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  1. Days 13-17 Saturday - Wednesday

    Well, Saturday was a rest day and although I kept the cals low through most of it I went to Izzy's in the evening, nuff said. Was unable to really measure macros and at best broke even. I'll chaulk it up as a minor refeed day.

    Sunday I had some side work to do and only made it to the gym for some cardio. Really struggled through it and arrived home with a 102 degree temp. Beginnings of the flu. I still ate pretty well but again didn't track on Fitday.

    Monday was feeling pretty lousy and spent much time in bed. That's all I got to say about that.

    Tuesday I made it to the gym in the AM for Chest/shoulders and cardio. Needless to say I am feeling much better.
    I was up on reps or weight for most all lifts. The extra cals and rest may have helped some. Spent a good four hours building a snow fort with the kids. Burned a few cals there I tell ya.
    I have a good feel for the foods I need to eat to reach desired macros and will not be logging them in Fitday for a while. I use it as a tool and could use the time to spend elsewhere.

    Wednesday: I didn't make the gym this morning. My side job ran long and with the weather conditions we have here now (snow) I needed add'l time for travel. I am feeling well and should be able to make the gym tonight.

    My overall impressions of AP so far are quite positive. I need to get a formal weight in, measurements and BF% check but I seem to be actually getting heavier while on deficit and performing cardio regularly. Holy crap. If my BF has gone down AND I am gaining weight in a deficit? I look leaner yet fuller in the extremities but I don't think my waist has budged yet. Always the last to go on me anyway. I will take measurements soon.
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  2. Great log.

  3. You are the wind beneath myyyyyy chicken wings.

  4. Ziri, no comment

  5. Ok, now that was just wrong on so many levels but I think I am in love again.
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  6. Days 18-20, Thurs-Sat

    First off, a measurement update:

    Starting Update
    Weight 185 188
    BF% 16.5 15.5
    Stomach 36.25 35.5
    Chest 43.25 44
    Upper arm 15.25 15.25
    Upp thigh 23.5 23.5
    Calf 15.25 15.5

    I am officially gaining weight in a caloric deficit as well as a marked reduction in adipose storage. WOW. This is in a little under three weeks, I can only speculate that I am in for one hell of a recomp.
    ______________________________ ____________________

    Ended up making it in to the gym Wednesday.

    BWx12 +25x7 +35x4

    Supported rows
    150x13 160x9 170x7 << Up 5lbs with same reps

    Vbar cable row
    130x13 140x10

    Felt nice and strong.
    Skipped tri's due to time restraints and not wanting to skip cardio.

    Treadmill 32 minutes
    3.5 miles
    564 cals
    ______________________________ ____________________


    BB curl
    70x14 80x9 85x6

    Incline DB
    30x9 35x6 40x4 << Time to pick a new movement, stalled

    Didn't have it in me to do legs without sacrificing cardio so I hit the tri's that were skipped the previous night.

    65x12 70x10 75x7

    Suplinated pulldown
    100x15 110x10 120x8

    Treadmill 32 min
    3.6 miles
    594 cals

    MA class in the evening, 1.5 hrs light to moderate. Probably a few hundred cals burned.
    ______________________________ ___________________

    Friday: off day

    Plan on hitting the gym today (Saturday) for chest/delts and cardio.
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  7. results so far are great !! Its nice to see hard work payoff.

    p.s. its kind of hard writing this to wings beneath my feet playing in the back ground... man thats bad

  8. Impressive.

    Are you taking other supplements or only AP?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Syr

    Are you taking other supplements or only AP?
    Pretty much just AP. Take the usual staples like a multi, fish oil and some green tea along with Chaos for a little pre workout boost and some Excell (BCAA's) during workouts. I recently started test enanthate but I am less than 2 weeks in. It will be another 2-3 weeks before it starts "kicking in".

    I have done the bulk/cut yo-yo a few times and typically with this diet and energy expenditure I would be down 4-6 lbs, feel a little flat and start to see a decline in strength. I am sure water and glycogen are the main factor for the add'l weight right now but a nutrient rich hydrated muscle is also an anabolic one. Strength is going up as well, I certainly have nothing to complain about.
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  10. are you going to post any before and afters??

  11. Nice log bp! I will follow with anxious anticipation

  12. Quote Originally Posted by jonesboy
    are you going to post any before and afters??
    Befores are up, 9th post in the log. Afters will go up, um, after.
    Recent log:http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/213350-lean-efx-refined.html
  13. Day 21, Sunday Jan 21st

    Forgot to update with yesterdays workout so I will just add it in here:

    Hammer 200x11 210x7 220x5 << Up one rep first two sets up two the last

    Incline DB
    60x11 65x8 70x5 << Up one rep each

    Decline fly
    40x10 40x8 << Par

    BB military
    80x14 90x10 100x8 << Havn't done this movement in a long time and was unsure about what weight to use. A little light.

    Upright row
    90x10 95x7 100x6 << Par

    DB fly
    25x13 30x7

    Treadmill 32 min
    3.85 miles
    640 cals

    Great workout. My old workout partner came over for dinner and commented that my chest looked full and I looked "thick". Hope he wasn't talking about my gut.
    ______________________________ _____________________

    Todays workout:

    BWx12 +25x7 +35x4 << Par

    Chest supported row
    155x12 165x9 175x6 << PR

    Narrow row
    140x11 150x8

    65x11 70x8 75x6 << Down on reps all sets dammit.

    Suplinated pusdowns
    110x12 120x9 130x7

    Treadmill 32 min
    3.6 miles
    582 cals << Meh
    ______________________________ _____________________

    Notable mentions. Vascularity is coming back out in my forearms, not common for me at this level of BF.

    The pump is persistant if anything and I can practically feel the carbs rush in to fill up the muscle bellies everytime I eat.

    Lower back and shin pumps are there but not debilitating at this point. I may just be getting due for a week off especially with all the added cardio over the last month.

    Hunger is definately elevated but controllable.

    Lovin the AP. Can't wait till the enen starts kickin for "phase two" of the "Pragmatic Protagonist" epic.
    Recent log:http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/213350-lean-efx-refined.html

  14. ah, Sweetcakes brings his logging skills back to the forefront. I had missed them.

    Long and low dose is better, for reasons Mullet had stated. (that smart whippersnapper).
  15. Days 22-26

    Monday, Jan 22nd:

    Short on time, hit the gym for a quick bicep workout and some cardio.

    BB curl
    75x12 80x9 85x6

    Alt DB
    25x15 30x9 30x8

    Cable curls
    60x18 70x15

    Treadmills full except one crappy one after 10 minutes on that I hit the rowing machine. After 10 minutes there a good treadmill opened up so I pounced on it for another 16 minutes.
    I estimate somewhere around 500 cals expended. Could have done more but as mentioned, I was rushed.
    ______________________________ ____________________

    Tuesday: Rest day
    Dis MA class in the evening but it was pretty a pretty laid back hour followed by an hour of Tai Chi. Nice and relaxing. It has a certain therapeutic energizing effect that I really look forward to every week.
    ______________________________ ____________________

    Wed Jan 24th:

    180x15 200x11 210x7 220x5 <<< first set was an accident. I was half way through thinkin "wow, this is easy" and then I realized I forgot to add the 10lb's to each side, lol. Still made last workouts numbers though.

    BB military
    90x12 100x8 110x6

    Upright row
    90x10 95x8 100x6 << Up 10lbs each set but down 2 reps, good trade off.

    DB fly
    25x12 30x7 15x20

    Treadmills full again
    Rowing 20 minutes
    243 cals
    ______________________________ ____________________


    BWx13 +25x8 +35x5

    Chest supported T-bar
    160x10 170x8 180x6 << PR 4 plates! I've been workin for that for quite some time.

    Low vbar row
    140x12 150x10

    No time for tri's

    Treadmill 32 minutes
    3.94 miles
    660 cals
    ______________________________ ____________________

    Friday, Jan 26th:

    Since I missed Tri's the day before figured an arm WO would suffice.

    BB curl & Overhead 2 hand DB press
    75x13/65x13 80x9/70x8 85x6/75x6

    Alt DB curls & bench dips
    25x12/BWx15 30x9/BWx13

    Treadmill 20 minutes (gym closed before I could finish)
    2.34 miles
    378 cals
    ______________________________ ___________________

    Weight is holding at the 188 mark while I have continued to lean out. Still holding it in the chest, gut and handles, hopefully they will start leaving soon. Deff leaner in my legs/calves, arms/delts and back. Snapped off a couple pics and I swear they don't do the progress justice, crappy lighting I guess. You can really see a difference in the back shot even though from the ft I look just as fat through the chest and gut. I will get some final measurement & BF done this weekend.


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  16. Nice results BP! Your progress is clearly illustrated by your pics. Especially the back pic. I wish I had some test

    Keep up the good work

  17. Looking better but still not there, get back to it old man!

  18. Nice result... but you are running test, so this isnt exactly a AP log.
    I have yet to se a good AP standalone log. only AP.

    People logging are always using a bunch of other stuff.

    Well.. keep up the good work bpmartyr. If you continue this way the ladies will turn their heads when the summer comes:bb2:

  19. Quote Originally Posted by treningsfrik75
    Nice result... but you are running test, so this isnt exactly a AP log.
    I have yet to se a good AP standalone log. only AP.

    People logging are always using a bunch of other stuff.

    Well.. keep up the good work bpmartyr. If you continue this way the ladies will turn their heads when the summer comes:bb2:
    Yes, I started running test almost 2 weeks into the log but it is enanthate. It hasn't kicked in yet. I would consider this AP solo.
    Recent log:http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/213350-lean-efx-refined.html

  20. Alright... will follow this log anyway, exiting to see the transformation in the end.

  21. Looks good man keep up the log.


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