sus 500 log

  1. sus 500 log

    So I will start my sus 500 log soon as I get the product in.

    My diet will be exactly the same that way I can tell you if the product really works.

    I have enough pct to get me threw the cycle. I have all my supps before my routine and after my cycle so I am set. The only thing I will mention on this log is the SUS 500. I should get it with in a week.

  2. subscribed.. lookin forward to it

  3. I will tell you exactly what is in it when I get it. It is in the trin family for all of you who know what that is. 3x stronger than sustanol 250. Same concept the 3 supps in one ordeal with a anti estrogen as well built in. The store I bought it from sold all 1000 in 1 day. Does it mean any thing? Maybe yes maybe no but till I try it I won't know.

  4. Ohh I think I remember you talking about this in another thread. I'm not really into the idea of using a strong oral when sd works fine plan and simple, but oh well I'll be following and good luck to you.

  5. Any chance I can get a PM on this store. I am looking for something non-oral, because superdrol (methyl-masteron) just does not work well with me, so i'd like to get a package deal (including pct therapy aswell). Any advice would help.



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