My DCP on CKD log.

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  1. My DCP on CKD log.

    OK I have been on CKD now for 3 weeks and have lost 8 lbs so far. I started at 222 and am currently 214.
    My log will officially begin tomorrow as my DCP just came today. This is my 1st log and as a disclosure, it won't be as detailed as some of the others here. I will post my daily calories and macro breakdown, my weight, my workout info and my general thoughts and feelings daily.

    I have 22 days until my wedding and it is my goal to lose as much fat as possible while maintaining all muscle (don't we all wish!). I am actually willing to sacrifice a little strength and muscle to get ripped quick. We shall see

    my supps:
    Retain (I have been on it 2 weeks / will do 3 more weeks)
    green tea extract
    yohimbine hcl
    Basic Cuts
    dicreatine malate
    borage oil
    fish oil
    and misc. vitamins and minerals as needed

    I'll be doing a DC style training regimen that I've modeled after Glenihan's routine (mon,wed,fri on an "A" / "B" split) but with a few of my own twists.

    I am going to load the DCP for 4 days at 9 caps per day divided into 3 daily doses. I will be taking the rest of the supps listed throughout except I won't start the syneburn and the yohimbine hcl until dat 5 (when I drop the dcp dose to 6 per day)

    DCP will administered on an empty stomach along with 1/4 tsp ALCAR, 1/4 tsp GTE, 2.5mg yohimbine hcl, 1 syneburn cap, and 1 Basic Cuts pill with 1st two daily doses of DCP.

    Retain, Borage oil, Sesamin, fish oil will be taken with meals 1,3 and 5

    dicreatine malate 2g before and after W/O

    I'm getting yelled at by the fiance'... I'll be back to post more...

  2. Yesterday's macros, which will be indicative of my training days.

    Total cals: 2297 cals
    Fat: 118g 1065 48%
    Carbs: 17g 60 3%
    Protein: 274g 1096 49%

    Today's Macros, which will be indicative of my nontraining days

    Total cals: 2234
    Fat: 138g 1241 57%
    Carbs: 14g 42 2%
    Protein: 221g 883 41%

    I'll try to get some pics up later

    If anyone has any tips or pointers, I'm open to suggestions.

  3. Subscribed....I will be following.
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  4. Subscribed.
    DCP is going to become your new friend

    Now, let's see if I'm the only one that hasn't had any side-effects from DCP.

  5. I popped 3 Dcp 2.5 hours ago with a basic cuts just to kinda gauge my reaction to it and I did notice a side effect about 30 min later... It makes you feel kickass.. I am still feeling its effects.. I feel warm but not an uncomfortable warm feeling and I know what the others are talking about in terms of sweat. Not dripping sweat but the back of my neck is moist and as I sit here at my desk in my underwear, I am not cold. (Fiance' is all wrapped up in a blanket, how cute Judging by how tomorrow goes with the DCP, I may just throw in the Yo-hcl right away.

    Larry- I was thinking of doing the 1.5/1 ratio as it is what I read mostly about CKD but this is what has been effective in the past. How many cals do you take in daily at that ratio?

    I am feeling warm

  6. Here are some pics. I am not as fat and out of shape as these pics make me look.. Go easy on me fellas. I am in full blown ketosis right now and am feeling rather depleted. I was going to refeed on saturday but I may push that back now that I am on DCP... We shall see
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  7. Day 1

    body weight this am = 213. No cardio today as I'll be training with weights later.

    I took 3 dcp last night at around 9pm and slept no prob... nice. I did notice however, my legs and torso seemed kindof itchy but maybe that was my imagination.

    I always wake up feeling dehydrated and for years, it has been a morning ritual to guzzle about 3/4 gallon of H2O within the 1st half-hour after waking.

    This morning I took immediately upon waking: 3 DCP, 2.5 mg yohimbine hcl (decided to start this right away), 300mg ALA, 1/4 tsp GTE (the taste alone will wake the dead!), 1/4 tsp ALCAR, and 1 basic cuts pill. I will probably throw in 10mg of synephrine in my am stack when it gets here. My digestive sytem is making alot of noise right now.

    nothing esle to report now...

  8. OK. Today I did workout A : chest back and tris

    Despite the fact of being in ketosis, I had good energy and strength in the gym and I also had a great pump, not certain where that came from but I'll take it I normally sweat profusely in the gym and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary in that regard.

    Notes: I've heard of some people complaining about water retention while taking TTA. This is my 1st time taking a TTA based product and I must say that I am experiencing quite the opposite. It seems as though DCP has some diruretic properties. I am constatntly thirsty and if I am not consitantly pounding down H2O my throat is very dry and on top of that, I have been pissing nonstop all day. I normally dring 2-3 gal. of H2O per day and dont pee anywhere near this much.

    So far... I like

  9. Nice log so far, impressive supp list as well. Question for ya, the Green Tea extract is that capped or in bulk. I have bulk GT and almost gag everytime I try to take it. Just wondering if your's is bulk, how you overcome the taste.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by bludevil
    Nice log so far, impressive supp list as well. Question for ya, the Green Tea extract is that capped or in bulk. I have bulk GT and almost gag everytime I try to take it. Just wondering if your's is bulk, how you overcome the taste.
    I was taking Lean Green but recently opted for bulk powder from NP. I dont quite gag when I take it but I make pretty ugly faces. I just take a swig of water and with a mouthful of water, I throw down the GTE and swallow. Pretty rough. I may try to mix it in with 8 ox. oh water and try it that way but I'm sure it will be just as bad

  11. yeah I was thinking maybe add it with some actual tea or take it with some natty pb. Hopefully the pb will cover the taste. Anyway, sorry for hijacking about GTE.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by bludevil
    yeah I was thinking maybe add it with some actual tea or take it with some natty pb. Hopefully the pb will cover the taste. Anyway, sorry for hijacking about GTE.
    Nah dude, not a hijack at all. I welcome discussion as an opportunity to learn The PB idea is a good one but isn't it best to take it on an empty stomach?
  13. Day 2

    Body weight as of this AM: 211lbs
    This is probably due to all the urinating I did yesterday. I drank 3.5 gal. of water. I decided to take a 4th serving of DCP and yohimbine last night at around 9:30pm. Yesterday I took a total of 11 DCP caps and 10mgs of yohimbine. I had a little trouble falling asleep but after 400 mg of theanine and 1.5 mg melatonin... slept like a king

    Here are yesterdays macros:

    Total Cals: 2568
    Fat: 174g 1567 63%
    Carbs: 20g 68 3%
    Protein: 213g 853 34%

    Ketosis is in the house! Today was supposed to be my refeed day but I think I will hold off until tues. as an experimentation with DCP.

    Today is the old lady's bridal shower so I may make a trip to the gym to train abs calves and traps.

    Notes: When I take my empty stomach/morning stack, I experience some pretty bad gastro intestinal distress... but it is clear that I am dropping fat.
  14. Day 3

    Today's weight 210lbs

    Yesterday's macros
    Total Cals: 2430
    Fat: 177g 1595 67%
    Carbs: 11g 38 2%
    Protein: 183g 731 31%

    I did a quick shoulder/trap routine and some abs yesterday and was absolutely drenched in sweat... and it was not even a greuling routine. I took 11 DCP caps yesterday again and 10mg yohim. I dont really feel as if I am dipping into muscle stores as I have plenty of energy and strength in the gym. Still ketotic and I think I will actually carb up on wed. as this will be my deadlift day and I feel I'll get better glycogen supercompensation if I refeed immediately following that workout.
    Other than that, nothing new to report other than today will be my 3rd full day on this stack and I am impressed

    pics updated as of this AM
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  15. Your top abs are coming in that fast??
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  16. day 4

    Quote Originally Posted by dsade
    Your top abs are coming in that fast??
    Yeah, I think that may be due to the fact that I have been expelling alot of water but nevertheless I feel leaner and lighter. Taking 2 Basic Cuts, 3 DCP, 2.5 mg yohim., 1/4 tsp ALCAR, 1/4 tsp GTE and 300mg ALA first thing in the morning on an empty stomach while in ketosis promotes a very interesting feeling. I don't know what it is but I kinda like it. My Synephrine has not arrived yet but will be dosing that along with my DCP stack 3 times per day.

    My weight today... I can't tell if the scale says 210 or 211 lbs but either way, it's going in the right direction

    my macros yesterday:
    Total Cals: 2624
    Fat: 185g 1667 66%
    Carbs: 20g 70 3%
    Protein: 201g 803 32%

    Yesterday was a no-gym day. So I spent about 5 hours at the gun range firing fully automatic machine guns... That was fun but my neck and right shoulder are sore. Last night was the first time since I started my CKD that I seriosly started craving carbs bad so I had bacon and eggs, and let me tell you, the bacon cured any craving I had. My last carbload was saturday the 13th and I'm still holding my next refeed day to Wed the 24th.

    Today will be Biceps, legs and calves... I'll report back after that

  17. Did biceps/legs/calves tonight and workout was... OK... that's it. I felt flat, couldn't get much of a pump but still trained hard and I feel good about that. Carb up is day after tomorrow

    I notice every workout while checking myself out in the mirror when lifting, that I am looking leaner, which is good

    I think that the Retain is an appropriate addition to this stack as I've been doing alot of stressing out with work and wedding planning and trying to accomodate all the family coming in from out of town. I think that I'd be chewing up muscle to a high degree without it

  18. Why am I looking forward to YOUR carbup day???
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  19. It is going to rule. I think I'm going to kick the carbload off with 6 tbsp Gatorade powder and 600 mg ALA during the workout Which will be: BB Bench, Wide Grip Chins, Deadlifts and Skull Crushers (I can almost feel the pump now just thinking about it!) and post workout, the 24 hour carbohydrate insanity begins.... pasta, potatoes, cereal, apple juice, oatmeal, and pop tarts. Did I mention cereal?
  20. day 5

    Bodyweight today: 210lbs

    Was going to do cardio today but woke up with a slight cough and the sniffles so no cardio.

    I was thinking of continuing the DCP dosage at 9 caps per day (3x3)... Dsade, any reason why I shouldn't to that?
    This AM, I took 3 DCP, 1 Basic Cuts, 1/4 tsp ALCAR, 1/4 tsp GTE and bumped the YO.Hcl to 5 mg (2caps) and as I sit here in my cold house, I am very very warm... I wonder if I have a cold and if I continue the high rate of thermogenesis (sorta like an induced fever) If that would yeild in faster recovery from my cold??

    Yesterdays macros:
    Total Cals: 2671
    Fat: 171g 1543 60%
    Carbs: 18g 64 2%
    Protein: 244g 977 38%

  21. I decided to continue with 3x3. I have another bottle coming in anyways, but my current bottle is almost empty

    If you can afford it, go for it.

  22. Thanks for the feedback

  23. Nutraplanet, you are so awesome! Thanks for the shirt!

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Leggo my Ego
    Nutraplanet, you are so awesome! Thanks for the shirt!
    Where the hell is my shirt!

  25. I was messing around while placing my order and asked for a free shirt. I wasn't expecting one so when I opened my package today, I was surprised to see one in there.... I probably shoultn't have said anything , now dsade and the Nutra-krew will be mad at me for spilling the beans. Sorry. I will tell you this though, I'll be repping my new Nutraplanet shirt in the Gym every chance I get. Like a walking billboard


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