1. leukic

    anybody know anything about Leukic?

  2. It's made by muscle tech, which = poop.

  3. so I hear. new to this so thanks for replying

  4. ya, forget muscle tech.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by titothefrito View Post
    anybody know anything about Leukic?

    It is Leacine an amino acid, and only an amino acid, dont buy it you can buy amino acids by bulk for likw $10 vs the 50-$70 this will cost, and yes Muscletech= poop.. haha (the gakic also is only AAKG)

  6. bulk leucine or BCAA would be much better value

  7. I've used it, and wasn't very impressed. Definitely not worth spending the money. Get some good BCAAs and you'd be better off


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