has anyone used Androstenetrione powder?

  1. has anyone used Androstenetrione powder?

    i really want something that minmizes the risk of gyno and estrogen build right now while im taking my phera plex and halodrol....i'm not having any problems so far but of course would like to keep it that way...ive put on 15 pounds so far in 2 1/2 weeks....i see on nutraplant that this powder is a best seller and i know a lot of people shop nutraplanet here, so i figured a lot of people take it on cycle, and just wondered if my bull**** asumption was correct lol and if so how does it work or is there something better?

  2. the smell is crazy, I dont even know how to describe it to you.
    suggestion for you is to cap it if you cant take the smell or the taste.

  3. haha oh alright good to know....but it is effective?

  4. Yes it works. It's 6OXO. So, it works like 6OXO (mild anti-e).

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