Rodja's Redemption and Return

  1. Rodja's Redemption and Return

    In the aftermath of New Years and my atrocity, training has been a difficult task, both emotionally and physically. I have paid for my mistake and I am ready to refocus my energy into training and dieting. My endeavor into MMA is still my primary concern, so lifting is only a portion of my concerns. I am about 8 weeks into a 5x5 program and I have tinkered with it several times, but I found a routine that fits my goals and allows for enough recovery. Basically I have two routines:
    1A. Incline BP, Squats, BB Rows, Biceps, Core
    1B. Flat DB Press, Front Squats, One-Arm Rows, Biceps, Core
    2A. Deads, Military Press, Cleans, Triceps, Core
    2B. SLDL, Hammer Strength Shoulder Press, Cleans, Triceps, Core

    I lift Mon, Wed, Fri and it follows this order: 1A, 2A, 1B, 2B, lather, rinse, repeat. I do it like this so I stagger which muscle groups get more volume each week.

    My overall regimen is:
    Mon - Lift, cardio
    Tues - BJJ, Muay Thai
    Wed - Lift, cardio
    Thur - BJJ, Muay Thai
    Fri - Lift, cardio
    Sat - BJJ
    Sun - off

    I also do about 15-20 minutes of flexibility exercises on each day that I lift, which I feel helps my recovery and maintains my elasticity for pulling off submissions.

  2. Today was the 1B workout and it did not go as well as I had hoped. My strength was down across the board, but I still did my sets.
    Flat DB Press - 75x5
    DB Rows - 100x5
    Front Squats - 205x5
    Hammer Curls - 50x5 (3 sets)
    Core - trunk rotations, crunches, hanging leg raises

    I am trying to get back to my pre-Thanksgiving strength level, which is the point where I felt my strongest ever.

  3. Nice looking training routine, you taking any supps that will assist in your redemption?

  4. I am taking SesaThin and protein right now. I will add Na-R-ALA, BCAA's, Anagen, Fenotest, and TTA in the next few weeks. I will post when I start taking these and the amounts.

  5. cool, looking foward to it. I'm going to hop on and ride.

  6. Good luck

  7. Today was 2B and I also started taking Anagen, Fenotest, Clen, and Burn3D. Dosing is 4 caps, 4 caps, 100mcg, and 6 caps, respectively.

    My lifts for today were:
    SLDL - 245x5
    HS Press - 105x5
    Cleans - 165x6 (3 sets)
    Overhead DB Extension - 35x5 (2 sets)
    Core - Hyperextensions, crunches, planks

    Strength was only slightly down from my best numbers and my cardio today was great (considering the lackluster weather conditions). I ran 3.5 miles in 28 minutes and half was hills or into a 25 mph wind. Soreness has been lingering longer than usual and I am waiting for my BCAA's and AP to arrive in the mail. I will start these on Monday at 25g/day and 3 caps.

  8. Forgot to update last night, but I did my cardio in the morning, but my time was slightly worse than on Monday (30 minutes). Lifts were pretty good, but nothing spectacular.

    Squats - 275x5
    BB Rows - 245x5
    Incline BP - 150x5
    BB Curls - 95x5 (3 sets)
    Core - trunk rotations, weighted crunches

    I am gaining my strength and size back at a consistent rate and I hope to be back to my old numbers within the next month. I am recomping at a slightly faster rate than I expected, but I am certainly not *****ing about that. I have BJJ and conditioning today and then it will be time to watch UFN.

  9. Friday was 2A.
    Deads- 350x5; I could only do 4 sets b/c my back was way too tight
    Military Press - 145x5
    Side Laterals - 35x6 (3sets)
    Overhead DB Ex - 35 (3sets)
    Core - Trunk rotations, Hypers, Weighted Crunches

    I had to scratch cleans because my lower back was fried. I have been staying at GF's apt lately and her bed has a divot in it and my back has been very cranky because of it. Not debilitating, but annoying.

    BJJ on Saturday was awesome; easily the best session that I have ever had. I tapped 6 opponents and was only tapped once, which was to a purple belt with 8 years of experience (compared to my 6 months of training). I am finally learning to pull of armbars with good technique and from positions other than Vale Tudo mount. I caught one guy from guard, one from North/South, and one from the back (similar to Herman on Price the other day).

  10. Monday was 2B
    HS Flat Pres - 90x5
    DB Rows - 105x5
    Ballistic Lunges - 155x5
    Hammer Curls - 50x5 (2 sets)
    Core - Weighted Crunches, Woodchoppers.

    I started to feel really sick last night and I think that I getting tonsillitis; slept horribly, bloated, fever, but I am feeling a little better now. I doubt that I will go to BJJ, but who knows?

  11. Finally feeling healthy, I have a little congestion, but I feel good otherwise. I have switched up my training to my previous split. I like doing 5x5, but my recovery is compromised because of other training.

    Wednesday, I did Chest/Back

    Incline BP - 155x6, 155x5
    BB Rows - 245x6, 245x6
    Hammer Strength BP - 2 Plates x 6, 4
    Lat Pulldowns - 140x8, 155x6
    Dip Machine - 240x8, 240x8
    One-Arm Rows - 100x8, 100x8

  12. Today was Bis/Tris/Delts

    Hammer Strength Presses - 2 plates+5x8, 6
    BB Curls - 105x7, 5
    Overhead Extensions - 30x8, 8
    Side Laterals - 30x10, 10
    Hammer Curls - 50x5, 5
    Pushdowns - 90x10, 9
    Core - Weighted hypers, Trunk Twists, Weighted Crunches

    I have BJJ tomorrow morning, but I will take the weekend off otherwise. I started taking AP on Monday and I have noticed good vascularity. I have only had 2 workouts with it so far, so I am hesitant to make any judgments.

  13. Chest/Back

    HS Flat Press 2 platesx8, 7
    BB Rows 245x10, 10
    HS Incline 2 platesx8, 6
    Pulldowns 140x12, 150x8
    Dip Machine 240x10, 255x7
    HS Rows 3 platesx8, 8

    I felt great during this workout: awesome intensity, great focus, and a great pump. After I was done, however, it all went downhill. I picked up my GF and we went to her apt and found her dog dead. It was not a big dog, she was a pug, but I had to dig a grave for her, which took about an hour. I have spent most of the night consoling her even though I hated the dog.

  14. Legs

    It should be noted that this is the one area where I do NOT need to add more size. I have been systemically shrinking my thighs since last June and have gone from 30" to 27". It is just not possible to have thighs that large and weigh 170.

    Squats - 225x12, 12
    SLDL - 185x12, 12
    Unilateral Leg Press - 2 platesx10, 10
    Walking Lunges - 50 lbs in each hand x 12 steps, 12
    Core - Trunk Rotations, Weighted Crunches

    I have been leaning up at an extremely fast rate, especially since I added AP into my stack. I have not lost any muscle and my strength is close to its previous level. I usually use around 25g of BCAAs everyday, but I have not been able to afford my entire stack so I had to cut those.

  15. Friday was Arms/Delts

    Close-Grip BP - 185x8, 8
    HS Shoulder Press - 2 Platesx8, 8
    BB Curls - 105x6, 5
    Overhead Ex - 30x10, 10
    Side Lat - 30x10, 10
    Hammer Curls - 45x8, 8
    Pushdowns - 80x10, 90x8
    Core - Hypers

    Monday was Chest/Back

    Incline DB Press - 75x10, 10
    Cable Rows - 180x8, 8
    HS Press - 2 platesx8, 7
    Lat Pulldowns - 150x8, 8
    Dip Machine - 240x12, 270x10
    HS Rows - 3 platesx8, 8
    Core - Hypers

    I strained my lower back on Thursday during BJJ and I have walking like a cripple for the past few days. I have not been able to do much except lift so the cutting is kinda stagnant right now. I feel a lot better, but still not 100%.

  16. Legs

    Unilateral Leg Press/Leg Curl Superset - 2 plates/50 lbs 10 reps, 3 sets
    BB Lunges - 135lbs 8 per leg, 3 sets
    Front Squats - 185 lbs 10 reps, 3 sets

    I was short on time this day which is why I did the supersets. Lower back was feeling better, but still a little cranky.


    Close-Grip - 185x10, 10, 9
    HS Press - 2 platesx10, 10
    Campered Curls - 35 per side x 8, 7
    Overhead Ex - 30x12, 35x8
    Side Laterals - 30x12, 35x6
    Hammer Curls - 45x8, 8
    Pushdowns - 120x12, 130x10
    Rear Delt Fly - 120x10, 8
    Woodchoppers, Weighted crunches


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