My DCP on CKD log.

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  1. looking good....keep it up

  2. Looking super lean...definitely.

  3. My shoulders look WEAK in that back shot. I'll try and get the ole' lady to take some leg shots later, the progress is more pronounced in my quads. I feel as though I'm getting my desired results

  4. Arms are looking weak too
  5. day 19

    Body weight as of this AM: 211 lbs

    yesterdays macros:
    Total cals: 2261
    Fat: 124g 1114 51%
    Carbs: 22g 90 4%
    Protein: 244g 978 45%

    Made it to the gym yesterday and had a good workout. I was just tired and worn out, but strength was good.

    Today was a non workout day and today's nutrition kind of sucked as I didn't even eat breakfast till noon. I had an appointment for a property showing at 9am and woke up late so I had to take off without eating, once I got there, it turned into a whole other ordeal... but I did have time to take 3 DCP, 5mg yohimbine, 20mg synephrine 1 Basic Cuts, 1/4 tsp ALCAR, 1/4 tsp GTE... and let me tell you, that was not fun to go 4 hours without eating breakfast.

    Tomorrow is my "A" workout and will report back then

    by the way I still feel leaner by the day... Maybe it's my imagination

  6. Alright everyone, I have exhausted my DCP reserves and as of 3 days ago, I am a married man. On the morning of my wedding, I weighed 207 lbs which I think is phenominal! My weight currently, after 4 days of absolute binge eating and drinking is only 210 lbs. As I didn't have any specific goals other than to get as lean as possible in the quickest time possible, I would have to say beyond the shadow of any doubt that I achieved that goal hands down. My waist is now 32" (started at 35") and my tuxedo pants were literally falling of during the wedding! I got many compliments and many of my friends and family were baffled at how lean I became in 5 weeks of dieting.

    Sorry for the tail end of my log as I became incredibly busy with the wedding and work (when it rains it pours in my business) in the past couple of weeks.

    My after thoughts on DCP:
    Although I used DCP in conjunction with several other supplements, I do believe without a doubt that DCP played a major role in my fatloss. The craziest thing about it was I wasn't dropping weight as fast as I was dropping inches, or so it seemed, which makes me think that there are some anticatabolic properties that may provide for some gains in lean muscle while shedding fat.

    sides: none really other than some water retention which doesn't really matter to me anyway. No cramping, even while on CKD

    endurance: I did notice a boost in stamina while in the gym and doing cardio, which is always welcome

    Body temperature: Definite increase in this area. I would be hanging out in my cold house in my damn underwear and be burning up, not to mention the sweating...

    General: Great overall sense of well being even while in ketosis.

    I truly believe this product is a must have for any of my future cuts or recomps. Goes great with the type of diet I was on and stacks well with a multitude of other fatloss products. I definitely recommend the supp regimen I was on.

    I plan to remain on CKD for the next month or two and shed some more bodyfat before switching my diet up to a more traditional macronutrient profile.

    Thank you come again!

  7. Congratulations!!!! Excellent results, and a great review.

    Thank you for running this...I hope the honeymoon was WAY more enjoyable being thin and able to indulge without worry.
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  8. way to go man.....great success ......i wish i was a 32

  9. Thanks all


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