My new Superdrol Cycle log!

  1. My new Superdrol Cycle log!

    Whats up everyone! I've been a member for a wile now and have just enjoyed searching for all the answers I need instead of posting stupid questions. Anyways Down to the biz... In about 3 days I will be starting a new bulk cycle using Superdrol. I have run a four week PP cycle before with great results, but have heard that superdrol is a little harsher but comes with better results. So here is my layout plan, I've got a much better plan and support line up this time, and all supplements are already in had. I just want to know if I need to tweak it or if I've left anything out.

    *Support sups for Entire cycle including 7 day preload through PCT

    Cycle support
    Fish oils 1g 3 times day
    Flax oils 1g 3 times day
    Cissus Rx 1200mg" "
    Taurine 2000mg " "
    Vitamin pack in morning including mineral/vit C/Bee pollen/vit a&D/b-100/vit e

    On Cycle 3 week
    *Support sups
    Nettle root 800mg 2 times day
    Potassium Banana bf workout
    Superdrol 10/20/20

    Pct 4 week

    *Support sups
    Activate 1600mg/day
    Fenugreek 610mg/day
    Nolva 40/30/20/10 ???
    Rebound reloaded 10/20/30/40???

    DHEA 50mg 3 times day

    That about sums up the sups... Im going for a 4000+ calorie intake. My diet is great right now I just have to up the calories quite a bit. I gained and kept about 15 pounds on th pp cycle 10 months ago puting me at 175. Im hoping for at least another 15 pounds to hit 190 and cut down for summer time to 8% fat right now Im at about 16%. So hopfully this cycle will help lower that body fat alittle for the up and coming cut. I will try to log everything I can, considering it will probably help me stay on track better. ohh and my work out rutine...

    MaxOT style
    Monday: back
    Dead lifts-warmup/accumulation 3 sets
    max- 275 2-sets 4-6 reps
    Wide grip polldowns- 160 2-set 4-6 reps
    bent over bar rows- 155 2-set 4-6
    dumbell row- 75 2-sets 4-6
    close grip polldown 180 1-set 4-6

    Tuesday: Chest/shoulders
    Incline-warmup/acumulation 3 sets
    max- 160 2-sets 4-6
    bench- 215 2-sets 4-6
    weighted dips- 55 2-sets 4-6
    dumbell press- 60 2-sets 4-6
    military press- 120 1-set 4-6
    side lat raises- 32.5 2-sets 6-8
    rear lat raises- 25 2-sets 6-8

    Wensday: Rest

    Thursday: Legs/Calfs
    Squat-warmup/accumulation 3 sets
    max- 265 2-sets 4-6 (yea legs need some work)
    Leg press- 500 2-sets 4-6
    stiff leg deads- 265 2 sets 4-6 (acc set before)
    seated calfs- 100 2 sets 12-15
    standing calfs- 300 2 sets 12-15(use that funky squat machine)

    Friday: Rest

    Saturday: Bies/Tris
    Warm/acc 3 sets each alturnation between bi and tri on each set
    Alturnating db curls- 45 2-sets 4-6
    lyinng tri extentions- 80 2-sets 4-6
    straight bar curls- 90 2-sets 4-6
    Polly rope overhead ext- 150 2-sets 4-6(don't know what exercise is called but it kills my it)
    Hammer curls- 45 1-set 4-6
    Overhead dumb ext- 32.5 1-set 4-6

    Sunday: Off

    Give me some opinions people....I'll post my diet up maybe tommarow if I have time. I work all weekend and go to school full time so my days a packed pretty tight.

  2. Anyone have anysuggestions, additions, things to change for this I'm starting the cycle tomarrow and think I'm fully preped and ready to go. I'm posting diet tomarrow, I've got the day off work.

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