pushups as I can handle, and go to bed to the same.

    When I get my protein in, I will be back on my 200g protein daily (it gets really expensive and I have to pay for it all + tuition + food + gas + etc...

    I try to keep as clean as possible, and cheat maybe 2 or 3 times a week (a cheat for me = a meal not a day)

    When I can, I get as much fruit and veggie intake as I can- natural things are good! Yes, fruit has sugar blah blah blah BUT ITS FRUIT you are meant to eat it!

    I down as much liquid as I can, and when taking my soon to be I-Pro/WPI Pro, was Nectar, my water intake will be much higher. I enjoy things like fizzy vitamin c drinks, vitamin water, WPI, etc.

    How I see myself
    My short term goal for 30 days from now is to break 160 (I know the 2lb of muscle per month rule, but this is muscle memory), and be leaner than I am now (6 pack).

    My long term goal is basically to be NEVER satisfied. If I am satisfied with myself, then there is nothing more to do. It would be like being satisfied with my tennis ability, which would mean I dont care about improving. The whole idea is rediculous. But, as tangible goal, I want to be 185 and lean (under 10% bf) one year from now, and to be on a college tennis team (Pac 10 if I can make it).

    If anyone has ANY questions, please- ask away!

    Once again, thank you Don!

    PS: The last thing Don or anyone from AN would want me to do is lie or be dishonest about the results or my opinions on this product so this is going to be as objective as possible. If something is my opinion, I will say so.

    Lets get it on.

  2. A subscription is in order.........

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Lanbane View Post
    A subscription is in order.........
    Thanks man!

    I really dont mind waking up at night because of the warmth from the LPM. Once my protein gets in, ill use it a lot more regularly.

  4. I really am enjoying taking the LPM before workouts, before breakfast, and right before bed, it seems to work the best like this. Definitely got me going for my mountain biking today!

  5. I started my stack of IGF-2, Osteobolin-C, and NeoVar today, so i think some good results are just around the corner.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by babolat View Post
    I started my stack of IGF-2, Osteobolin-C, and NeoVar today, so i think some good results are just around the corner.
    Hang on, s**t's going to start happening...

  7. Hey Don! Actually, I dont know if its possible, but Im actually maintaining weight through my HUGE loss of water (sick). All ive done is start my AN GFH stack (TM), so maybe thats it? I had tennis today but all that would do is be like an hour and a half of HIIT.

    The lipotrophin PM is making my sleep SOOO nice I love it.

  8. LPM is definitely making my sleep quality better. Last night I had to sleep without my comforter (I had to use mis-matched blankets and such), and had to make due with staying on one half of my bed. I have a puppy, and I was finally letting him sleep on the bed with me, when all of the sudden, right infront of me, he gets up and wets the bed. But, hes a puppy and he will learn.

    Anyway, I was expecting a horrible night's sleep. I had to get up early to get an oil change, and had my bed all messed up. However, I was nicely warm and slept great.

    As for my IGF-2, I tried AN's sponsored athlete (ttwell i think) idea, which was taking it DURING the workout. My dosage (pill wise) is 2-2-3. So, today I took 2 before my workout, one in the middle, then the last 4 later in the day, dosed correctly of course. Man, it was awesome. I had to make up for lost workouts today by doing chest, BIs, and legs, and right in the middle of super squats, that little blue and white pill saved the day. I got looks from all the bigger, older guys, and one of them gave me the "right on" nod. Awesome.

    Side note: I ordered X Factor today, but will start it in a few weeks to better differentiate the effects of everything.

  9. the LPM and IFG-2/NeoVar is definitely kicking in. Atleast it feels like it- I had the best workout this morning, and I had to get up real early to do it, which usually ruins the workout and my drive.

    I like the mood enhancing effects of LPM and IGF-2!

  10. Im running pretty low on the LPM because Ive been using it 3 times a day. My mom really likes the AM version!

  11. Quote Originally Posted by babolat View Post
    Im running pretty low on the LPM because Ive been using it 3 times a day. My mom really likes the AM version!
    My parents and all their friends really seem to like the AM/PM- one of my mom's friends lost about 25 lbs. in 3 mos. while taking it

    O/T- what kind of puppy did you get?

  12. Yeah my mom is in love with it and my dad is liking the osteobolin-c.

    Well, I got a poodle puppy after my dog died right before thanksgiving.

    Its sad to see the LPM running out but I love it!

  13. I started the Feast or Famine contest which was a relief. Ive been overwhelmed with school and stress right now so making meaningful posts hasnt been too appealing.

    Anyway, ive been sick so havent really been keeping up with my LPM, but now I am back on the wagon! I love it!

    ..running low however.

  14. Im almost out of my LPM

    My favorite uses for it are pre workout (especially cardio), pre bed, and in the evening when i am relaxing.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by babolat View Post
    Im almost out of my LPM

    My favorite uses for it are pre workout (especially cardio), pre bed, and in the evening when i am relaxing.

    You have more coming

  16. Awesome!!

    Im taking my last dose tonight so I will give my final review shortly!

  17. This isn't as thorough as I would like, because I have finals tomorrow. But, I'll do my best.


    Lipotrophin PM was a great supplement in my book. I ate like a dirty-bulker at times and it kept me lean. My favorite attribute has to be the sleep-aiding qualities- I would always get a good, warm night's sleep with LPM. Taking it before workouts was also great, as it helped me work up a great sweat. The ingredient profile is excellent, and the green tea extract is quality stuff.

    Profile: 10/10 - Quality, backed by science

    Feeling: 9/10 - Pretty good mood enhancing

    Sleep: 10/10 - Great sleep while on it

    Overall: 9.5/10 - I would recommend this to anyone- kept the fat off, even with my sometimes horrible diet. Great product, and it is my new staple.

  18. bab im glad you had great results I just started my LP sun. so far so good. I also like the sleep aid that is one of my bigest problems, and it seems to help.

  19. Yeah man! I sleep like a log on it, and wake up pretty good in the morning. It gets better the more consistent you take it.

    When i start a new bottle, im going to make a point of taking a serving before every "questionable" meal- green tea extract helps the fat not get used apparently.


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