My DCP on CKD log.

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  1. Alright everyone, I have exhausted my DCP reserves and as of 3 days ago, I am a married man. On the morning of my wedding, I weighed 207 lbs which I think is phenominal! My weight currently, after 4 days of absolute binge eating and drinking is only 210 lbs. As I didn't have any specific goals other than to get as lean as possible in the quickest time possible, I would have to say beyond the shadow of any doubt that I achieved that goal hands down. My waist is now 32" (started at 35") and my tuxedo pants were literally falling of during the wedding! I got many compliments and many of my friends and family were baffled at how lean I became in 5 weeks of dieting.

    Sorry for the tail end of my log as I became incredibly busy with the wedding and work (when it rains it pours in my business) in the past couple of weeks.

    My after thoughts on DCP:
    Although I used DCP in conjunction with several other supplements, I do believe without a doubt that DCP played a major role in my fatloss. The craziest thing about it was I wasn't dropping weight as fast as I was dropping inches, or so it seemed, which makes me think that there are some anticatabolic properties that may provide for some gains in lean muscle while shedding fat.

    sides: none really other than some water retention which doesn't really matter to me anyway. No cramping, even while on CKD

    endurance: I did notice a boost in stamina while in the gym and doing cardio, which is always welcome

    Body temperature: Definite increase in this area. I would be hanging out in my cold house in my damn underwear and be burning up, not to mention the sweating...

    General: Great overall sense of well being even while in ketosis.

    I truly believe this product is a must have for any of my future cuts or recomps. Goes great with the type of diet I was on and stacks well with a multitude of other fatloss products. I definitely recommend the supp regimen I was on.

    I plan to remain on CKD for the next month or two and shed some more bodyfat before switching my diet up to a more traditional macronutrient profile.

    Thank you come again!

  2. Congratulations!!!! Excellent results, and a great review.

    Thank you for running this...I hope the honeymoon was WAY more enjoyable being thin and able to indulge without worry.
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  3. way to go man.....great success ......i wish i was a 32

  4. Great work, Leggo! And now that you're married, you can just let yourself go

    Seriously though, awesome log.


  5. Thanks all



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