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  1. Quote Originally Posted by R3d
    Side note: Am happy to say that I'll be trying out DCP+AP
    Nice! Looking forward to seeing a log on this. Keep that diet in check with some nice carbs!


  2. A quick update as I probably won't post in this log for a few days...

    I decided to take the wrest of this week off as my back is still being a *****... I guess the dead lifts didn't help it heal.
    Plus, I'm in the mood to be lazy, pop some DCP's and slack off on my diet.

    I ordered another bottle of DCP and have some AP coming, too. So, next week I'll be hitting it hard with no slip ups in my diet.

    I think I only did cardio once this week Shame on me.

  3. DCP, AP and lots of carbs! That sounds like a freekin' good time!

  4. Carbs... mmmmmmm. I miss carbs

  5. yeahizza: :donut: :burg:

  6. Stop giving me ideas

  7. Nice log so far, looking foward to your results with the additon of AP.


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