Vyotech 17-HD

  1. Vyotech 17-HD

    Has anyone had any results with 17hd? What is this stuff and how does it work??

  2. its overpriced crap hahaha. Nah, that's just my opinion and i would never buy it, okay, for less than $20 i might buy it.

  3. have you ever tried it??

  4. no sorry. i just knock stuff from GNC and i dont like vyotech products. I hear it is great for preworkout energy. Funny, people think it is like superdrol or steroid lol. Its just herbs that increase testosterone but by how much im not sure.

    why are you asking? looking to buy? if so then its up to you just try it i guess.

  5. I use and and love it. Great strength and energy boost. But I know nothing about it. Its has a caffiene like boost but doesn't keep me awake all night. My recovery times an improved when taking it...

  6. i would say run a search on the active ingredients....Id like to try it but i wont buy it its pretty damn expensive.

  7. it just amped me up, i didnt really like the feeling so i gave it to my lil brother LOL. kid cleaned everything in my house on it lol

  8. Okay, I will first say STAY AWAY. I am sorry I cannot find the sources from where I read that, but most of the ingredients are dangerous, and even raise oestrogen! The only thing is feel your heart beating dangerously (licorce) and placebo effect is at it's best. I haven't tried it but please check out the ingredients, a little research and be VERY careful.


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