Hyperdrol/MassFX/Anabolic Pump 8wks

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  1. Day 16 202.5

    This went well. I started out evenly and got a little hypo but not like yesterday and two handfulls of marshmellows took care of it.
    My weights remained nearly identical to the previous routine of the same. My energy was even. Recovery between sets was fast but other than that I would call it a good workout. I had very full muscles but my pace seemed a little off.

    Wednesdays have been a real challenge for me in the past, to the point of sometimes just taking them off to rest. So, that I had an overall positive ranking on this workout, is an improvement.

    A quick note: I intend to post before and after measurements of key areas but not until I am done but I will say that tonights measurement of bodypart worked equaled the largest (large is good here) that I have measured there to date.

    Sorry the smileys are not working....................... .

  2. Day 17 202

    Ok, today was very nice. I did not take the NoXplode (and interestingly, no hypo effect) but instead at noon I took StimulantX and this did the trick for keeping the energy coming preworkout. My workout was steady, solid, quick recovery between sets and good concentration. My volume remained the same and early in the workout my max lifts matched those previous to this post cycle therapy, in the later half a couple if the maxs dropped off.

    I am starting SuperCissus tonight to help with some slight shoulder pain.

    I have moved the last dose of MassFX to just before bed so that all four servings are evenly spaced out during my waking hours. The other supps are all taken either just prior to food (AP) or with one of three MAIN meals (breakfast lunch dinner).

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  3. nice to know we figured out the possible hypo problem!

    now lets get some GAINS!

  4. Day 18 Off Normal supp regime

    Day 19 Snowmobile cardio , this time I had others to take care of so my actual time I could rate as cardio was about 40 mins. Though we were there and active for several hours.

    Day 20 Off


  5. Day 21 202.5

    This was a real good workout. I took no pre-workout energy supps today, this is the first time in a long time that I was able to that. I would say that it took a little of the edge off of the intensity, but I am really happy that this stack is both feeding me in such a way and working in a way that my energy feels steady and normal throughout the day. Also, the "pump" was really great, and this is something that seems to be the norm for this stack because when I look at my log I see in my impressions notes that I have been consistantly noting great pumps. Drive is way up but what seems to be vascilating is pace, sometimes I can't reset weights quickly enough (good in my book) and sometimes I wait even after resetting a little longer. This particular workout, I matched my heaviest movements of prior maxs, and beat some numbers in one movement, while falling short in another. I have been moving some standard movements around in the order and this seems to effect either volume or max rep achieved depending on how early or late in the workout I hit it. But, this really keeps the muscle guessing (I know lol) and seems to keep me improving.


  6. improvement is ALL we can ever ask for!!

    where exactly are you that you have ALL this snow?

  7. macedaddy improvement is ALL we can ever ask for!!

    where exactly are you that you have ALL this snow?
    In the mountains of northern Idaho. This is actually a six month sport for me most years, though due to the shear madness of this year I will only get to enjoy three months maybe a little of four (depending on spring snows). I really can't describe it , it is so beautiful and intense all at once but I do have a web site that I keep active from when I used to make and sell parts, the wallpaper of which are some pictures that I have taken when out riding. You can see those at r u s h m f g dot c o m ( I spaced them so that it would appear of course dot means "." and you would have to eliminate the spaces cuz I don't know how to create the link).

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    absolutely breathtaking!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by macedaddy View Post

    absolutely breathtaking!
    That about sums it up !

  10. how was that mass fx hardgain, i'm gonna go on pct in a couple weeks and i'm thinkin about addin it to my stack, u think it would be worth it?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Gstyle24 View Post
    how was that mass fx hardgain, i'm gonna go on post cycle therapy in a couple weeks and i'm thinkin about addin it to my stack, u think it would be worth it?
    The jury is still out IMO. I just started week three of PCT after a fairly intense hormone/steroid regime so my results/adapting/recovering/ normalizing is still ongoing. As to strength, I have lost none and some movements are still going up. As to LBM, I have lost none yet I appear to be recomping, albeit slow, it is happening. I am unable, at this time, to attribute this to any one of my stack here in particular but rather have to give credit at this time to the group regime as a whole.

    Negative sides: Still getting pimples (which is NOT normal for me) Farting a lot.

    Sorry, if not conclusive enough for you.

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  12. yeah i getcha, its cool... but it did work for u so that must be good

  13. Day 22 202.5

    This was a difficult workout. As previous I took no pre-workout stims and think that this was my problem today. The weights felt extra heavy, and I took along time getting "into it". I was off my max a little a first and volume down but by the end I was maitaining max and volume of movements. But, not real happy cuz, I was not able to increase any movement but one.

    I'll do StimX tomorrow at noon.


  14. you'll like stim X!

  15. Quote Originally Posted by macedaddy View Post
    you'll like stim X!
    You'll notice that I did it last week, once. It really tweaks me out so the most I can take is two servings in the same week, but it is an even/steady type of energy. When I take it at noon it lasts till about 8PM.

  16. Day 23 Off/Rest

  17. Day 24 202
    Two StimX today at noon, steady energy until late. Nothing new or special to report. Good staying power and focus.

  18. Day 25 Off/ Preparation for day 26 trip

    Day 26 Snowmobile Cardio ! I was out from 9AM to 5PM, so 3-4 hours of great cardio !

    Day 27 Off/ Sunday


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