Thanks NP

BIG Thanks for sending all the way to Australia! I made sure as to get a variety of people to test this product over here, as I am a bit of a stim junkie.

The Review


I'm 191cm, 94kg. (6'2, 206lb). After days of messing with dosing, I've found 6-7 caps to be the ideal dosing for me, on an empty stomach.


3 Caps : I get a warm feeling only.
5 Caps : Warm and increased focus (maybe 10%).
7 Caps : Warm, Attentive, Articulate and Focused.

I haven't noticed any extra ability to handle stress or anxiety. It really only provides me with some warmth, focus and attentiveness.


Instead of Morning Coffee
I've replaced my double shot espresso in the morning with 8 caps ClearEdge. This in itself is a big move, as I love my coffee and love that feeling it gives me. Whilst ClearEdge isn't anything like that, I find its a suitable replacement - it gets me in the mood to work, nulls that morning 'gurn' you can get in the Office. It's also a lot 'cleaner' than a caffeine high.

Afternoon Pick me Up
I use ClearEdge about 20mins before my afternoon coffee break and have cut back to 1 shot espresso. This works very well and I cruise into the evening nicely.

On its own it really isnt a pre-workout stim/fix/focus formula. However, when stacked with the following it seems to work nicely:

6 Caps ClearEdge
Pre-workout formula from CEL (NOX Surge)

What Others thought

Work College 1 : Made me sleepy
Work College 2 : Warm and focused
Girlfriend : Less anxious, more work focused
Training parnter : Warm