1. X-Mass/SD/Prostan/Mega-Zol?

    OK, so here goes...and yes, I'm looking for help (and thanking you all in advance):

    Looking to start an X-Mass/Superdrol stack at about the middle of next month (hell of a Valentine's Day present to myself, huh?), and I have quite a few questions, along with some ideas I was kicking around, seeing as how I've been browsing some of the logs available (Fritzer and Pitbull come to mind).

    Some stats/history: I'm 39, 6'3", 310 lbs at 19.5% BF, coming off a layoff from the gym, an ex-NFL practice-squad tight end (Philadelphia Eagles), as well as pro basketball overseas (Australia and Italy). 17 years on-and-off experience in the gym, and this will be my first PS/PH cycle since 2002.


    Long-term: 345-350 lbs at 10-12% bodyfat, since I do security work at night (I'm a nursing aide by day), and also bounce at several "hot" nightclubs on the weekends, so remaining at well over 300 lbs is definitely a priority for me.

    Short-term: gaining 14-20 lean pounds on this cycle, while keeping sides to a minimum; smart post cycle therapy.

    Will I keep/post a log?: Most definitely!!

    My idea: start off with X-mass (I have three bottles), bridge with Prostanozol or Mega-Zol, and then move to Superdrol. How should I do this and at what dosages, keeping in mind my weight and goals?

    Support Supps while on cycle: E-form, fenugreek, Cycle Support by Anabolic Innovations, Novedex XT, taurine.

    PCT: Was thinking either Tamoxifen or Toremifene (thank God for "research chemical" sites), Rebound XT? Clomid, various test boosters, Paravol (gotta keep all my ladies happy, if ya know what I mean).

    OK, since I'm a newbie to this board, I'm expecting to be "thrown to the wolves"...so fire away! Thanks again in advance for any and all help! I refuse to go into this blindly.

  2. I am doing a almost similar without the superdrol, check out my log I am up 13 lbs in 21 days xmass,tst,zol and halo

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