HELP! Animal Advice

  1. HELP! Animal Advice

    I'm about to start mass cycle ..... I'm 44 .... I'm interested in trying some Universal products ..... with a splash of some others .... Please look and any advice would be DEEPLY appreciated!

    Animal Pump pre-workout with Storm as my volumizer or go with Shock Therapy/Storm stack? I've used CellMass as a volumizer and like it but I just wanted advice from previous Universal users .... Appears Universal/Animal products are most cost-effective - that is, if they work.

    Also .... Animal Pak as my multi or do I go with something a little less complicated?

    BCAA2000 or Animal Nitro? Is there that much difference between the two ...????

    Given my age, do I go with a Tribulus supp or can I go with ZMA? Is either necessary ....

    Real Gains? Any better than ProComplex from ON or BSN's TrueMass???

    Thanks, in advance to all those who share their expertise ....
    When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this - you haven't.

    - Thomas Edison

  2. Animal Pump is more like a pill version of the Storm/Shock Therapy stack so I will say either Animal Pump or the Storm/Shock Therapy. Animal Pump already has creatine, stacking it with Storm will be overkill, IMHO. The grape flavor of Storm and Shock Therapy is preferred. BTW, the red pill in Animal Pump is the energy complex. If you work out at night or simply do not want that much stimulants, you can leave it out.

    Animal Pak is a very popular multivitamin. Some people use NOW Adam. I bought it but haven't tried it yet. I took GNC Mega Men before and I am currently using Nature's Way Alive.

    BCAA2000 is a BCAA only supplement while Animal Nitro is an EAA which includes BCAA. Which one to take depends on your goal, I think. Some say BCAA for cutting and EAA for bulking. I personally like Animal Nitro. For BCAA, I use Excell by Anabolic Innovations.

    I have used tribulus and ZMA before but I did not notice much difference. However ZMA really helped me sleep with vivid dreams. You may give them a try.

    Real Gains is a good weight gainer and I am using the chocolate now. Another good one is Cytogainer.

    Just my 2 cents.

  3. Thank you so very much for your input ....

    I tried the Animal Pump for the first time today .... Chest/Tricep workout ..... Triceps were poppin .... Chest was so-so .... but had plenty of energy and had a very good sweat by the time we were done ......

    I chose the BCAA 2000 just to give them a try ... I've never supplemented with BCAAs before ... Just wanted to give it a whirl ....

    I bought the Universal N-1T to experiment with ... I've used ZMA with decent results ... No vivid dreams but solid sleep ....

    Once again, I appreciate your input .... Won't be easy, but that's the challenge .... At my age - I'm trying to keep it simple .... but with all the dang pills I took this a.m. - I thought I was gonna go toss 'em ...... It will be interesting to see what happens ....

  4. I agree with what ultraman said. I've had nothing but great results from animal pak, animal nitro, and animal pump. The Animal Nitro is, in my opinion, the best amino acid product out there, and it always seems to put a few pounds on me, or harden me up when i'm cutting. Even though some people hate the whole "animal" marketing scheme, I personally support a company that advocates hardcore training, whether they practice it or not.

  5. From someone who is in marketing ..... Animal's marketing folks or firm should get HUGE kudos for their branding .... I agree with HardtotheCore .... I support a company that advocates hard core training ....

  6. yea the animal line products provide great motivation in additon to the nutritional benefits


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