JJC's Jungle Warfare/Powerfull Log!

  1. JJC's Jungle Warfare/Powerfull Log!

    Starting next week, I will be starting my first three month cycle of natural anabolics! The protocol will follow as such:

    Weeks 1-4: Jungle Warfare (1-1-1 per day with meals)
    Weeks 5-8: JW (1-1-1 per day with meals)
    Bulk Powerfull (2-2-2 per day on empty stomach...this may change to 4-2-2 where 4 will be before my lifting session)
    Weeks 9-12: Bulk Powerfull (dosing same as above)

    About me:
    22 years old (will be 23 on Jan 5)
    ~175 lbs

    I've been an athlete my entire life, with baseball and soccer being my top priorities. I played baseball in college on my school's club team as a catcher and played soccer on intramural teams while at school too. I worked out throughout college but didn't really know what I was doing. In my junior year, I picked up a book called "Core Performance" by Mark Verstegen. He trains pro athletes in their off seasons and I thought this would be good for my baseball performance. What I learned most from it was how to eat properly. Since then my interest in working out, proper nutrition, and supplementation has increased almost to obsession !

    The biggest I've ever been was about two months ago when I hit 184. Then I started an (improper) cutting cycle to prepare for a vacation. I ended up losing about 10 pounds in 2 months...alot being fat but some being muscle. I took a week off to get my enerygy levels back up and ween myself off stimulants.

    My plan was to try to gain some of that weight back before I started this protocol, but I just can't wait any longer. I'm going to give it one more week then I start the JW on Mon Jan 8.

    My training regiment will be as follows:
    Shoulders, Biceps/Triceps

    I will be lifting four days a week: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri. So the first and second week will look like this:
    Shoulders, Biceps/Triceps
    Off day; HIIT treadmill possibly
    Off day; HIIT treadmill possibly
    Shoulders, Biceps/Triceps

    I will be supersetting my chest/back, biceps/triceps, and quads/hams portions of the workouts. I will also be attempting to lift in the morning starting Tues Jan 2, before I go to work. I've been lifting after work, but sometimes it would interfere with my ability to get enough sleep at night. Hopefully this change will help me increase the amount of rest I get.

    I won't post what I will be eating right now, but I may post it on the days that I post logs. I will be shooting for ~3500 clean calories per day spread throughout 6 to 8 meals in a day. Lean meats(turkey, chicken, lean beef, tuna), eggs, almonds, walnuts, whole grain breads, vegetables, natural peanut butter, cottage cheese...

    This will be my first experience with any kind of test booster or other natural anabolic.

    My pre-w/o supplement will change from day to day since I have a bunch of samples I want to test out, but that will be posted for each lifting day. No matter what I take, I will also add:
    5g creatine monohydrate
    5g BCAA
    5g Glutamine
    2g Beta Alanine
    2g Histidine

    I will also be creating my own pre w/o supp, that I would love for people to give me some input about since I've never used many of the ingredients. It will look like this(dosing might look funny because of the measuring devices I have...no scale ):
    Chocamine 850 mg
    Citrulline Malate 3 g
    Creatine Monohydrate 5 g
    ALCAR 900 mg
    Beta Alanine 2.125 g
    Histidine 2.2 g
    Tyrosine 1200 mg
    Taurine 3.2 g
    Glutamine 5.1 g
    BCAA 5 g

    Post w/o shake will be Real Gains by Universal Nutrition with creatine, BCAAs, and Glutamine thrown in there too.

    I will be taking a multi-vitamin every morning, vitamin c and vitamin e after every workout, and fish oil/flax oil pills at different meals during the day and maybe with my pre-bed meal.

    I will also begin taking ZMA again before bed starting Tues Jan 2. I hope to keep taking this throughout the 12 weeks to help increase test.

    My goal is to get back to 184 lbs and smash it by hitting 190! I'm not sure if this is going to happen, but I will do as much as I can to get there. If I don't get there, I will gladly take 185 with some fat loss !

    Since this is my first time doing anything like this and my first time posting a log, I appreciate any and all types of feedback/suggestions/complaints/concerns etc! Also, if there is anything that I left out above that you think I should post, tell me!

    I will do my best to keep a kick-a$$ log with details out the a$$. It will start in 6 days though, so stick around! THANKS!

    PS I would like to post some pics, but since I'm not sure how to do this right now it might be a few more days.

  2. Damn...I know everyone and their mother is doing a BAM log of some sorts, but I was hoping someone woulda liked to see something different.

    Anyways, I'm still gonna log this(at least for my own use)...

    Also, I worked out this morning and decided that it only took one time to find out that I cannot lift in the mornings! Brutal.

  3. Day 1 - weight = 174 lbs

    So today is my first day on JW. Today's entry won't be too detailed since I've only taken two caps so far and today's eating schedule was pretty atypical due to some client meetings which threw everything off!

    Anyways here is what I ate...tried to do my best with what I could:
    5:15 am - 3 egg whites + 2 eggs + fresh salsa, 1 piece whole wheat toast, 1 small whole wheat dinner roll + 1 JW cap
    10:30 am - South Beach Diet cereal bar(I had about a 5 minute window of opportunity to grab something...140 cals, 10 g protein tho...)
    11:30 am/12:00 pm - 1 can of tuna fish(another small window of opportunity to eat something quick)
    1:00 pm - went out to lunch: 1 egg white omelet with diced chicken, green peppers, onions, avocado, salsa + half of a whole wheat english muffin(came buttered so I only ate half of it) + a few hobo potatoes
    5:00 pm - South Beach Diet cereal bar again
    6:00 pm - homemade pre w/o shake(see first post for ingredients) + 1 JW cap
    6:30 pm - *Lift* Chest/Back
    7:45 pm - post w/o shake...Real Gains + 5g BCAA + 5g Glutamine + 5g Creatine Mono

    I'm going to have some dinner in a little bit(chicken, greens, small potato pieces). And try to grab something before bed. I will be taking my third cap of JW with one of those meals and 3 caps of ZMA before bed along with 5g of BCAA.

    Abbreviated Workout log(not going to post weights yet):
    Superset of BB Bench Press + Seated Close-Grip Row (4 sets each)
    Superset of DB Incline Press + Incline Shrug (4 sets each)
    Superset of Seated Cable Crossover + Lat Pulldown (4 sets each)
    Pushups and Inverted Bodyweight Rows

    Since Friday was my birthday(went out drinking...heavily), recovered all day Saturday, and went out to a combined birthday dinner with my family(Mom's bday is today...Happy Bday Mom!...haha) on Sunday, my eating has been pretty inconsistent...which is very unlike me. BUT! My lifts today were higher than my last Chest/Back workout last week...could be the JW? probably psychological...

    Also, since I'm going to be investing my money in these supps, I had already planned for my birthday to be the last night of drinking for awhile! Tomorrow will be a more normal day at work too so my eating schedule will stabilize.

  4. Day 2

    Feel about the same still, no changes yet to how I feel during my workout or even throughout the day...but I'm not really expecting anything to happen until a week or two into it, with a more full experience 4 weeks into JW.

    Today was Shoulder/Biceps/Triceps. Went pretty well but kind of ran out of steam near the end...could've either been from a short sleep last night or because I had gotten some work in on my Biceps and Triceps from yesterday's Chest/Back workout or even from both factors.

    Tomorrow is going to be a completely off day for me. Thursday will be a leg day so I won't be getting back into cardio for at least a week.

    Question(if anyone is watching this): Should I dose a cap of JW close to the start of my workout? Or does it not matter? For instance, right now I'm taking one in the morning with breakfast around 6:45 am, then the next around 6:00 pm (pre-w/o), then before bed anywhere from 10:30 pm to 12:00 am. I don't like the fact that there is almost a 12 hour gap between first and second dose.

    Which options would I be better off doing:
    first at 6:45 am with breakfast
    second at either 12:30 pm lunch or 3:30 pm with mid-afternoon meal
    last one either with dinner around 9:30 pm or with pre-bed meal

  5. Day 4

    ...still talkin to myself over here...haha...

    Anyways, I got the timing of my doses figured out. Today was a leg day. For not having done legs in over a week, I think it went pretty well. I still don't feel any different, but like I said last time I don't expect anything different for a little while still.

    I've been trying to eat about as much as I can. I think I'm gaining some size(be it muscle with minimal fat gain). Maybe the JW is helping in that area already since I don't really feel that much fatter than before I started trying to eat so much. But maybe it's also because I've been trying to bust my butt in the gym and am realizing that even though I've been eating right at 6+ meals a day, I probably wasn't eating as much as I should have been. So because of the eating more, I think my metabolism has been rising too.

    Anyways, tomorrow after work I'm going to visit my gf for the weekend who lives 2.5 hours away. So I will not be going to the gym tomorrow...but I'm forcing her to take me to her gym on Saturday! That will be a chest/back day and I'm pretty pumped to get back to build my chest up!

  6. Day 8

    Weight: 176 lbs. (+2 lbs)

    Well, I've gained two pounds in a week. But I don't know if I can really contribute any of it to the JW... I've been eating about as much as I can all day long, every day. I was planning on keeping to a pretty clean bulk(which I'm still doing) with regulated calorie intake. But, since right now I'm just looking to get bigger/stronger, I've been very lenient with amount of calories I consume per meal. I'm trying to hit between 500-700 calories per meal though(varies on the number of meals that I know I will be able to fit in throughout the day).

    I'm still waiting to really FEEL the JW! : The closest I feel like I've gotten was over the weekend when I stayed at my gf's place...felt a little bit more in the mood than usual. And then I guess today during my workout I felt like I was recovering a bit quicker between lifts. I'm going to continue to go the 8 weeks worth I have of course, but I just wish I was feeling more...

    And the other thing is, I've been prone to having acne my whole life and I was expecting to have more. But I don't have any more than usual. Guess that's a good thing. Well, we'll see what happens.

    Tomorrow is a leg day...

  7. Day 10

    Yesterday was a leg day. I had a really long, wasteful day at work so I was somewhat drained by the time my workout came up. I lifted more than the previous week so at least I'm still gaining strength, but I had a monster headache afterwards and my Mom said I looked pale. Not good.

    Luckily, today is an off day. So I took off completely!

    I'm trying to eat about as much as I can(within reason of course) but I'm looking as lean, if not more lean than when I started! Awesome. I'm actually looking into an appetite stimulator to help me eat more. I've felt somewhat more aggressive/assertive in the past two days...but again, maybe that was just because people were doing things/things were happening to piss me off.

    I'm logging my workouts in a notebook here, but I think I'm not really going to post any of that...just a summary of what's going on and how I'm feeling instead.

  8. Day 12

    Yesterday was a chest/back day. I think it's started to kick in. At the end of my workout I felt like I could've kept going, but I probably wouldn't have been able to nor should I have. But it was a really nice feeling. Recovery is also speeding up.

    Vascularity is up too. Which is crazy because I definitely have gained some fat in the past two weeks(trying to eat ALOT). But I could definitely feel and see my veins bulging under my skin on my forearms and hands. Really cool.

    Assertiveness is on its way up also. I'm caring less about what people think about me, so I'm saying what is on my mind. While driving home from work I'm also more likely to lay on the horn when people are driving like idiots. Nice.

    And finally, before bed last night, I uhhhh "knocked one out". And uhhhh, someone had mentioned on one of the other JW/libido posts that he felt more like Peter North. I agree. If you don't know what that means, don't worry about it.

    Anyways, I'm still waiting for at least one reply on this log! haha sad...

  9. Day 17

    I weighed myself on Monday and was up 4 pounds from the beginning at a weight of 178 (4 pounds in two weeks). This is exactly what I like to see. I am gaining some fat, but lately I really could care less. I'm getting stronger and I'm getting bigger. During this bulk, that's all I care about. I'm naturally a lean person so I shouldn't have too difficult of a time cutting down when necessary.

    I'm not exactly sure if the JW is helping in all of these areas but I'm willing to bet that it is helping somewhat. I feel like I would be fatter and probably weaker without it, considering how much food I'm trying to put down.

    I think I can tell that it's affecting me because I will have random spikes of frustration/aggression over something that is annoying me for a minute. It will last as long as I can pound my fist on a desk then will subside. My skin is more oily at certain times of the day, but somehow I don't break out. And I get acne. Libido isn't really up. Strength is up and recovery between sets is up, which is great!

    Overall, things are going well. I just wish I felt something more with the JW.

  10. Day 20

    Not gonna say much here because today is an off day. Maybe it's because I need to catch up on some sleep but I think it's more than that, but I've been alot more irritable lately. Kind of like a short fuse. I haven't exploded since I'm pretty restrained, but I can definitely feel the waters boiling.

    Training has been going well. Even on my Friday workouts when I've been getting behind in sleep. My weight is steadily increasing while staying lean. I've been bulking but not absurdly. I really hope I hit 180 on Monday.

    My skin is getting more oily...not so much shiny and pimply, just oily. I can deal with that because for some reason it hasn't been making my face explode.

    This will be the last week of JW on its own then I toss in PowerFull for the second bottle of JW. I can't f***ing wait! The more I read about PowerFull the more pumped I get to hit the gym and eat more.

  11. Day 22

    Weight: 181.5 lbs (yesterday's weigh-in)

    Since last Monday I have gained another 3.5 pounds. That makes it 7.5 pounds in three weeks! Awesome. I am gaining fat, but I love gaining this size. I really don't know if I can contribute it all to the JW because I am eating as much as possible.

    I'm getting really excited to start out PowerFull on Monday. On the other hand, I feel like my tendons and ligaments need a short break. I will be lifting only one more day this week instead of two(I might do legs on Thursday or bump it up to tomorrow and give myself and extended resting weekend).

    If my bodyfat were a little bit lower I would see my veins on my forearms bulging all over the place, but for now I can see them a bit and feel them, but nothing too crazy. Pumps are increasing slightly. Overall assertiveness is up. Strength it increasing on basically every lift(as it should if I'm gaining weight). Sometimes I feel like I'm having an out of body experience, especially when I'm benching. I know I'm pushing the weight and I feel it's pressure but I don't feel a strain to move it. I'm breaking past points where I normally would get stuck and not be able to finish off the rep. Very cool.

  12. Day 27

    I'm on day three of a four day break from lifting. I feel like I was overtraining a little bit and was getting sore in my tendons. It was taking longer to get warmed up and for each of my first couple lifts, I would already feel some tightness before my muscles, tendons, and ligaments got warmed up and lubricated.

    During these four days, I'm taking some Cissus samples that I got from Applied Neutraceuticals....Osteobolin C I believe it's called. Since it will only last 4.5 days, I don't know if it will last long enough to help. Plus I've never used Cissus before, so I don't know what to expect from it. Whether or not it works, it seems like this is a good point to try it out.

    I start training again on Monday. I will be cracking open my Bulk PowerFULL and dosing at 2/2/2 before breakfast, pre-w/o (around 6ish), then before bed. I will maintain this dosing for probably the first week, then step it up to 2/2/2/2 or 2/4/2 thereafter. Also, since a bottle of JW lasts 30 days and I will have been on it for 28 days before starting PowerFULL, I'm deciding to take those "extra" 6 caps and spreading them through this next week also. So I will be taking 4 caps of JW every 6 hours for the next 6 days. Hopefully this will help make the JW a little more potent because I don't think I was feeling the effects as much as I would've hoped. If I like it, then I will do it for the next week also.

    This might get confusing because I will also be adding in PowerFULL, but I realize that I'm looking for results more so than I'm looking for a straight forward review.

    Also, I will be changing my lifting regimen to Chest/Shoulders/Triceps, Back/Biceps, Legs in the same weekly schedule as before. I will also be changing up a majority of the exercises or at least the order in which they are performed per body part.

    Hopefully with the extra rest this week, I have still been able to put on a pound or two!

    Oh yeah and....GO BEARS!

  13. Day 29

    Weight: 183 (+1.5 lbs from last week, up 9 lbs in 4 weeks)

    After taking four days off, it was really great to hit the gym again. And today was my first day of PowerFULL. I have to say that I think I started feeling it during my workout. I took one dose in the morning upon waking, two doses in my pre w/o mix, and I just took one more before I'm about to get into bed.

    I felt a little bit more of a pump during my workout. I think. I hope. I dunno. I was just in a better all around mood today. I also bumped up one of my JW doses to 12:30 instead of 6:30 pm. I was planning on getting in four caps of JW today, but one burst in my pocket! So tomorrow I will do four caps. It has a better effect on me when I take my first one when waking, then the next one in the middle of the day instead of going the entire workday without the next cap. So tomorrow will have 1 cap of JW and 2 doses of PowerFULL in my pre w/o. I should be able to tear it up.

    I also started a different split. It will take a bit of getting used to because I can't really superset my exercises. And also it feels weird to feel soreness in different muscle groups at the same time. But this will be good, at least to mix it up. It was also nice to push more weight than I have before.

    These next 4 weeks are going to be unbelievable.

  14. Day 31

    Today was a very interesting day.

    So I got my delivery from NP...which was awesome. I spent more on this order than I have before, yet I didn't receive any goodies!

    Anyways, so I got some Chaos from AI and since it was here, I gave it a go for pre w/o. At first I thought I made a mistake on ordering this over NO-Xplode. The flavor was diluted and at first it didn't seem like I was going to get any kind of energy from it. Well, I was wrong. It takes a lil bit for the focus and energy to kick in. But the effects are very subdued/mild...yet still noticeable once you stop to realize it. It's not a supplement that is going make you say, damn that hit me hard, I'm all jacked up to lift now. It's more like once you get into your workout, you start to realize how focused you've been. Also, I don't know if it was the Chaos or the PowerFULL or maybe both, but my vascularity was definitely up in my upper body even though I was working lower body today. Cool as ****.

    So today was a leg day. I did squats first. That went fine and the weights stayed about the same but I got a few more reps from last week. Then I went to deadlifts. I don't know if it was because I used alot of my core to get the squats out or because I just started on PowerFULL or because I lost strength on my deads or because of the Chaos...but I got the WORST lower back pumps I've ever had! I had to stop early in my deads because of it and move on to other stuff. I've never had lower back pumps before so this was very strange. Anyways, I wish someone was subscribed to this log to help me figure out what's up. Maybe I'll post elsewhere...

  15. Day 36

    Weight: 184 lbs(+1 lb from last week; +10 lbs total)

    This past week kind of sucked as far as gaining weight. Stayed at my girlfriend's for the weekend and eating was not a high priority. But I did make a PR in bench today, which was cool.

    I've decided to up my JW to 4 caps a day on training days, and the off day immediately following a training day. Also, I've been doing 2/4/2 PowerFULL on training days and 2/2/2 on non-training days. I think this week I'm going to do 2/4/4 on training days, and I'm not sure about non-training days. I'll play it by ear.

    I think people are noticing that I'm getting bigger/stronger in the gym because the older/bigger guys that work out there are more apt to making convo with me and or spotting me even if I don't ask for it. Very cool.

    I've been taking a serving of Poseiden on the ride to work and it could be helping me stay a little sharper. Today I brought the tub to work with me and took a second dose right before work ended. HOLY CRAP, did I have a niacin flush or what! I thought I was having an allergic reaction...but then looked up niacin flush and realized it basically was an allergic reaction (release of histamine). Just glad no one saw me all broken out. I think it happened because I took it on a pretty empty stomach.

    Chaos is a pretty potent pre w/o mix. Except since the flavor is weak, mixing anything with it will make it taste pretty nasty. Oh well. Does the job.

    Starting taking Gut Health today, along with Vigor. Hoping they both do as described. Will report back or even post separate reviews.

    I'm getting a little fatter. So I always have to keep reminding myself that I need to keep eating more in order to get bigger. I'm really looking forward to AP and the hopes that using it on a bulk will turn it into more of a recomp.


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