4000th Post ZiriLOG

  1. 4000th Post ZiriLOG

    Log Protocol
    This will not be a 'day in, day out' log ; Updates will be given at the end of the week. I feel this will give a fuller view of how my diet, workout routine and supplementation contributes to my goals and will stop the feeling of repetition. All before/after measurements and pictures will be shared once the stack is finished.

    My routine is spread over 3 workouts and is in no particular order, 2 of those workouts are based on bench, deadlift and squat while the remaining workout aims to hit the quads, hamstrings, biceps and triceps specifically. My diet is spread into 4 meals throughout the day, using low to mid GI carbs and for the majority using whole sources of protein. I feel it is a good clean bulking diet and is also very manageable.

    Age : 20
    Height : 5'11"
    Weight : 168.8lb
    Waist : 32"

    Short Term : Get back up to 180-190lb at ~15%bf.
    Long Term : 200lb+ at ~10%bf.

    1 : Flat DB - DB Front Raise - SG Pull Up - Wide Front Squat - Romanian Dead - Calf
    2 : Incline BB - DB Side Lateral - Lever Row - Squat - Stiff Dead - Calf
    0 : Tri-Pushdown - Incline Hammer Curl - Leg Extension - Leg Curl - Calf

    P Sets : 2-2-2-2-2-5
    P Reps : (~) x5,4-
    A Sets : 3-3-3-3-5
    A Reps : (~) x8,7,6,5,4-

    Break : 60gC-30gP - 100g Oats, 4 Whole Eggs
    Lunch : 100gC-60gP - 150g Pasta, 200g Tuna/150g Oats, 60g Whey
    Dinner : 60gC-60gP - 100g Rice, 200g Chicken
    Supper : 60gC-60gP - 100g Oats, 60g Casein

    MASS-FX, Hyperdrol and Co. Dosing Protocol
    MASS-FX - 1/2/1
    Hyperdrol - 1/1/1
    Cialabol - 2/4-4/0
    PowerFULL - 2/2/2
    cAMPH - 1/2/0

    MASS-FX : 1/2/1
    Hyperdrol : 1/1/1
    Cialabol : 2/2/2
    PowerFULL : 2/2/2
    cAMPH : 1/2/0

    Next update Sunday/Monday 8th Jan.

  2. subscribed. how long is this log for? are you taking anything else multi's efa's....etc?

  3. This will last 30 days, I'm not supplementing anything other than the mentioned.

  4. Slight gyno (was already there a little before this log)+acne/grease flair up on days 2 and 3 mean I'm not going to continue the AX stack, which is disappointing but I won't risk getting more acne and I want to hit the gyno on the head asap. Before and after stats tomorrow along with a little feedback! O.o

    I will continue the log but without the AX and with some Tamoxifen Citrate.

  5. sorry to hear ziri.

    so no massfx and no hyperdrol correct? Should still be a good stack.

    are you starting with 60mg tamox or what are your plans for dosing?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump
    sorry to hear ziri.

    so no massfx and no hyperdrol correct? Should still be a good stack.

    are you starting with 60mg tamox or what are your plans for dosing?
    Yes, 3mL/60mg for a starting point.

    Here is what I have to say about the three days I did use MASS-FX and Hyperdrol...
    Day 1 : Felt surprisingly good and had a crazy libido, I was extremely impressed with the all day pump and garden hose veins in my ****. Otherwise nothing to note.

    Day 2 : Libido effect more or less gone but I did have a good nights sleep and woke up with no DOMS. Very slight joint pain but nothing to be too bothered about. Slight skin greasyness.

    Day 3 : No noticeable effect on libido at all, very odd feeling during workout...dehydration? It's my only guess. Joint pain and cracking in my knees and my left wrist. Skin is now extremely greasy throughout the day, with what looked and felt like an acne flare up I decide to stop use of Mass-FX and Hyperdrol.

    Day 4 : Tendonitis has returned in my left wrist, my knees are however feeling okay. Skin hasn't been as greasy and the flare up has died down a little.

    Now...I can't and won't pin this on any of the products I was using but I will say I haven't had such a reaction in skin or joints with the other products, I'd be interested in knowing what the half-life is for Mass-FX.

    Days 1-4 Stats
    Weight : 168.8lb-170.1 +1.3lb
    Waist : 32"-32.5" +0.5"
  7. Week One Summary

    Well what can I say about this week...it's been interesting. In regards to the AX stack I found that I just couldn't put up with the greasy skin and joint pain and so had to drop it after day three, by day five all of the joint pain and grease had subsided so I think I can safely attribute those two things with the stack. Since day three I've included Cissus-RX in the stack and had no issues with my joints and most importantly had no issues with tendonitis in my left wrist.

    I've experienced some good pumps and good vascularity, I can even vaguely see the veins in my trap/neck when flexing. I'm tempted to say I've lost body-fat also, as usually by this time I would have lost some definition but that hasn't been the case. After measuring my weight and waist this morning I can say I'm gaining steadily, and am happy with the first week.

    Week One Stats
    Weight : 171.2lb +2.4lb
    Waist : 33" +1"

    As I stated I've dropped Mass-FX and Hyperdrol and introduced Cissus-RX at 9ED - 3/3/3.

    The major change is in my workout, as of today I'll be using the following routine
    3X3 For Size and Strength
    Monday: Upper Body
    A-1: Incline Barbell Press
    A-2: Pull-up
    Tuesday: Lower Body
    B-1: Barbell Squat
    B-2: Stiff Legged Deadlift
    Thursday: Upper Body
    A-1: Dip
    A-2: Pull-Up
    Friday: Lower Body
    B-1: Front Squat
    B-2: Leg Curl

  8. Ziri, I have a question for ya...

    Who the hell is that in your Avi? and does she have a boyfriend?!?

  9. I wish I knew! The larger picture can be found in my reply here - For My Post #3k - Metric Azz Load of Females.....

  10. I'm in love...

  11. Gonna re-introduce Mass-FX at the start of next week, I want to give it another chance at 1-2 caps/day rather than 3-4. Full update on Sunday/Monday.
  12. Week Two Summary

    This week has been up and down, up in that my workouts are great and down in that my diet wasn't kept to for a few days thanks to sleeping in for work and generally not preparing for the day ahead.
    I think the only big plus to note this week is that my legs and chest (in particular) are really responding to the 3 rep scheme but it doesn't seem to be having the same effect on my back and certainly has little effect on my arms. I've decided to use a 4-6 rep range for deadlifts and for isolation work.

    In terms of supplementation I've stopped use of everything except USPLabs Cissus-RX and will be using Anabolic Xtreme MASS-FX and Hyperdrol. Now for my stats in comparison to last weeks...I should note that my waist had ballooned upto 36" from water bloat this week, after discontinuing use of Cialabol water bloat has subsided substantially.

    Week One-Two Comparison Stats
    Weight : 171.0lb -0.2lb
    Waist : 32" -1"

    As I stated I'll be running Mass-FX, Hyperdrol and Cissus-RX until the end of this log.

    There are again some changes in my workout
    3X3/3x6 For Size and Strength
    Monday: Upper Body
    A-1: Incline Barbell Press
    A-2: Bent Over Row
    A-3: Concentration Curl
    Tuesday: Lower Body
    B-1: Front Squat
    B-2: Deadlift
    B-3: Tri-Pushdown
    Thursday: Upper Body
    A-1: Dip
    A-2: Pull-Up
    A-3: Incline Hammer Curl
    Friday: Lower Body
    B-1: Front Squat
    B-2: Leg Curl
    B-3: Leg Extension
    B-4: Close-Grip Barbell Press
  13. Week Three Summary

    I really don't know what to say about this week, I suppose I feel like I've taken a backward step somehow. I'm lifting what I did last week, which isn't a big deal but my recovery isn't all that great either. I've been very dry and I can see a few little spots on my face with one big ol' motha on my back due to increased greasyness again, although it isn't as bad as first time around (been showering two-three times daily). Joints have been okay, knees aren't having the funnest of times but again it's not as bad as the first time I tried these products. I wish I was enjoying it as much as others seem to be.

    I guess I'm just bummed because of the bloating (assuming it's not fat gain) and have lost any definition I did have, I feel like I'm getting fatter than I am getting stronger. I definitely am not any bigger than a few weeks ago.

    Week Two-Three Comparison Stats
    Weight : 172.6lb +1.6lb
    Waist : 33" +1"

    I'll be changing my diet so that it is spread over 6-7 meals instead of 5 at some point during the week. If by next week things aren't looking up I'll rethink if it's worth continuing.

    Uploaded are beginning, week one and a picture I took two days ago. I would've had week two and better pictures of now but I had/have no access to a digital camera at these times. Apologies for the odd lighting in one of the rear bi pictures.
  14. Week Four/End Summary

    Well this week I've not followed my workout routine, instead just lifting randomly day-to-day so I won't comment on strength but my recovery is good as were pumps. My water intake has been higher this week than in previous weeks and it reflects in my weight.

    On the down side my nipples were a bit soft looking, my joints weren't enjoying themselves and I experienced a few light headaches. I can't attribute it to one particular area but squats have been quite uncomfortable for almost a week and a half so I've stayed away from going heavy with them.

    On Thursday I decided that Mass-FX and Hyperdrol are just not for me and stopped use, the only supplement I've used since is PowerFULL but only before bed for a sleep aid.

    Week Three-Four Comparison Stats
    Weight : 174.4lb +1.8lb
    Waist : 33.5" +0.5"

    Beginning-End Comparison Stats
    Weight : 168.8lb-174.4lb +5.6lb
    Waist : 32"-33.5" +1.5"

    Well I've gained some muscle, some water and probably a little bit of fat, frankly it's just a mental boost to see my weight in the mid 170s without being a fat-ass or badly bloated. So I'm not unhappy with the results, the opposite infact.

    But I know now that I'm not a fan of Mass-FX and Hyperdrol. I wouldn't say they were un-effective as I seem to have been an unlucky one. I seemed to have a bit of aromatase and Hyperdrol wasn't helping all that much, if I were willing to continue I may have begun to feel a bit better but I'm not too eager to find out.

    So I didn't like these products. Big deal. Others are enjoying this stack.
    All the best AX...

    ...just don't get too successful ;P


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