The Evolution of Panic66 feat. ALR Industries

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Irish480
    This is an extremely organized log.

    Love it man good luck! I will sure as hell follow this one.
    Thank you!!!!

    Off day today

    Nothing but eating, studying business law/ marketing, and watching 24 in about a hour!!!!! my diet is all good and im feeling great!

  2. So hows your weight, has it gone up or down? workouts looking real good.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Gettinpumped
    So hows your weight, has it gone up or down? workouts looking real good.

    ok for my weight when i started the log i weighed once at 213, but i came back home to my gym on a pretty precise scale it said 222, and as of now im sitting at 214-215, so to sum it all up i have lost weight eating roughly about 2600 calories a day

    when the scale went from 213 to 222 that was from a friday to the following monday, my diet didnt change any during that time so im pretty sure it was the scale that was off

  4. Update Time

    Hello everyone, how are yall? Hope everyone is doing great!!! Well today was chest/back and it was a hell of a day!!! So lets get down to business


    Bench Press

    335x7 YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    Incline Bech press


    Super Set Machine flys w/Machine press

    100x20; 80x16
    140x12; 100x12


    Machine Rows w/Pullovers

    140x17; 100 x15
    180x11; 100x11

    Underhand narrow barbell rows/w pullups on the chuck norris machie

    135x19; 14 pullups
    185x14; 11 pullups


    30 minutes on the treadmill 20 minutes @ 5 incline, 10 minutes @ 10 incline @ 3.5


    Diet is going well just have to eat two more meals. I am still eating chicken boobies, talipia fillets, peanut butter, apples, green beans...etc.


    I feel great !!!!! I am really getting stronger and still leaning out, but I have noticed that I'm getting some patchy acne on my face no biggie. Hope everyone is doing good later!!!

  5. good workout man.

  6. Update from yesterdays workout

    yesterday was legs it was a pretty good day so here it goes.



    Leg curls


    Calf Raises

    3 sets w/four plates 15, 14, 11

    Yesterday was short in sweet. I started to do cardio but my calfs were getting real tight so i decided to save my legs for the workout....Strength gains are amazing!!!!!

  7. Update time

    Hello all hope everyone is doing well. Today was shoulder and arms and it was a hell of a workout. To say the least my strength gains have been amazing over the past month, but I will get into more detail in my final review that will be coming up very shortly. Lets get started with today.


    Dumbbell Shoulder press

    120x5 YouTube - panic66 dumbbell shoulder press

    SuperSet Machine side raises w/Machine shoulder press(facing the bench)

    100x15; 100x15
    120x12; 100x13
    90x11; 100x9

    Rear delt crossovers w/cables



    Spyder curls


    SuperSet Dumbbell curls/w drag curls

    35x8; 50x7
    35x8; 50x7
    35x8; 50x5


    30 minutes on the treadmill @ 3.5, 20 mins @ 5 incline, 10 mins @ 10 incline


    Well this log is soon coming to a end. I will continue to take jw and bam and maybe continue the log. My final review will be coming in a few days as of right now I can say strength gains are pretty amazing.

  8. strong shoulder press man.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Gettinpumped
    strong shoulder press man.


  10. Well hello everyone, it has been a few days since I have been in here, because I was out of town. Today was my first day back in the gym since Friday and it was a good day.

    WOW so I just took my last serving of this log and well hell all I can say it was a good one. I will be working on my final review today and tomorrow so expect my detailed final review mid evening tomorrow.

    I just want to thank fitty, viperspit and alri again for this chance, until tomorrow.

  11. The review of my Evolution

    My overall thoughts
    Well when I started this stack way back when I was expecting some very good things, and my expectations were meet! I benefitted greatly from this stack with strength gains, leaning out, and overall progress of meeting my goals.

    Strength Gains

    I gained overall strength on this stack and it was quite substantial. I increased weight on squats, shoulder press, and bench press, basically on all my core lifts. I did weight that I didn’t believe would go up like 120x5 dumbbell shoulder press, 335x7 bench press, and 545x4 squats(wrapped)


    I definitely noticed increase aggression, also with that my emotions were are very unstable(I am a very emotional person but they were amplified greatly) and swung from mood to mood.

    Weight Changes

    The first time I weighed I believe the scale was very off because it said 213(that was a Friday) the following Monday it was 223, so im going with the scale being off, and as of now im setting about 214.


    Wow these are some great products and work very well together!!! I experienced strength increase, better pumps, and muscle hardening.

    Special Tactics

    When the diet was not so great definetly helped keep the fat gain to a minimum!!! You really don’t notice the effects of the product but it works.

    Lean Dreams

    This another product that you really don’t notice any drastic effects with. But I can tell you one thing it will give you a good nights sleep.


    All I can say is good things a bout this stack I was very pleased and will you it again and recommend it for others to use.
    Pictures/New Stats

    Are coming shortly if not tonight then tomorrow

    Thanks again to alri fitty and viperspit


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