Distilled Water cutting up with the kitchen sink and then some

  1. Cutting up with AP/Anagen/pGH & Tri-Lean System + Thyrogen X

    I have been runing Tri-Lean System + Thyrogen X & Anagen for about a week now and so far so good. I will be adding pGH + Anabolic Pump as soon as it gets here. Heres what my arsenal will look like

    Anabolic Pump- 3 per day (am/pre/post)
    Hyperdrive 3.0- 2 per day (meal 1/pre)
    Special tactics- 4 per day (Meal 1 and 8 hrs later)
    Lean Dreams- 1~2 (1 hr before bed)
    Thyrogen-X- 2 per day (Meal 1 and 8 hrs later)
    Anagen- 4 per day (every meal but pre & post)
    pGH - .50cc (each night 5 on 2 off.....4 weeks on 1 off)

    *Standard supps creatine/glutmine/BCAA's
    -all 5gr am/5gr pre/5gr post/5gr 1 hr before bed

    I am looking at cutting for 8 weeks. Once im off the Tri-Lean System + Thyrogen X. I will take a few days break and start DCP. I have enough Anagen/pGH/Anabolic pump for the 8 weeks.

    My workout schedule goes as is

    Cardio- Mon & Wed in AM on empty stomach 30 min
    Sat & Sun for 45 minutes sometime during the day
    *Walking @ 3 speed on 10 incline
    I will increase it every 2 weeks and will eventually do it everyday but for 25 min after i workout on tue/thur/fri. <--Schedule. And will bump to 45 in AM & weekends eventually

    Workout Schedule
    Mon- Chest/Front Delts
    Tue-Back/Rear Delts/Traps
    Sat & Sun:OFF

    *Abbs are done Mon & Thurs
    *Calfs are done Tue & Fri

    Diet- Protein will come from eggs, chicken, steak, and powder. Carbs brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potato, apple, grapefruit. Fat egg yolks, steak, flax oil and CLA.

    I was weighing about 207~210 a few weeks back but I have been battleing somthing for the last 2~3 weeks so This Sun I weighed in @ 200.5lbs 1st thing in the am after i pissed. Im between 10-12%BF im not really sure but i have vascularity/cuts in my legs/ and abbs are visable on my pasty weight body but def. not a good 6 pack. I cant promise Ill put pictures up because my wife is a picture whore and theres never room on OUR digital camera and thats if i can find it. But I may try to go special agent and steal it from here and do a photo-shoot lol

    EDIT: Talking with USP about carb intake for diet will post as soon as I make a final decision
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  2. Diet will be 300/200/75
    week 2: 300/190/75
    week 3: 300/180/75
    Week 4: 300/170/75
    Week 5: 325/160/65
    Week 6: 325/150/65
    Week 7: 350/140/60
    Week 8: 350/130/60

  3. Day 1

    I did my first injection tonite and had no shortness of breathe or metal taste in mouth or any of that stuff. I did .50ml IM to me left delt. I added Lidacane in a 50/50 with the water i think this makes a diff because my shoulder is numb and i dont have the shooting pain some speak of after injection. i also did my inhaler about 2 min prior to injection.

    I will start my Anabolic Pump tomarrow and im pumped (no play on words intended). Im weighing in @ 197lbs in the am thats -3 after one week of supps/cardio/weights. All and all i feel great and cant wait until 2maro. pGH + lean dreams i may get the best sleep of my life
  4. Day 3

    Workout last nite was awsome. I had a good pump going and felt good working out, which usually i dont have when dieting due to lack of carbs. I pinned again and no sides to report.

    My appetite is nill. The tri-lean system is really working great. All day energy with only 1 hyper drive in the am. The only time I am get a grumble out of my stomach is about 30~45 min after a meal with AP, i noticed it more 2day then yesterday. Im off tonite but am due for back/delts 2maro along with some cardio.....ohh boy cant wait to walk

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