1. Adipokinetix

    Initial thougts:
    Let me start by saying I have a very high tolerence to stims. I've been low carb/cal for a couple of weeks, so my energy levels are down. I took my first dose around 4:30, after a full day of work. I started with 2, but added one more right before I hit the door at about 5:15. Workout was great, I'm using PW and AP which both contribute to that. When I started cardio at around 6:15 I was jacked. Very smooth, no jitters or rapid heart beat it seemed. It is now 7:00 and I am still lit, a very nice almost high feeling. First doses are usually the best and then they fade. I may alternate with something else or run daily and see. A big thumbs up today.

  2. Might even make for a big thumbs up tonight to if it last as long as most stims do with me. I never dose that much stims past 5 unless I'm expecting to be up for a while.

  3. I hear you. I usually feel them for 5-6 hours, not usually a big problem. It's 8:00 now I'm still feeling "up". I't a real light buzz though, very easy. I may take some YN for fun

  4. Update:
    Took 3 this morning at around 6:00 AM. I didn't feel the energy like the first time but, I'm busy at work and may have just 'overlooked' it for lack of a better term. It's not an overpowering feeling like stimx or e/c. My second dose at 3 PM really picked me up. Slight buzz, head tingle. I should be at the gym for 5:30 or 6, cardio at 6:30 or 7, so we'll se how it stands up. Also, this stuff wrecked my appetite Friday.

  5. Update:
    Sorry I haven't reported, but there hasn't been alot going on. I'm 3 weeks in now, and the effects are somewhat diminished. Appetite suppression is now average at best. At 4 caps per dose, energy is still very clean and not shaky. It is quite subtle. My weight loss has been decent but, my diet and training have been really good and I'm using AP. I still have a week or so left but as of right now, I would grade this as just another average fatburner.



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