FATality (Armageddon Stack +)

  1. Talking FATality (Armageddon Stack +)

    Height: 5'6"
    Bodytype: Endo
    Weight: 204
    BF: Last time was about 17%

    Scorched (time to time)

    BaseLine Supps-
    Fish Oil
    Mass Stack

    Inital Thoughts:
    - DCP: Damn its a big bottle then Damn those are big caps
    - AP: its Yellow
    _ I've been on Camp for about 2 weeks now... sleep very well with the ZMA
    * Any additional comment and suggestion will be welcome*


  2. One thing I can note is that AP makes u hungry ( I can eat a horse, deer, bison)

    _ I dont feel any pumps just yet (Day 2)
    _ I feel a little tired today I dont know if its the DCP...
    Taking AP 1morn,Pre,Post
    DCP 2-3x a day
    cAMP- 3 b4 bed

  3. Looks like you are the first....Subscribed
    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve
    Flawless Skin Couture - We give you the tools to make you Flawless

  4. I should be getting mine soon Dsade, if this don't work we need to take drastic measures

  5. I have my pocket knife and garden hose...
    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve
    Flawless Skin Couture - We give you the tools to make you Flawless

  6. I have the sump pump!

  7. Thanks.. I saw the reviews on AP and I had to try it... I dont think I'm taking in enough carbs... I guess I'm alittle gun shy on them...

  8. You'll definitely want to take advantage of the carb-partitioning effects of AP with this stack...

    relax and live a little, let DCP be your safety net.
    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve
    Flawless Skin Couture - We give you the tools to make you Flawless

  9. Diet So far

    Meal One
    1 cup of Grits
    2 egg whites 1 whole eggs
    1 banana

    Meal 2
    Whole Wheat Sandwich
    4oz of Turkey

    Meal 3
    4 oz of Tilipa
    1 cup of broc

    Meal 4
    Same as 2

    1 nana
    protein shake

    Post Workout
    1 1/2 cup whole wheat pasta
    With Red Sauce
    4 oz of Lean Beef

    Meal 5
    6 oz of Chick
    Salad with 2 tbs low fat dressing

    Meal 6
    2 Scoops of Blended Protein

  10. maybe add some brown rice to your diet...i love eating brown rice/chicken good complex carbs and if u r sick of chicken its a new way to eat it

  11. I will have a better diet..NEXT WEEK, I had to work with what I had in house... wasn't pay week

  12. Yesterday I felt pretty wiped out:

    It was an off day from the gym so went home and took a nap.. Felt much better when I wake up.

    - WoW:::: I feel leaner and I think I'm looking leaner...
    - I still dont feel any pumps but who cares if I'm getting leaner with out losing my muscle..

    1:00 PM-- Fell better than yesterday.. will start to post my workout today..
    _ Still a little sleepy but Ive been taking Scorched 1 every two hours instead of 3 at one time.. it seems to help...
    _ I'm hungry every TWO HOURS.. DANG>>> I can't get enough..

  13. Loooook a little leaner... Weight still the same... no biggie

    AP seems to work so far.. i see improvements and it hasn't been a week.. .
    DCP I dont feel much from it... No warming feeling--- I'm taking 2 caps 3x... I really dont have to feel it but if works it works... But 2/2 workout .. i sweat like a pig.. I LOVE TO SWEAT... Makes me feel like I'm doing something...

  14. Workout for the next 6 weeks

    Strenght and Hyperthrophy Training

    Heavy Upper Body

    BenchPress 6*3
    T-Bar Row 6*3
    Shoulder press 5*5
    Pull ups 5*5
    Skull Crusher 3*5
    Barbell Curls 3*5

    Light Lower Body

    Single leg Ext 3*15
    Lying Leg Curls 3*15
    Lunges 2*15
    Calf Raises (hack machine) 3*20
    Crunches Failure 3sets

    Light Upper Body

    Incline BP 3*15
    DB rows 3*15
    DB Side Lat Raises 3*15
    Wide Grip Pull Down 3*15
    Preacher curls (single arm) 2*15
    OH DB Press 2*15

    Heavy Lower Body

    Squats 6*4
    Rack Deadlifts 10-2 =5sets
    Stiff legged Deadlefts 3*6
    Standing Calf Raises 5*5
    Haning leg Raises 3*8


  15. Quote Originally Posted by dazilla View Post
    But 2/2 workout .. i sweat like a pig.. I LOVE TO SWEAT... Makes me feel like I'm doing something...
    There is that DCP Sweat I love to see so much.
  16. Cool


    My have had alittle too much fun... at the superbowl party and I'm paying for it today... I really just want to go to sleep right now and today is heavy upperbody... I guess I will have another cup of coffee.. Hopefully I will wake up or shake it off..

  17. Monday Workout

    -SM BP
    205*3 for 2 sets
    225*3 for 2 sets====TOTAL 6 sets

    T-Bar Row
    3plates *3 for 2 sets
    4plates *3 for 4 sets

    Shoulder Press
    115*5 for 3sets
    135*5 for 2sets

    Pull up
    bw*5 for 5sets

    Rope Ex
    52 * 5 for 2 sets

    Barbell Curls
    115*5 for 2 sets

    i'm starting to cramp more now..

  18. Light Legs

    Single leg ext
    55*15 for 3 sets

    Lying leg curls
    55*15 for 2 sets

    50*15 for 2 sets

    Calf Raises (hack Squats)
    4plates * 20 for 2 sets
    6plates *15

    Cruches 3sets to failure

    The cramping happen from time to time.. Really Sweating .. i took dcp and forgot put on D.O and i got a little funky with not much movement. So DCP really does raise body temp... AP I see my back leaning out. Im not reponding as fast to AP as most people i see little changes but its only day 9


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