Mulletsoldier's Evolution

  1. Mulletsoldier's Evolution


    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 203.5
    BF%: 11.5% (caliper tested, average of three tests)


    Minimum Goal: Maintain BF% while adding 3-5lbs LBM
    Maximum Goal: Maintain BF% while adding 5-7lbs LBM


    I am using a lowered volume, increased frequency routine which focuses on Progressive Overload.

    Week 1:

    Mon - Upper Body
    Tues - Off
    Wed - Lower Body
    Thurs - Cardio 30 min HIIT
    Fri - Upper Body
    Sat - Off
    Sun - Cardio 30 min HIIT

    Week 2: Reverse of above


    -Upper/Lower Body Resistance Days
    -3450kcals, 352g Protein, 397g Carbs, 55g Fat

    -HIIT Cardio Days
    -3300 kcals proportionate Macros

    -Off Days
    -3250 kcals proportionate Macros

    -All protein stems from whole foods, Whey Concentrate
    used for Pre/Post WO only
    -All carbohydrates stem from Whole Grains such as bagels, or steel oats (occasionally fruits)
    -All fats either inherent within grain ligands, or from Natural Peanut Butter


    -I began use with reccomended dosage, and until such point where I feel the need to bump I will keep with it.

    Evaluation Criteria

    Muscle Hardness/Vascularity




    Negative Side Effects

    Current Status

    -I have been using the stack as per instructions for 1 week now, with currently negligible effects.

  2. Oh goody I get BulletBack pictures soon

  3. I have an excel book with my exact diet, how do I slap that on here?

  4. Upload it using the attachment manager under the advanced menu.

  5. looks good, u using usplab sups in your plan?

  6. Si.

    I will continue using Anabolic Pump and SuperCissusRX, as they do not have redundant or counteractive effects with the ALRI products. As well, I have been using them both long enough where I could tell what reaction the ALRI is having.

    I will post up full dosing, and other supps tomorrow.

  7. thanks mullet

  8. Whats the werd

  9. Im assuming this log is not going to happen. Just consider the supps a gift and call it a day MS . Thanks for the attemp though


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