Joebo's Clear Edge Review

  1. Joebo's Clear Edge Review

    Clear Edge

    Clear Edge™ is a stimulant-free, scientifically-advanced energy and mental focus formula designed specifically for those that participate in activities that require full concentration for extended periods of time. Clear Edge contains an advanced blend of new and exciting ingredients that can help increase mental and physical energy, improve focus and short term memory, decrease reaction time, eliminate fatigue, and lessen stress.

    Test #1
    Taken with:Somewhat empty stomach with morning coffee
    Condition:A bit tired, def not mentally with it today.

    *Will dose 3 pills to gauge its effectiveness.
    *Will post back in an hour or two with update

    Been about 1.5hrs since i dosed at 3 pills. I do feel more alert and able to concentrate better. I can def tell the product has helped with my overall feeling. 3 pills I believe is too small of a dose for me, so i will bump it up to 4-6 next time i dose. From a low dose thisi seems to be a good mixture. Wednesdays are my pool league nights, so i will def test the concentration factor.

    TEST #1 Result
    Based on my low dose I'll give the product a B+. I have no doubt that with a proper dose, this will be an A or A+.

  2. Bumpage?
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  3. He's dead Dsade...You killed him.

  4. He has tried to kill all his testers off. I think its the DCP. I'm just harder to kill than some

  5. He in fact succeeded in killing me but my soul was linked through wifi to the internet.

  6. Ha!! Now I know you are HAVE no soul.
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  7. This was the one I stole from the last tester. It was slighly used but it smelled nice.

  8. Guess I didn't update here. I had it updated in NP's forum. Have had the flu for the past week or more, so i've been dormant. I'll cut and paste from NP's forum

  9. Test #2
    Condition:Tired, mentally cloudy.

    *Dosed 2 pills on drive to work and followed that up with 2 pills 40 min later. Just trying some different dosing schemes to see what works best for me.
    *Will post back in an hour or two with update

    Upadate: This product without a doubt helps with focus and clarity. Work day goes much smoother and with much less of that tired blurr. Solid product and will def continue to use it on an as need basis. Curious to see its effects in the evening hours tomorrow while playing pool. Great product Dsade.

  10. Test 3 kinda fell apart. The team we were scheduled to play on wednesday night is no longer in the league so it was a forfeit. I shot a few games, and not sure if it was the product or just an odd occurance, but it seemed to make me over sensitive to light which in pool is def not always a good thing. This wednesday i'll be trying it out again to see for sure.

  11. Test #4
    Where: Pool Hall
    Condition:Bit tired

    *This will be tonite and really the reason I wanted to test the product. Will update tomorrow morning or late tonite with the results

    I feel this product just doesn't work in this particular situation. I think it does a great job at keeping you alert and giving you focus, but for me I notice it seems to amplify lighting intensity and shadowing which really affected my games last night. I will continue to use it as a booster for the work day, but will not use again prior to shooting pool. My games got consistantly worse as the dose started working. Took right before play time. First game I ran the table off of break. Every game got worse and worse and ended up losing the match.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    Interesting, you are the first person to report this.

    As far as pool...are you sure you just don't...suck?
    It could just be some odd coincidence, but my first game at which i played about 5 min after dosing, I ran the table. Games got progressively worse and was missing shots that would typically NEVER miss. Not a knock on the product at all, since it def does what its supposed to, just doesn't work for me in this situation. It just seems to throw my game off. In all other aspects the product has been excellent for me. I also seem to get bad headaches about 2 hrs after dosing and have a pounding one the next morning. However, after taking some advil it goes away and doesn't come back.

  13. Today is really my first day feeling somewhat normal after having this ****ty flu thats going around. I will continue to use Clear Edge during the work day as needed and update when I do. Any insight on the horrible headache would be greatly appreciated. I will also be starting my lipo/rk log today as well. Gonna go snap some 'gut' shots now...


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