The Rock's MassFX and Hyperdrol Conclusion

  1. The Rock's MassFX and Hyperdrol Conclusion

    :woot: Guys this has been a cool adventure,it being my first real log,(I tried really hard and learned alot) being with the company I am with,learning new things,and putting on some good solid size!I just want to say I ain't fancy guys,I am country and I keep things simple,i try to always be honest and I am getting ready to do just that,this is my conclusion:

    First we will go into the gains,my beginning weight was 215lbs and my weight right now is 218lbs.I know what you are thinking,man that's only 3 lbs,well here's the best part,I lost 2% body fat too,at my current weight that would mean I gained 7.3lbs of muscle,thats 4.3 for 2% of 215lbs and the 3 lbs of upsizing.I have also not eat today so that is dry weight.That is a pretty good gain not to be hormonal,you can't beat that man no way.I mean 7lbs is a good gain I think,and my body comp is much better.I have one last pic,I call it my end pic,it shows the changes in my shoulders and chest,for me this has been a really good look into AX.

    Second ,sides,well the only bad side I got was a little bit of acne,mainly on my chest.It never broke out into full blown acne,but i had a small acne break out none the less(have to keep it honest).I took my Super B Complex and it cleared up in 4 days,back to normal no scarring.

    Good Sides,man you straight get a hole body pump on this stuff,I mean it kinda feels like energy in a way,but more of a mind set.You get like an all day rush or something,I can't hardly explain it,you feel like an animal,and you do have increased aggression(this will be a bad side for some).You fel really strong,and I know I went a little further rep wise than I would have gone without the push,and it is always pushing you,always.You just feel so good,all day,and the pumps are killer.Once you get a pump you keep it for hours,and you can bring it back anytime,just pose a little and BAM! it's back.

    So my final conclusion is this stuff rocks,It rocks so hard I got another cycle sitting here beside me.I may stack something else in this one IDK,the possibilities are endless with this stuff.If you guys have any questions I will be more than glad to answer.

    The H_Rock
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  2. Nice summary, convinced me to give the combo a try

  3. Thanks for the review buddy!

  4. NP wasn't hard,this stuff is easy to talk about,if you want something that is really intense so you know it's working,than this is it.

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