Addition to stack,colon cleanse or not???

  1. Addition to stack,colon cleanse or not???

    OK it's a new year......time to clean my SH**T up ,, literally. I just got my new stack,:
    Jungle Warfare
    Before I begin this stack, I been on supps for a steady 6 months (as long as I been workin out)........ Should I cleanse the MUD PUDDLE, and if so, whats the best and cheapest product?????[/b]

  2. A plunger

  3. think its complete and utter bull****. Where and how and why do I make that assumption? do I have credit for it? yes. Im a 6 year bachelors prepared med surg nurse on a post operative gi floor. These "cleansers" are great way to cleanse your wallet of money.

    What do they "cleanse" you of? Most often they say .. you know... toxins....

    What toxins?

    Um, the stuff that builds up in your cologn.. you know... the toxic stuff.

    guess what, your body is amazing at getting rid of these "toxins" themselves, and in many cases these "cleanses" will take out your natural intestinal flora.

    What happens when it comes back? Oooh... thats so much fun.... c-diff, e-coli, I have seen it gi complications first hand on my floor from 3 different people who take these amazing cleanses..

    They got cleansed all right.

    if you really want to assist your bodies NATURAL ability to cleanse itself, eat more leafy greens, and drink more water. Its amazing how much more healthy that is for you.

    Unless you just want to see what kind of amazing crap you can create, stay away from the cleanses.

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