Syntrax Nectar: apple ecstasy

This is just a quick review of my experiences:

I have gone through a lot of whey protein isolate, like Natrures Way IsoPure and Scitec's IsoFruit (3 jugs of the isopure, a whole bunch of samples of IsoFruit). A week ago, i bought a jug of Nectar in the Apple flavor which is my favorite.

It mixes very easily and tastes just fine in water (its not like its liquid candy, but its good), with a simple butter knife, fork, spoon, etc. It has made reaching my daily intake of protein much easier, as it takes not more than a minute to mix and drink it down.

As a side note, I always have appetite problems the day after a good workout. This means I really have no appetite or desire for food, which obviously is a problem to a developing athlete. However, when I started with the Nectar, it solved that problem rather quickly, and made me able to eat all I wanted for the next few hours...and to prolong this effect, I kept taking it throughout the day. It makes it really easy to get an extra 100g of protein each day.

The price is decent, considering it is 36 servings @ 23g protein each serving.

I bought this with my own money, and I have no affiliation or contact with syntrax.