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    I have 4 bottles of AP and 4 bottles of PowerFULL,I'm counting on these to give me an extra edge and aid me in fat loss.

    I will also be taking my regular supplements like Animal Pak,Animal Flex,ZMA,ON 100% Whey,Universal Uni-Liver,bulk GABA powder.I also will be staring back up on CEE and stopping use of Universal Storm due to it having Insulin Mimickers which are not recommended while using Anabolic Pump.

    I will be following a 3x a week Full Body Split with Cardio on non-lifting days.Some days I will throw an extra session of cardio in the evenings .

    My workouts will be in the morning since I get up early.I will be dosing the Anabolic Pump in the first half of my day since I will not be consuming any carbs during the later half.

    I will take AP with my pre-workout meal and take it 15 minutes before my post-workout shake which will consist of a scoop of ON 100% Whey,half cup of Ground oats(30 grams carbs),20 grams dextrose,3 grams CEE,5 grams L-Glutamine(I have a kilo laying around,might aswell use it).I also will be adding 10 grams of bulk Leucine if I ever get around to ordering some.With my post-workout shake,I also take 1 gram vitamin C,400IU vitamin E and 3 Uni-Liver tabs for extraa BCAA's with my shake.

    My 3rd dose of AP be taken 15 minutes before the my last carb meal of the day which is around 3-4P.M.

    The PowerFULL I have not yet figured out how much I'm going to dose,but it will taken as soon as I get up,before working out on lifting days and before bed.I think PowerFULL along with ZMA and a few grams of GABA wil make for a killer sleep stack.

    The bulk Cissus I will be taking about 5 grams a day split into 3 doses throughout the day. 1st dose as soon as I get up with PowerFULL,2nd preworkout with PowerFULL and 3rd 20 minutes before one of my evening meals.

    If you guys have any suggestions about dosing or if I have anything wrong,please feel free to let me know.I'd appreciate any help/tips/advice.

    About me........

    Current weight:200 Lbs
    Height: 5'10
    Goal: Fat loss
    Body Type: Endomorph

    I started lifting back when I was about 14,I bought an old weight set from a neighbor for 5 bucks and threw it in my basement.I was in pretty good shape in my later teen years,but around the age of 19,I let myself go.I went from a solid 175 to a soft pudgy 230+.By 21,I lost weight and was down to 170 lbs.I had dieted and lost a good deal of weight,problem was,most of it was muscle!!!! I had crashed dieted and had basically starved myself thinking this is the best way to lose weight.I was skinny fat and did'nt know why I looked the way I looked.I expected to lose the flab and have my muscles pop out like when I was younger.I did'nt know crap about dieting and fatloss.

    I hit the web and started trying to learn how I could get back in shape,I watched those TV infomercials and was contemplating which "have the body of your dreams in only 15 minutes a day" machine I was going to buy.Thankfully,I discovered BB.com.I began reading and asking every question that popped into my head.I got the basics pretty quick.I'm still learning though.

    I started seriously weight lifting and eating about 10 months ago.I say seriously because I did'nt fully buckle down and really hit the weights hard until April 2006..I had gained 10lbs by November and weighed in about 180.I decided to bulk since it was the holiday season and I would be eating alot anyways.I dirty bulked for the first few weeks,but after chatting with a BB.com member by the name of Sobelik,I decided to clean my act up.I took his advice and cut out alot of dirty carbs.Fast forward to Febuary,I weigh about 200 lbs.I definitely made some gains,but also gained some extra fat.

    So,now it's CUTTING TIME!!!

    My goal is to be as lean and ripped as I can be before Summer hits.

    This is my first log,so it will probably not be as good as others on the forums.

    Hopefully some of you will subscribe and pop in to give me some advice/info/tips.

    Wish me luck.

  2. I took Anabolic Pump today at 11:40 AM and ate at 12:00.I had a large salad(Romain Lettuce,Olives,Cucumbers,Onion s,Tomatoes,Chicken Breast and a few Crutons),a large Pita(48 grams of carbs),a Banana and tablespoon of PB.The Banana and PB I had because I was still hungry and figured with AP,the extra carbs would'nt be as bad.

    It was'nt my first ever dose because I opened a bottle last week and tried it out 2 times after a high carb meal.Just wanted to see how it was.I noticed a slight pump.

    It's my off day today,I did some Cardio in the Morning,about 45 minutes.

    I will take another AP with my last carb meal at 4:00PM today.

    The log will officially start tommorow when I start taking PowerFULL.

  3. Good luck with it all man!!

  4. First Official Day!!!

    Soon as I got up,I took 2 PowerFULL Caps and 1/2 tsp. Bulk Cissus(about 1300mgs.).

    Waited about 25 Minutes then drank a protein shake.

    40 Minutes later I took Anabolic Pump and waited 15 minutes before eating.I had 2 Bananas,1 tbsp.PB,1 cup of Milk and 1 scoop Whey.I also took my daily Animal Pak.

    Pre-workout I took another 2 caps of PowerFULL and 1/2 tsp.bulk Cissus along with 2 1/2 grams CEE.

    My workout was lagging and I felt kinda tired.I'm pretty sure it's due to not having my usually pre-workout serving of Universal Shock Therapy.My pumps were pretty good,but I definitely missed the stims from the Shock Therapy.I'm going to order some Caffeine pills to take before a workout for extra kick.I had to stop taking the Shock Therapy because it contains Insulin Mimickers that could hinder the fat-loss properties of the Anabolic Pump.

    15 minutes before the end of my workout,I took an Anabolic Pump,after 15 minutes had passed,I downed a post-workout shake of 1 Scoop Whey,80 grams Ground Oats(60 grams carbs.),2 1/2grams CEE & 5 grams Glutamine.

    My last AP of the day I took at 2:30 PM.Waited 15 mins. till eating.I had a large salad with Chicken,half a Pita and a Breadstick.I was still hungry afterwards so I dipped in my junk food stash and ate a Take 5 candy bar.Hopefully the AP will help out with the extra carbs I took in.This is my last carb meal of the day.

    I'll take my final dose of PowerFULL before bed with ZMA and 3 grams GABA,I normally take 5,but I wanna see if 3 grams with the PowerFULL helps me sleep the same as 5.

    Overall,I did'nt really feel anything as I expected,it being the first day I took the PowerFULL and only 2nd day on the Anabolic Pump.
  5. Smile

    Quote Originally Posted by AtownKing187 View Post
    Good luck with it all man!!
    Thanks alot dude! I appreciate it.

  6. UPDATE MAN!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!
  7. Cool

    2/11/2007 2ND Day

    Sunday was an offday.I woke up,took Anabolic Pump at 7:30AM,waited 15 minutes to eat.Had 3 pieces Whole Wheat Toast(51 grams carbs),3 whole eggs and a glass of skim milk.Also had a tablespoon of PB.

    I was starving which is why I did'nt take the PowerFULL as soon as I got up,I just wanted to eat,lol.

    I took my 1st serving of PowerFULL along with 1/2 tsp. Bulk Cissus at at 9:40AM.

    Took my 2nd Anabolic Pump at 11;40AM.After the 15 min. wait,I had myself a nice Tuna wrap on Black Bean flat bread(real good) with Lettuce,Tomatoes,Cucumbers,Oli ves and a bunch of other good crap.Also had a Granola bar.

    At 2PM,I took my 2nd dose of PowerFULL+Cissus before Cardio.I also took some Green Tea Extract,CEE and a packet of this stuff called FSI Xenegy.It's basically a stimulant mix that taste's pretty good.I needed the extra boost.

    Did a good 50 minutes of Cardio,sipped on Grape flavored BCAA+Glutamine during it.After Cardio I drank a Whey shake with some 2 1/2 grams CEE.

    Took my last AP at 4PM.Had me a Turkey sandwich on Whole Wheat,an Apple & some Peanuts/Almonds.Took my Daily Animal Pak also.

    7;15PM.Took 1/2 tsp.Cissus.
    7;45.Ate meal of Canned Chicken,Olives,Almonds/Peanuts.

    Took my ZMA,GABA,PowerFULL,Cissus at 10:20PM,waited till 11PM to eat my pre-bed meal which was a Tbsp. PB,scoop of Whey,some Almonds/Peanuts and Skim Milk.
  8. Cool

    2/12/2007 3RD Day

    My sleep from the nite-time stack was pretty good,had some crazy ass dreams though.

    Woke up at about 6;30AM

    Took my Anabolic Pump.I'm probably not going to be taking PowerFULL as soon as I get up since I'm usually starving and I don't wanna have to wait any longer than the 15 minutes for AP.

    Had me a nice breakfast of 3 pieces Whole Wheat toast with Cream Cheese,3 whole Eggs and some Almonds/Peanuts.This was my pre-workout meal.

    Pre-workout,I took 2 caps PowerFULL,1/2 tsp Cissus,2 1/2 grams CEE,2 Green Tea caps and a packet of FSI Xenergy for energy/Caffeine.I read this stack is pretty popular so I figured I'd follow it.

    Workout was pretty good.Did'nt make any big increases in the weight department,but the pumps were pretty good.My left forearm was hurting for some reason,it hurt really bad when I was reverse curling 100 lbs on the barbell.Sucks to since reverse curls are one of my favorites.I don't know what the problem is,maybe I have'nt been stretching right.

    Took my AP 15 minutes before the end of my workout.Right afterwards I downed a shake with 1 scoop Whey,60 grams ground oats(50 carbs)10 grams Dextrose,5 grams Glutamine,2 1/2 grams CEE and 3 Uni-Liver tabs.Sounds nasty and it is.about 40 mins. later had me a nice meal of Chicken,Rice and mix veggies.Also had some Almonds/Peanuts.

    Took my 2nd serving of PowerFULL/Cissus at 4;15PM.

    Took my last AP at 4;50 PM.Waited 15 minutes.Ate another meal of Chicken,Rice,Veggies.

    It's almost 11PM right now,I'm gettin set to take my ZMA,GABA and last dose of PowerFULL/Cissus.

    All in all,I don't feel anything from this stack yet.I did notice while stretching my joints were'nt making popping noises like usual.Maybe this is the Cissus or maybe it's the Animal Flex I take daily.Either way it's a good thing I think.Some say PowerFULL/Cissus helps you recover faster,I have a slight case of DOMS right now,we'll see how I feel when I wake up tommorow.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by AtownKing187 View Post
    UPDATE MAN!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!

    Haha,thanks for stopping by.

    I'm about to hit up your log over on BB.com.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Wordz_Worf View Post
    Haha,thanks for stopping by.

    I'm about to hit up your log over on BB.com.
    haha...yea i noticed that..lookin good man

  11. 2/13/2007 4TH DAY

    This was an off day.

    Took my AP and PowerFULL/Cissus doses at usual times.

    Only exception was my last AP which I took a little later in the day.There was a huge ass snow storm here in Cleveland and I forgot about it.So I just took it with a later meal around 8:00PM.I took it during the meal since I had started eating already.i noticed I did'nt get tired when I took it that way instead of taking it 15 minutes pre-meal like recommended.

    I ate like crap though.I stuffed myself with BurgerKing.I guess I will count this as a cheat meal.Gotta stay away from the fast-food,that's my weakness.

    Did'nt do any Cardio,I figured all the running around and shoveling snow was a good enough workout.Thinking back though,I should have hit some Cardio up to make up for the crap I ate.

    Before bed,took my ZMA.I took it earlier then the rest because I remembered reading somewhere that Cissus contains Calcium and that's a big no-no with ZMA.So I seperated the ZMA from the PowerFULL/Cissus/GABA by 30 minutes.

    One thing to note,I did'nt feel any soreness from the workout the day before.Maybe this is due to the anti-Cortisol properties of the Cissus and Symmetry in the AP.

  12. 2/14/2007 5TH DAY

    Sleep was great.The added PowerFULL seems to add to the ZMA/GABA stack.

    AP doses were taken at the usual times(pre-workout,post-workout,last carb meal of day).

    I've figured the best way to take the PowerFULL/Cissus will be pre-workout,mid-day and before bed.

    I've also bumped up the Cissus.Gonna start taking 3/4 a tsp.(1980mgs.) 4 times a day to see if I notice anything.If not,I'm going to bump it back down to just 3 doses of 3/4 a tsp. 3 times a day.

    My workout was decent.Pumps were pretty good.Kinda lagged because I did'nt have any Caffeine/Stimulants pre-workout.I took 2 caps PowerFULL, 3/4 tsp.Cissus,2 1/2 grams CEE,2 Green tea Extract caps pre-workout.Just need the Caffeine pills I ordered to come in so i can get some extra energy for my workouts.

    I noticed I had slight more strength than usual.Was able to DB curl slightly heavier weights then before.Hopefully this continues.

    After workout had my shake(took the AP 15 mins. before).Followed the shake up 35 minutes later with a nice bowl of Oatmeal with sliced Bananas,Peanut Butter and Honey.

    The day went good,I did'nt feel as lethargic as before.Maybe this is because I've ben eating slighty more carbs??I've read other people have also been experiencing Lethargy with Anabolic Pump.Hopefully I this side effect wears off as I continue taking the product.

  13. Is AP giving you da ****z???

  14. Quote Originally Posted by AtownKing187 View Post
    Is AP giving you da ****z???
    Not at all.

    I think it's helping in some weird way.I've been regular as f*** since starting AP.

    It's like I'm taking that Metamucil stuff.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Wordz_Worf View Post
    Not at all.

    I think it's helping in some weird way.I've been regular as f*** since starting AP.

    It's like I'm taking that Metamucil stuff.
    Hmmm...odd a lot of ppl are getting the extreme ****s while on it...but they go away after like a week or 2

  16. Been slacking on this log for a few days.....Let me get back on course here

    2/15/2007 6TH DAY

    This was an off/Cardio day.

    Took my AP/PowerFULL as usual.

    The Cissus I took at the new dose of 3/4 tsp(1980 mgs) x 4 a day.

    Ate pretty clean,did 45 minutes of slow paced Cardio.Felt pretty good overall.

    Checked my weight,it was still around 205,but I look a little bit leaner,hopefully this is the AP working and starving the body fat while helping muscle gain.

  17. 2/16/2007 7TH DAY

    Lifting day today....but I did'nt hit the weights.I did'nt feel up to it.Just was'nt in the mood.Felt kinda strange,don't know why.I slept in for a few extra hours instead of getting up early like I normally do.

    I still took all my supps at the usual times except for the AP which I took later in the day since I did'nt get up as early for breakfast.

  18. 2/17/2007 8TH DAY

    Since I had skipped lifting the day before,I decided to lift today.

    I was expecting a package from NutraPlanet.I had ordered their MASS PUMP Stack,bulk Leucine and Bulk Taurine.Also I order a small tub of GMS to try out.

    I was anxious to try the stuff before workout,so I postponed my weight session until after the package arrived.It arrived around 2;30 PM.

    I had already taken 1 AP and 1 dose of PowerFULL+Cissus.

    Around 3;30PM I took my 2nd dose of AP and ate my pre-workout meal.

    I wish the package had arrived early so i could have worked out earlier and kept all my carbs in the first part of my day,but oh well.

    About an hour and half later,I took my usual pre-workout PowerFULL(2 caps)+ Cissus.Also I took 2 grams of AEE,CM,Taurine & GMS.Also took 2/5 grams CEE and some Green Tea Extract.All the buk powders mixed tasted like crap,but it's not that big of a deal.Just as long as they work.

    Boy did those new supps work! The pumps were ****ing insane and the weights felt ligh as hell.I really like NP's MassPump Stack along with the Taurine,GMS and PowerFULL/Cissus.

    15 minutes before teh end of my W.O,I took my 3rd dose of AP and downed my usual shake,this time with the addtion of 10 grams of bulk L-Leucine.

    40 minutes later I had some Oats,Bananas,Skim Milk and PB.

    Before bed I took ZMA,then 30 mins. later I took the Cissus,PowerFULL and GABA.

    Overall a pretty good day.****ed up my carb routine by eating them later in the day,but it's O.K.Hopefully it won't happen again.

  19. 2/18/2007 9TH DAY

    Cardio day but skipped it.

    Was kinda busy and decided not to do any exercising.

    Took my AP/Cissus/PowerFULL at usual times.

    I had no soreness from yesterday's workout.Was suprised when I woke up.I expected to be in some pain considered how hard I hit the weights.The AP/PFull/Cissus seems to be working.

    The additional 10 grams of Leucine in my post W.O shake probably helped alot to.

  20. 2/19/2007 10TH DAY

    Lifting day.Everything went as usual.

    Took my AP/PowerFULL/Cissus at usual times.

    Workout supplementation was the same as the last lifting day minus the GMS. I wanted to see how the pumps were minus it.Were still pretty good,but not as good as last lifting session.It definitely seems to help.

    Post workout supplementtation was the same as last lifting day.

    My after W.O meal was slightly unhealthier.I had a big Roast Beef sub on french bread with Cheese.

    Took my ZMA,waited 30 mins. then took my PFull/Cissus/GABA.

  21. 2/20/2007 11TH DAY

    Cardio Day.

    Took supplements as usual.

    Did 45 minutes of slow paced cardio while listening to my MP3 player.Music definitely helps pass the time.

    Nutrition was pretty clean.Overall a good day.

  22. 2/21/2007 12TH DAY

    Well,I decided to bump up my Cissus dose to 3x3 a day.

    Day went pretty usual.Woke up on time.Had a nice healthy breakfast.

    For pre-workout,I used a sample of this stuff called GARBAGE Performance Beverage.

    Drink Garbage

    I requested a sample in a thread asking for reviews on BB.COM.

    Other then that,everything was as usual.The workout was OK.The GARABE contains some stimulants.I felt a little bit more energized.The pumps were pretty good.GARBAGE contains some volumizers also.

    Post workout supplementation was as usual.

    Post workout meal was Oats,Bananas,Skim Milk,PB.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by AtownKing187 View Post
    Hmmm...odd a lot of ppl are getting the extreme ****s while on it...but they go away after like a week or 2
    Yeah,I read a few threads on this.

    Sounds like a pretty sh***y side effect,lol.

    Glad I havent had it yet.Hopefully I don't.


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